1980-12-09       *AC01-00 

Anno's birth – Bee's howl – Anno's 1st cry


1980-12-09       PX0001 

Anno being born


1980-12-10       $DVT2106 

TV coverage of Lennon's death

1980-12-10       EE001B 

Times coverage on John Lennon’s death.


1980-12-10       EE001A 

Ma/Pa telegram to Bee

1980-12-24       $DVT201          0:01 

London: Ken Gdns: David & Barney, AB by Round Pond with Fido (@ 5:00) – PP gravestones, Barney telling David about P Pan (@ 6:48) (t/f from 8mm film via VHS)

1980-12-24       EE002 

Card to Anno from Ma: "Dearest Alexander, Thy Kingdom Come, And may your first Christmas on this earth be merry. x"

1981-01-08       EE001 

Anno’s Birth Certificate (x2)


1981-01-29*     *AC02-00 

Anno crying (recorded by AB)

1981-02-00       $DVT202          59:54 

London: Iverna: Bee & Anno in square – Anno with Geoffrey, Anno’s g/grandfather – Anno & Bee in square (ends @01:01:32) USA (not t/f) ...


1981-02-00?     *AC03-00 

Anno crying

1981-03-00       *AC04-00                                                                                             

Anno gurgling

1981-04-01       EE003 

Card from AB to Anno "On the loss of your father"

1981-05-00       $DVT201          19:41 

Bushy: Anno on grass – Linda, Sophie, Mike, Ma & Pa @ 19:57. Anno playing with himself @20:57, *** Bee smoking @ 21:59 (all mute) – Bee changing Anno – till 23:07. SOUND: Anno, AB, Bee in car mirror (going where?) – back at Linda’s, Anno on lawn with another baby. AB talking to Pa, Ma & Linda ...

1981-05-00       $DVT201          26:17 

Iverna: Anno on rug (mute), pisses @26:49 *** with AB from 27:54, tickling Anno tugging my hair, blowing on tummy; with Molly @29:09


1981-05-00       $DVT201          10:16 

London: Iverna: Anno being ticked by Lissy “round and round the garden, like a teddy bear” – “aren’t you going to laugh?” *** Anno in his bouncer (@11:32 – with Bee (@13:00) – stuffing giant sunflower into mouth – back in bouncer @15:10 (t/f from 8mm film via VHS)

1981-07-10*     $DVT201          16:19 

London: Iverna: Anno in the bath – Charlotte watching @17:03, Bee holding Anno, Pippa O/S with AB ...

1981-08-00       $DVT201          42:45 

Eigg: Anno, David, Pippa, Barney, Jane, Kate watching Bee win canoe race – Pippa & Lissy on pony – Anno in bouncer on washing line – assault on the mountain (ctd on DVT202) (t/f from 8mm film via VHS)

1981-08-00       $DVT201          32:15 

Train: Eigg journey – David, Kate, Barney, Jamie, Anna Vogel, Bee, Pippa, Anno in carry-cot, bouncing @ 33:32. *** Glasgow Station – Auch Lodge (@38:35) transfer to boat & voyage across. ... (t/f from 8mm film via VHS)

1981-08-00       $DVT202          00:01 

Eigg: assault on the mountain (t/f from 8mm film via VHS)

1981-09-00       $DVT202          06:24 

London: Park: AB pushing Anno on swing *** (TX lot of flicker on t/f, redo) Harvey Bernhard/Sam Neill @8:55

1981-10-00       $DVT202          14:32 

London: train room – explosion @15:46 – Anno crawling @16:18 – (AB O/S saying “walk”) – Fido at window, jumps down – Fido & Barney in park, buggy (mute) – Ian, Bee & Barney

1981-11-00       $DVT202          19:57 

London: Anno & David in bath *** choo-choo – first sounds – first steps *** “how do tiger’s go?” – Train room @ 25:24 – Anno in train room @25:51 (mute)

1981-12-00       PXB02-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB26B of Anno eating Marmite

1981-12-00       PXB01-XL 

Bee contact sheet of David & Anno in train room

1981-12-00       PXB03-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB26C of Anno at kitchen sink (Iverna Court)

1981-12-09       $DVT202          28:46 

London: Iverna: Anno’s 1st birthday party

1981-12-09       01 

=Anno's 1st birthday

1981-12-24       $DVT202          30:32 

London: Pippa, Anno, AB, Bee in Ken Gardens, snow boarding – Lissy holding Anno *** Anno crying, leaves with Bee (ends @34:00)

1981-12-30       $DVT202          34:42 

Aeroplane: Anno, Bee, Bruce, Pippa & AB en route for Montserrat, exploring grass at airport, *** playing with train

37:39: rickety plane ride ***

1982-00-00       *AC05-00 

Anno falling off table with howl. Pippa, Bee, David, AB

1982-01-01       $DVT202          34:42 

Montserrat: Bruce watching lizard, Bruce by pool.

40:45: Anno playing with water (mute, then sound @41:08 – Anno being a tiger, car – Anno in a grump in plastic bath, eating (covering face in food)

43:55: Beach with Bee, splashing *** lying on rug, gazing up at palm tree ***

46:16: Kite-flying “this is for when I’m dead, Alexander” – Anno on my shoulders – Cement garden kite shots –

50:23: Anno in rain, penned up – 1st tantrum –

53:38: Bruce reading out highlights of what’s on in Montserrat.

58:49: Montserrat airport – Pippa carrying Anno... Antigua.

1982-04-00       $DVT203          28:40 

London: Anno in car en route to Chelsea ** (rest not t/f)

29:36: Jannie & Bee watching selves on TV, Lenny, Anna Nygh.

30:42: Anno & Jannie in kitchen **

31:08: Lenny & Anna, Bee, AB (mouth, eyeball), Barney & Jay; Fido &c in park (shot by Lissy) ... Bruce & girl

1982-04-00       $DVT203          38:?? 

London: Easter Hampstead fair – Barney, Jay & David (carrying him upside down)

42:17: Anno, Barney, Jay, Bee, Lissy & David at fair; balloons, Anno in push-chair *** (till tape ends)

1982-04-00       $DVT204          00:01 

London: Easter Hampstead fair: Anno in push-chair, gazing up at balloon stuck in tree ***

01:36: London: Chelsea: Easter hunt – Ma, Pa, Lissy, David, Anno ... flowers, Alan Corduner – David & Brett

1982-04-00       $DVT203          00:01 

London: Iverna: Anno & Barney in s/room (1st experiments with video) – Anno watching himself on TV *** Bee & Lissy – Anno & tiger (Nigel Davenport & Claire O/S) ***

1982-04-00       $DVT210?? 

Jake, Jannie, Maureen, Pippa, Anno, David; Pippa wobbling tits; edited Duracell piece

1982-04-00       $DVT203          11:07 

London: Iverna: Anno & Pippa expedition to Boots *** (till 28:38)

1982-05-00       $DVT205          02:11 

London: Duracell gig – Anno & Pippa ***

03:33: London: Iverna: Anno in bath, on table in front of photo of birth *** with Pippa (Diana), AB: say “Papa” – doesn’t – golliwog – kissing lens (@11:56) – buggy – making train noises.

1982-05-00       $DVT204          08:32 

Benton Potts: Anno & Jo Grey in garden ***

18:10: Anno in kitchen (with Felix); Falklands War

22:02: Anno & buggy in garden (with Felix)

29:45: Bee, Tony, Lissy, Leo in kitchen (Falklands) – Anno in @ 30:34

30:51: London: Iverna: Anno & buggy

30:37: Benton Potts: Anno in garden with David (Anno says Papa). David raking.

35:29: Barney on motorbike, giving David a ride ...

37:15: Anno, Bee, Pippa picnic ... ***

48:28: Pippa, Barney, bikes – Pippa flashing (m/VHS)

1982-05-00       $DVT204          51:14 

Benton Potts: Pub garden: Anno, David, Barney, Jannie, Jake, others. Contd on DVT205.

1982-05-07       $DVT205          00:01 

Benton Potts: Pub garden: Anno drinking beer, in bushes *** (cont’d from DVT204)

1982-06-00       $DVT205          13:41 

London: Anno being wheeled by Barney & Lissy to Ken Gdns – feeding pidgeons by Round Pond, AB stick – Fido running –

21:31: Barney & Lissy swinging Anno in pushchair over water ***

25:00: Barney & Anno on PP gravestones

31:59: Leave park

1982-06-00       $DVT205          32:15 

London: car to Hayley's Party – Bruce, Pippa, Bee, David & Anno (m/VHS) – Anno standing in back seat of car ...

1982-06-00       $DVT501          48:58 

London: Bruce and Anno at Hayley’s 35th (out of sequence here)

1982-07-00       $DVT205 

Summer: Cheesewarne. Hillary's kids plus Anno (aged 1).

1982-08-00?     PXB03A-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB80A of Anno & Fido by a caravan (Wassal House)

1982-08-00?     PXB04-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB80B of Anno & Pippa, Anno solo (Wassal House)

1982-08-00?     PXB05-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB80C of Anno hugging Fido by gate (Wassal House)

1982-10-27       $DVT206          00:01 

Anno in train room, continuous shot (part repeated from DVT205) – Pippa, Bee & AB variously in shot *** (call him Anno @37.??) ** @ 41:11

1982-10-27       $DVT205          38:46 

London: Iverna: Pippa & Ruby

39:19: Anno in train room (camera on tripod) –

47:20: Anno in train room, continuous shot, Anno alone *** cont’d on DVT206

1982-11-02       EE004 

Xerox: Anno's hands

1982-12-01       EE005 

Xerox: Anno/AB's hands

1982-12-09       $DVT206 

"Alexander: 2.12.82" – Anno's 2nd birthday party (37 min of Pa talking to Hayley); 8mm transfers.

1982-12-09       02 

=Anno's 2nd birthday

1982-12-25       $DVT207 

"Christmas 1982" – Anno aged 2 (30 min tape)

1982-12-31       $DVT208A       1.51.00 

Anno watching himself on TV

1982-12-31       $DVT208A       2.14.40 

Pippa & David & Anno – Anno dancing; AB & David

1982-12-31       $DVT208 

"New Year's Eve, 1982" [Anno?]

1982-12-31       $DVT208A       1.41.00 

Anno (aged 2) dancing (no s/track)

1982-12-31       $DVT208A       2.25.27 

Anno/David play-fighting; Anno crying; Lissy; David ...

1983-00-00       EE006 

Painting: blue crosses

1983-00-00       EE007 

Drawing: face

1983-00-00       EE008 

Drawing: Red hole "To Papa xxxx"

1983-00-00       SS1 

Anno’s early school/kindergarten work, 1983-1988 (box file, yet to be sorted)

1983-00-00       SS93-01 

Drawing: Anno and the Lion, Gwenan

1983-00-00       SS93 

Gamepad, with drawings (Gwenan)

1983-00-00?     SS92 

Sticker book (Gwenan’s writing? )

1983-01-20       $DVT209 

"Alexander: 20.1.83": Anno (aged 2) watching himself on TV, working the 1010, "Who's your father?"; Pens; train room; bedtime story (plus AB); Anno puzzle, alone in bed ...

1983-01-20*     EE027/28 

Xerox: Anno's hands

1983-02-00       $DVT210 

Anno & butterflies, in train room; Dinner with Cathy Harrison, Lissy, Bee & AB.

1983-02-00       $DVT210A 

2nd camera on train room on Anno [on "Man With The Golden Gun"]

1983-02-00       $DVT210 

Anno & Pippa in AB's room; Anno in train room: "Hello monster!"; Bee reading to Anno; Barney testing mic; Anno in b/room (1 of 2 cameras); wine cupboard

1983-02-00       EE025 

Anno's 1st attempt at writing his name

1983-02-26*     EE029/30 

Xerox: Anno's hands

1983-02-26*     EE031 

Xerox: Anno's bum

1983-03-00       *AC06-00         90:00 

Bee trying to get Anno to sleep – 90 min

1983-03-00       $DVT211 

Dinner with Cathy Harrison, Lissy, Bee & AB; Anno & Harry Holm; Pattu; Barny & Jamie; Eigg (copy).

1983-03-26*     EE037 

Xerox: Anno's hands

1983-03-26*     EE038 

Xerox: Anno's feet

1983-03-26*     EE032 

Xerox: Anno's hands

1983-03-26*     EE035/36 

Xerox: Anno's bum

1983-03-26*     EE034 

Xerox: Anno's willy & belly button

1983-03-26*     EE033 

Xerox: Anno's hands

1983-04-00       $DVT212 

Easter; Anno in train-room; Elstree School (May); Anno at Pinewood: Pompeii set (September); Anno & AB train room (November).

1983-05-29*     EE023 

Drawing: "Alexander's 1st train" (large)

1983-06-00       $DVT215 

Anno & Kent; Chariot Chase & Mill; Sacha.

1983-06-00       EE009 

Bee's dictation of Anno's story about "Alexander and Andrew make a raft"

1983-06-00       EE010/14 

Drawing: to Anno's story, "Alexander and Andrew make a raft"

1983-06-00       PXB06-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB107D of AB & Bruce Beresford, Anna, Anno (Wassal House)

1983-06-01*     EE041 

Drawing: "Fido by Anno" (red)

1983-06-01*     EE043 

Drawing: "Pippa by Alexander" (red)

1983-06-01*     EE039 

Drawing: "Andrew in the Ferrari by Alexander" (red)

1983-06-01*     EE042 

Drawing: train ?? (red)

1983-07-00       EE024 

Bee's notes on Anno's chat. Behaving badly: "Well that's just how life made me"; a flower being "hummed" by bees.

1983-08-00       $DVT217 

Cwm Mawr: Niagra downpour; bathing Fido. Anno swimming.

1983-08-00       $DVT216 

Cwm Mawr: "Cripple & the Gypsy"; Nick, Pippa, Ruby, Anno, Bee, AB, Fido; Barnny & Fido; storm clouds; Anno playing with train; Anno & tricicle; Anno & Pip in rain; Daihatsu

1983-08-00       $DVT216 

Cwm Mawr: Inside, Anno & bath; Leo pregnant (Martha); Tony pics; Fido; Anno & ferns; AB & Barny on motorbike

1983-09-00       $DVT213 

Blairich, Scotland. 1 September: Anno in my room, talking about the monster ("and I'm still doing bloody King David"). Long chat. Train room ... [on "Stuntman"]

1983-09-00       $DVT218 

Jane; Anno & Teddy (+ Jascha Test in 1987)

1983-09-00       EE026 

Drawing: dinosaur (green)

1983-10-00       *AC07-00 

Bee, Anno & Pippa reading "Where the Wild Things Are"

1983-10-00       PXB07-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB178A of Anno in Iverna Court living room (VG)

1983-11-00       PXB08-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB186E of Anno in Brompton cemetery (VG)

1983-11-21       $DVT219 

David's 6th birthday; Jane, Lou, Pa, David & Anno (November 28)

1983-12-00       $DVT220 

David & Anno on old Kent train; Anno at Beatties (Xmas?).

1983-12-09       $DVT221 

Anno's 3rd birthday party. Harry & Anno singing carols.

1983-12-09       03 

=Anno's 3rd birthday

1983-12-25       $DVT222 

Christmas at Cwm Mawr (David, Anno, O'Rourke etc).

1984-00-00?     $DVT226 

Anno's play (Bernadette).

1984-00-00?     *AC08-00 

Anno & Pippa

1984-00-00?     SS91-01 

Drawing/colouring: Who lives here? Billy

1984-00-00       SS96 

Drawing: loose drawings/colouring pages

1984-00-00?     SS91 

Workbook: Roger red-hat, Billy blue-hat

1984-00-00?     SS94-01 

Drawing: “This is the story about ... Anno when he was made”

1984-00-00?     SS94 

Superted exercise book

1984-00-00       SS96-04 

Drawing/colouring: Albatross lifting ??? to sky

1984-00-00       SS96-03 

Drawing: Cherry nude (Pa’s drawing, Anno’s colouring)

1984-00-00       SS96-01 

Drawing: self-portrait, Anno


1984-00-00       SS96-02 

Drawing/colouring: Dante’s Inferno

1984-01-06       $DVT219 

Belgium trenches & Great War graves (with Anno).

1984-01-06       $DVT219 

Pinewood with Anno (King David); Pa's 16mm WAR footage transfer; La Pirate rushes

1984-02-00       $DVT223 

Los Angeles (Feb): video games. LA → London; Cabourg scene & waves. Loreli rough cut. Anno & wine. [Donovan TV]

1984-02-01       EE046 

Anno's signature across A3

1984-02-14*     EE044 

Valentine card to AB "Papa Anno xx" (red)

1984-03-00       $DVT224 

France (La Pirate) Calais, Anno & Helicopter; Easter: Anno & AB; May: (+ Lorelei click track; kids videos for Lorelei)

1984-03-00       EE045 

Drawing: man (red) signed Anno

1984-03-12*     EE049 

PC to AB about a visit to the zoo (written by Bee, signed Anno)

1984-04-00       $DVT224A       2.11.03 

Belgium: AB & Anno & Bee at White Chateau

1984-04-00       $DVT224A       2.28.30 

Boat: Bee & Anno & Pippa – Dover – Anno in lifeboat

1984-04-00       $DVT224A 

Shooting La Pirate, Anno on boat

1984-04-00       $DVT224A       2.13.49 

Pirate: on Ferryboat – Philippe Leotard & Anno & Jane

1984-04-00       $DVT224A       2.52.22 

Boat: Anno on bridge, radar, filming.

1984-04-00       $DVT224A       2.19.37 

Pirate: filming on ferryboat – Anno? – arriving at Dover

1984-04-15       $DVT232 

Cartoon; Anno (15.4.84); Bertrand Russell

1984-05-00       $DVT225 

Jessica & Anno painting.

1984-05-00       EE048 

School: Anno's alphabet practice

1984-06-00       PXB09-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB210E of Anno pissing on grave (+ AB & Lou)

1984-06-08*     EE054 


1984-06-08       =PP1-04 

Photo: Anno (date passport issued)

1984-07-00       $DVT228 

Tests for Lorelei. David & Anno at Heathrow (Rome return). Baden-Baden recce (Burning Secret).

1984-09-12*     EE053 

Drawing: BAT

1984-09-22       $DVT232A 

Anno reading Spiderman (on "Tootsie")

1984-10-05       $DVT232 

Cartoon; Anno, 5.10.84.

1984-10-12       =PP1-05 

Italy arrive (King David)

1984-10-15       $DVT227 

Italy – King David with Anno & David.

1984-10-17       =PP1-05 

Italy leave (King David)

1984-11-00       $DVT231 

Wales (Cwm Mawr – Anno) – Tu Hwnt i'r Gors recce; November.

1984-11-00       EE051A/B 

Letter from AB: “What’s the time Mr Wolf? ... There’s a fly buzzing round which I’m shortly about to squelch”

1984-11-08       EE057 

Anno's blond hair

1984-11-20*     EE052 

Letter to AB: (written by Bee): "I love you. I want to go back to Wales. I'm a toad & then I die & turn into a caterpillar ..."

1984-11-20*     EE056 

Drawing: "Papa a toad" ???

1984-12-09       $DVT234 

Baden-Baden tape (edited); Anno's 4th birthday, 9.12.84. Ma's 1st birthday, 1917 (transfer from 16mm)

1984-12-09       04 

=Anno's 4th birthday

1984-12-25       $DVT233 

Anno & David's stockings, 25.12.84. Bee pregnant with Ned.

1985-00-00       *AC09-00 

Anno? + AB – piano

1985-00-00       SS97 

Drawing/story: Thundercats story??? by Anno, stapled together (10 pages)

1985-00-00?     SS90 

Matching book - Alexander (throughout)

1985-00-00?     SS90-01 

Drawing: different sized houses

1985-00-00?     SS89-01 

Drawing: Anno signature practice.

1985-00-00?     SS89 

Fox: Anno/Alexander - drawings, signatures

1985-00-00?     SS90-02 

Drawing: different sized snakes

1985-00-00       SS95 

Drawing: Various loose sheets, sticker page, rubbing book

1985-01-00       $DVT240a 

Anno watching himself at Benton Potts; Anno & Pip in my room. (January, miner's strike 10 months old)

1985-01-01       EE063 

Norma PC to Anno, skiing & wishing lessons from Anno

1985-01-02       EE064 

AB PC from Munich to Anno – "it's like living in the train room here – only without you."

1985-02-00       EE047 

Grandpa David PC: "I hope your fingernail is growing well"

1985-02-07       $DVT236 

Ned's birth, edited. Anno + Pippa.

1985-02-07       $DVT235 

February, Ned being born. Anno visiting with Pippa

1985-02-13       $DVT237 

13 Feb – 12 March: Ned home; To Los Angeles, Disneyland, Anno, Ned etc.

1985-02-15       PXB11-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB236A of Anno hugging Ned (+ Ned solo)

1985-02-15       PXB10-XL 

Pippa contact sheet of AB, Bee, Ned & Anno in hospital

1985-03-00       $DVT239-0.00.02 

Iverna: Fade in on David & Anno singing Dinosaur song, Ned on Bee's lap listening.

1985-03-00       $DVT238 

Los Angeles, 12 March (Anno & Ned) ...

1985-03-03       =PP1-09 

USA (LA) arrive

1985-03-13       EE065 

PC from Anno in LA to Lenny, Barny & Heather, dictated to Pippa: "Weather's lovely, wish you were here, Anno"

1985-04-00       $DVT239          0.44.29 

Iverna: Anno, David, Brett.

1985-04-00       $DVT239          0.53.35 

Wales: Anno running to greet Pippa in truck; Bee & Ned (v misty) – Bee giving progress report on Ned; family tree; Ned laughing at Pip.

1985-04-00       $DVT239          0.46.26 

Iverna: Ned in pram, AB (filmed by Anno).

1985-04-00       $DVT239          0.45.29 

Iverna: Ferrari, road works, old Albert, Anno.

1985-04-00       $DVT239          0.03.09 

Chelsea: Easter egg: David, Anno, Lou, Henry, George, Ma, Pa, Linda, Mike, Jane, Charlotte, Jacques, Bee, Annie; later inside (+ AB) taking polaroids (vgd, whole clan)

1985-04-13*     *AC10-00 

Anno & Jean-Jacques Annaud's long make-believe that Anno is a pilot offering to fly JJ home. (T/f to CD)

1985-04-17       $DVT239          0.47.49 

Wales: 17 April: Bee, Ned (in carrier) Anno. New Daimler; work on kitchen etc. Misty views; violets; discussing river or lake; Anno doing poo; island & site of lake.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          2.53.11 

Wales: David, Anno & Teddy Nygh playing in Daimler. Ned being fed (Lenny playing with him); Ned lying on floor.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          3.00.26 

Wales: Ned in bouncer with David (Anno flashing in b.g.)

1985-05-00       $DVT239          1.05.07 

Wales: Bee & Pippa sunbathing in garden, Anno with John the Rabbit in hutch; Ken working on larder.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          1.34.04 

Wales: Ned sunbathing with Bee; dawn shots; Ned in pram, plus Anno.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          0.59.52 

Wales: Swallows in old granary; Anno with huge starfish; Ken building larder, dissecting starfish. AB's room; Bee laughing on stairs (mute).

1985-05-00       $DVT239          2.01.17 

Wales: Macros, mostly blurred. Anno asleep, posed with empty bottle of gin; Anno playing with Ned.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          2.40.35 

Wales: Kestrel (baby) being fed; Barny, Alex, Anno & kestrel.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          1.30.12 

Wales: Anno, Bee, Ned laughing in pram.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          1.43.29 

Wales: Anno & John the Rabbit – Anno finding present from Fred (takes it to Bee); ladybird on Anno's hand; Anno in red cape.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          1.50.53 

Wales: Anno & AB playing WW1 in field.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          1.53.41 

Wales: Molly, Ned, Anno. Molly rocking Ned.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          1.09.15 

Wales: Ned in bouncer (soft focus); Anno in bath with Ned (plus rubber lizard); Pippa & Ned on floor; Moon; Hugo V; Anno, Pip & jumping willie; Felix; Anno & Pippa playing, Anno's robotic dance.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          1.56.55 

Wales: Anno & Gwenan on sandpit; bird's nest in wall; Anno playing with John the Rabbit; Bee & Gwenan in kitchen; Anno in garden: Bee, Ned & Pippa.

1985-05-00       $DVT239          2.22.08 

Wales: Bee & Ned watching tarots; AB listening to Lenny's tarot prediction; AB Bee & Ned; AB & Ned; Barny; Ned being dressed; Lenny & Superted; Barny kissing Alex. Anno?

1985-05-00       EE050/51 

AB's rules for Anno's He Man game

1985-05-15       EE066 

Fox letter confirming Anno has a place from September 2nd ...

1985-07-20       $DVT240 

Wales, 20 July →

1985-07-24       $DVT240 

Paris: 24 September, Pa's Legion d'Honeur. Anno & Lou?

1985-07-26       EE069 

Ma PC to Anno and David in Wales

1985-07-31       EE070 

Pippa PC to Anno

1985-08-00       EE071 

Anno's clues for hide & seek – LOOK UNDA

1985-08-00       EE058 

Letter to Fred: "Can I have this one please" (aeroplane) [AB letter backwards on reverse: Thank you for the £1 for Ethopia"]

1985-09-00       EE055 

Letter/scrawl: "love from Anno to Merv, I'm so sorry that Gwenan died."

1985-09-02       EE067 

Fox letter confirming okay for Anno to start on Jan 7th ...

1985-09-24       $DVT240A 

24 September, Paris → Autoroute → Lacanau → Lafite plus vineyards, Anno explore + interview.

1985-10-00       EE059 

Drawing: caterpillar?

1985-10-00       EE061 

Superted order

1985-10-00       EE060 

Drawing: creature, "LUV TU ANDRU"

1985-10-09       =PP1-08 


1985-12-00?     EE076 

Drawing ???

1985-12-03       $DVT243 

Rome, 3 December → Anno's 5th birthday on Eiffel Tower

1985-12-09       $DVT242 

Wales: November, Guy Fawkes with Anno & Ned; Germany: Name of the Rose (with Anno/Bee)

1985-12-09       $DVT242 

Paris: AB/Anno's birthday on the Eiffel Tower.

1985-12-09?     EE075 

Drawing: Eiffel Tower: "To Papa. This is the ifal towa"

1985-12-09       05 

=Anno's 5th birthday

1985-12-10       =PP1-07 


1985-12-13       $DVT243 

London, 13 Dec → Christmas 85 → Wales (Jane & Co)

1985-12-23       EE058A 

Letter from Fred: “I have to go to Ethiopia to give some presents to children who have none” [written backwards]

1985-12-31       $DVT243 

New Year's Eve, 1985 ...

1986-00-00       *AC11-00 

Anno + AB discussing pocket money

1986-00-00       EE080 

Drawing: horned snakes, "To Papa Love Anno xx"

1986-00-00       SS6 

Scrap book with drawings & transformer stickers

1986-00-00       SS01-01/09 

Drawing book: “This is me going to Wales in a train”; “This is me eating Christmas pudding with my friends”; “This is the kettle steaming” (Teacher: Good except for terrible handwriting”); “This is me and my nanny and my baby brother at the park”; “This is me on the train coming back from Wales and I came in first class”; “This is the hedgehog looking for snails to get fat for the winter so he won’t wake up and be hungry.”; “This is me in my new shoes because I have grown out of my old shoes”

1986-01-00       PXB12-XL 

Bee contact sheet HB257B of David, Anno & Ned in Wales (snow)

1986-02-00       $DVT245 

February → (Anno/Fred).

1986-03-00       $DVT246 

March (Mia/Fletcher edited); Easter in Wales (Anno + Ned)

1986-03-00       $DVT244 

Feb/Mar: California/New York (Mia & Fletcher)

1986-03-21       $DVT244 

Ned: 21 March (dated 1987???). Anno?

1986-04-00       EE083 


1986-04-00       EE072 

School writing practice

1986-05-00       $DVT247 

Windsor Safari Park (May) – Anno, Ned & Bee

1986-05-00?     SS88 

Reading work, with drawings.

1986-05-00?     SS88-02 

Drawing: ambulance with flashing blue light

1986-05-00?     SS88-01 

Drawing: tortoise, witch

1986-05-00       SS87 

Fox: Handwriting

1986-05-00       SS87-01 

Handwriting: “Algy met a bear, the bear met Algy, the bear grew bulgy, the bulge was Algy.”

1986-05-00       SS02-01 

Drawing: “We went in a coach to a farm. The peacock spread its tail, it looked very very beautiful. I saw a golden pheasant. It was beautiful, it had a thing on its head, it had black stripes.”

1986-05-11*     SS02-03 

Drawing: Fox School. Dear Jane Thank you for showing us the pigs. I liked it when we sat down in the tractor.” Teacher: “Alexander, you must write more neatly next time.”

1986-05-20       SS02-04/06 

Drawing: “Once upon a time there was an old man and he knew a lot of magic but when he needed his magic hat it wasn’t there because it landed on other people’s heads and it turned them into frogs and they stuck to the old man’s face and al the other people laughed and laughed and then the old man did the right magic to stop the hat and to stop the frogs. This is a frog.”

1986-05-23       SS02-07 

Drawing: “I went to Windsor Safari Park. And the baboons tore a strip of leather off the car roof and we screamed and screamed because we thought that they would make a hole in the roof. And we saw some dolphins and they did a show and we liked it very much and they splashed us and it was very funny.”

1986-06-00       SS02-10 

Drawing: “We are going to make a creature. I think it should have a crocodile head.”

1986-06-00       SS02-09 

Drawing: “I went to the summer fair and I got a bicycle for one pound but it had a flat tyre so we bought a pump and it worked. The end.”

1986-06-00       SS02-11/12 

Drawing: “This is a dragon that breathed mud and it hit people on the head and they cried.”

1986-06-01       $DVT246 

Ma's 70th Birthday, 1 June 1986 at Linda's. Anno?

1986-06-02       =PP1-11 


1986-07-00?     EE082 

AB PC from Saltzburg

1986-07-00       SS02-13 

Drawing: “I went to the Serpentine and I swam from one end of the Serpentine to the middle and then we had a cup of tea at the café.”

1986-07-00       SS02-14 

Drawing: “One day a big monster came to earth and got caught in a trap. After he had been caught a man came and he got trapped as well.”

1986-08-00       $DVT248 

August (Susie, Roger & Max) ... Anno ...

1986-09-00       $DVT249 

September → New York, Runaways. Anno?

1986-09-00?     SS03 

Drawing: Two Giants storybook; “The Giant said, So this is your donkey is it? Well he came up my hill and I am going to eat him for supper.”

1986-11-00       $DVT249A 

November: Wales → Regent St lights; Anno? Charlotte/Wales ...

1986-12-09       06 

=Anno's 6th birthday

1986-12-12       $DVT248 

Anno's Xmas play, 12 Dec.

1986-12-19       =PP1-17 

Egypt visa (no dates on entry/exit stamps)

1986-12-25       $DVT249A 

Christmas 86, Boxing day party ... Anno

1987-00-00       EE084 

School e/book – account of growing watercress – "very good"

1987-00-00       SS07 

English work book: spelling

1987-00-00       SS06 

English book: essays

1987-00-00       SS06-18 

Essay: Me in Space. “I got in my rocket and I took off through the sky ...”

1987-00-00?     SS05 

Drawing: Numbers Maths book - 1 tree, 2 snakes, 3 planes, 4 choppers etc.

1987-01-00       EE077 

PC to Ned from Egypt: "Dear Ned, this is the carage that we go in"

1987-01-05       $DVT250 

5 Jan, Cairo → Luxor. Anno + David

1987-01-10       $DVT251 

Egypt: Pyramids. Anno + David

1987-01-12       EE096 

Xerox: Anno's hands

1987-01-30*     EE097/06 

Story with drawings (Meg & Moggish)

1987-02-05       EE110 

Pippa Letter to Anno & AB from New Zealand

1987-03-00*     EE107 

Drawing: a rocket launch

1987-03-00*     EE115 

Drawing: drum, pen, pig &c

1987-03-00*     EE112 

Note: "My flower is dying ... and has got a new shoot."

1987-03-00*     EE113 

Drawing: Red rabbit running, + drawing

1987-03-00       EE108 

Drawing: transformers – "Venom – Alexander"

1987-03-00*     EE116 

Painting (crayon) of a flowerpot

1987-03-09*     EE074 

Elephant (?) "to Papa"

1987-03-09*     EE073 

Drawing: Triceratops, "To Papa" (green)

1987-03-17*     EE111 

Note to AB with drawings: "Please come to our assembly tomorrow ... in the Fox hall.

1987-03-30*     EE114 

Letter (envelope only) to Anno from David in Rockaway

1987-04-21       EE088 

Pippa PC to Anno & Ned (teddy bears cooking)

1987-06-00       $DVT253 

Wales, summer. Anno

1987-06-00       EE085 

Drawing: fox climbing a tree

1987-06-00       EE086 

Drawing: hyacinth in flower pot

1987-06-18*     EE118 

School report (Fox): "It is difficult to pinpoint particular aptitudes as Alexander is doing so well in all areas. Currently he is particularly involved with writing. With rapidly increasing skills he is beginning to write extended pieces on which he is prepared to spend considerable time. On the other hand his reading, mathematics and art continue excellent. He is an enthusiastic learner, curious and imaginative in his approach to the curriculum. He has a mature level of independence in his attitude and plenty of persistence. He works well with other children. He does all this with modesty and has made a very great contribution to the class."

 1987-09-08*     SS04-01 

Drawing: “My cat’s kittens died. We had a black and white one ... and my dog bit my ??? leg off and he bit the duck’s leg and the hawk flew away. Alexander.” Teacher: “What a tragic holiday!”

1987-09-14*     SS04-02 

Drawing: “My American brother came to my house and we played on my computer and he stayed the night.” [Lit: My Amerkan brutha kame to my hawss. And we plad on my canputae and he stade the nite.”]

1987-09-15*     EE117 

Painting: birds, beasts & the sun ***

1987-09-21       SS04-03 

Drawing: “Me and my mum went to the Phantom of the Opera and my best bit was when the Phantom of the Opera came down on an eagle, but a dead one that was stuffed.”

1987-10-00       SS04-06/07 

Drawing: “I went to the Windsor Safari Park and me and my brutha went boating and Jascha splashed us and we splashed him and then he raced us and we won, and we saw some seals.”

1987-10-00       SS04-04 

Drawing: “I was Ill and I was in bed and I hardly got up ...”

1987-12-00       $DVT256 

Marienbad, Prague, Christmas ... Anno?

1987-12-00       EE120 

Xerox of Anno's face/howl

1987-12-09       EE119 

Birthday Card (Japanese snake): "To Andro, lots of love Anno xxxx" + drawing

1987-12-09       EE087 

Drawing: man (AB?) done with circles – "to Papa luv Anno"

1987-12-09       07 

=Anno's 7th birthday

1987-12-09       SS04-08 

Drawing: “At my party I had a Phantom of the Opera cake and me and my brother ate half of the rose and we had crackers.”

1987-12-24?     EE078 

Letter to Santa – "strubeerries, hownd of the baskavels, bangers, luv Anno"

1987-12-25       $DVT255 

Christmas – Anno

1987-12-31       EE121 

BB: Halifax statement

1988-00-00?     EE781-1/2 

Bee drawing of Anno on a lion ???

1988-00-00       SS08 

English book

1988-01-00       EE109 

Story: "The Baby Guillemot" – drawings by Anno, typed up by Pippa [???]

1988-01-00       EE024 

Bee's notes on Anno's intro to Faye Dunaway: "Hello Faye, you were very good in Supergirl" etc

1988-01-05       SS08-01 

Essay: I drank some champagne. My new year’s resolution was to always tidy my bedroom.”

1988-01-07       =PP1-11 

Czeckslovakia visa (no dates on entry/exit stamps)

1988-01-25*     EE122 

Note: "The naney sead her pet snakes had about 25 babies and wer all over the florthay [???]"

1988-04-00       SS09 

English book

1988-04-19*     SS09-01 

Essay: “In Wales I stranded my mother on an island”

1988-06-00       $DVT301          04:08 

Iverna: Ned in kitchen (wogga), Anno & Joe (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-06-00       $DVT301          05:39 

Kensington: Anno, Ned and Joe to MacDonalds (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-06-00       $DVT301          00:04 

Iverna: Anno with David Eberts in Square, making film (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-06-00       $DVT301          16:27 

Kensington: AB chasing Ned in McDonalds, Anno with Joe (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-06-00       EE133 

Drawing: Lether back turtle by Alexander. B

1988-06-00       EE132 

Drawing: A taranodon by Anno B

1988-06-00       EE123 

Note: "To AB from Anno – put on Ned – this is socs jumpr and shos."

1988-06-00?     EE131 


1988-06-00       EE134 

Drawing: A vulture swooping down on a skeleton

1988-06-03       =PP1-07 


1988-06-15*     EE127 

School report (Fox): "Alexander is a child of great talent & charm – sociable, kind, thoughtful & sensitive ... with his quick humour & wide general knowledge"

1988-06-25*     $DVT301          18:00 

Iverna: David (Henry V haircut), with Ned (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-06-27       EE135 

PC to Bee: "Dear Mum i am having a grat time i hope you are to it was good at the Zoo Love Anno"

1988-07-02*     $DVT301          18:41 

Chelsea: Ned & AB in Ma's garden (snake in tree) (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-07-02*     $DVT301          21:04 

Chelsea: Ma, Bee, Anno & Ned in Ma's garden (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-07-02*     $DVT301          26:40 

Iverna: David, Anno & Ned in train room (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-07-03*     $DVT301          38:06 

Bushy Park: Bee, Sophie, Lily, Anno, Ned, Henry, George at Linda's – lunch – David's filming (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-07-03*     $DVT301          49:54 

Bushy Park: Anno trying to form band with others (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-07-03*     $DVT301          32:15 

Bushy Park: Anno squirting hosepipe in garden, waterslide – Ned falls @ 37:01!

1988-07-03*     $DVT301          29:15 

Bushy Park: Ned, Anno, David, with Henry & George building camp among the ferns (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-07-03*     $DVT302          00:00 

Transfer from $DVT31cp, $DVT32)

1988-07-03*     $DVT302          00:02 

Bushy Park: David pushing Lily thru park, Anno, Ned, Sophie. (transfer from $8M)

1988-07-03*     $DVT302          01:09 

Bushy Park: Anno on seesaw, David & Ned. (transfer from $8M)

1988-07-03*     $DVT302 

Transfer from $DVT31cp (Bushy Park, Wales water fight, beach)

1988-07-03*     $DVT301          56:25 

Bushy Park: Lily, Sophie, Bee, Anno, Ned, Henry, George (transfer from $DVT31)

1988-07-10       $DVT302          03:20 

Iverna: Ned & Anno drawing (Bee: I have that on film) – ends with Anno off to squash cakes (t/$8M) [+ Auch, 1988-07-16]

1988-07-27*     $DVT302          07:11 

Iverna: Anno at piano, + Ned, Jessica & Martha (transfer from $8M)

1988-08-00       EE136 

Essay: "This is my history, when I was first born my father was working on a film called Shrendy Vashtial but now he is making one called Burning Secret but now he has finished it."

1988-08-00       EE124 

Poems: "Tiranosawrus was a beast, he had no frends to say the least"

1988-08-00       EE125 

Drawing: German Foka Wolf dropping bombs

1988-08-05*     $DVT302          11:26 

Wales: Bruce + Anno lurking, on Daimler (transfer from $8M)

1988-08-12*     $DVT302          13:35 

Wales: Anno, Jake + ??? with Anno's snake he found under a big stone (transfer from $8M)

1988-08-14       $DVT302          20:03 

Wales: Visit to ??? near Harlech, bonfire, Anno, Bee, Leo, Tony &c – slow worm/snake (transfer from $8M)

1988-08-14*     $DVT302          18:51 

Wales: Anno & Ned in s/room with Lou (transfer from $8M)

1988-08-15*     $DVT302          24:35 

Wales: Frizbees on lawn, Tony, Leo, Anno, Ned, Lou, Barny, Wendy, Adi, Vic &c; Marbles catching mouse (t/from $8M)

1988-08-15*     $DVT302          31:09 

Wales: Anno & Ned playing in attic, Vic – Joe & Judy, Barney &c; horses, worm, swallows (t/from $8M)

1988-08-15*     $DVT302          26:15 

Wales: Wendy & Vic, Martha – Lunch al fresco (t/from $8M)

1988-08-16*     $DVT302          36:14 

Wales: Nefyn beach, Anno swimming, Ned, Joe, Martha, Wendy, Vic &c (t/from $8M)

1988-08-21*     $DVT302          54:32 

Wales: Anno with horses/ponies in field *** Moving horses into box (shot by Bee), Anno & Ned ... tape ends 01:02:00

1988-08-21*     $DVT302          42:28 

Wales: Water bomb fight with Anno, Ned, Martha, Felix [Anno hit @ 50:31, hurt @ 52:24, dreamy @ 53:48], scared @ 54:00, hit/vengeance @ 54:21 ***

1988-08-21*     $DVT302          41:55 

Wales: Lou, Bee, Anno + Ned in s/room (t/from $8M)

1988-08-21*     $DVT303          04:30 

Wales: Lou, Martha & Ned watching TV – “What’s your favourite boat?” Ned: “Titanic”. Bee filming AB ...

1988-08-21*     $DVT303          07:02 

Wales: Anno bulging cream from his mouth ***, Lou – Bee filming AB

1988-08-21*     $DVT303          07:44 

Wales: Anno asleep with his arm around Marbles (till 8:47) ***

1988-08-21*     $DVT303          00:01 

Wales: Anno & Ned moving horses into box (shot by Bee) ...

1988-08-28*     $DVT303          17:47 

Wales: Mine: outside with Ned & Bee – Anno flits by. Ned: “Where’s Anno?” “Inside the cave” – Bee & Ned inside cave – where the dragon lives *** ... outside cave @ 21:10 Anno tries to go back inside – “No pocket money if you do” – “Yeah, well Andrew will give it to me” *** [could edit well as a sequence] – wandering back along stream – ends @ 23:22

1988-08-28*     $DVT303          08:49 

Wales: Mine: Anno, Barney, Adi & AB down manganese mine with generator for lighting. Camera follows Anno along old track (@ 13:00 *** – running down slope @ 17:13 ***

1988-08-29*     $DVT303          26:46 

Train: Crewe: Anno hopping onto trolley, along platform, gets hamburger (wonderful expression) *** – Anno & pidgeon – back on train @ 28:46. Camera/Rail experiments @ 28:56 – Anno/hands occasionally in shot – till 31:41 ...

1988-08-29*     $DVT303          23:24 

Train: Anno & AB off to Germany – experiments with high shutter-speeds on sleepers till (good shot going thru Conway tunnel) 34:21. Anno walking along train *** – playing cards (Anno’s hands under table) *** $8M tape ends @ 26:42

1988-08-30*     $DVT303          31:44 

Germany: Munich: Residence Hotel – Anno racing AB in lift – foyer – brief outside (till 32:19)

S/track of Burning Secret – Anno & AB at some boring function @ 32:28 – in hotel bedroom @ 33:02 – vibrating bed *** $8M ends @ 33:44

1988-08-30*     $DVT303          31:55 

Germany: swimming pool – Anno’s 1st jump – till 37:17 ***

1988-08-31*     $DVT303          37:27 

Aeroplane on way home from Munich. Anno & AB together *** pinching my nose (till 37:55) – take off – London & Round Pond from the air, AB & Anno talking O/S. Ends @ 40:43

1988-09-00?     ZZZ01 

Drawing/Painting: Anno's black crows above my dad's cornfield (in AB's Art Room)

1988-09-01*     $DVT303          41:13 

Wales: Anno & AB conducting experiments with sand cascading thru oil, Anno & AB talking O/S till 43:26. Lou’s birthday cake with Pa & Ma – sand experiment with Anno in shot *** – runs to find Lou – falls over *** @ 47:28 – Lou blows out candles (Adi in evidence) – nice CU of Anno @ 49:13. Lou, Ma & Pa till 49:59. Spider ...

1988-09-01*     $DVT303          40:44 

Wales: Anno, Ned & Lou jumping off sofa.

1988-09-05*     $DVT03            50:14 

London: Iverna: Anno running around Japanese, packing up Barrie stuff for exhibition. Anno’s guided tour – visits Ned asleep on sofa twice ***

[Venice Film Festival not copied]

1988-09-18*     $DVT303          57:52 

London: Chelsea: Anno, Ned, Bee & AB to Ma’s house – Bee snatching Ned from road – Pa opens door – Jane, Martha, Icon, their son in a blue jersey (xxx check with Ma), lunch in garden room – Charlotte *** Anno & boy cut – Bee smoking – polaroid of AB & Charlotte – boy in garden ... AB, Charlotte, Anno & boy go trespassing in Rectory Garden (tape runs out @ 1:02:31

1988-09-20       $8MM005 

20 Sept: Venice Festival → Anno/Charlotte exploring garden.

1988-10-17       $8MM006 

17 October: Wales: Anno & Ned film (James & Max)

1988-10-18       $8MM007 

Wales: James/Max movie, Anno & Ned. Flight to Chicago Film Festival (Ned wanting to die).

1988-10-20       $8MM008 

October: Chicago with Bee, Anno & Ned → Los Angeles (Wendy).

1988-10-23       =PP1-08 

USA (Dallas) arrive

1988-11-00       $8MM009 

November: Los Angeles with Bee, Anno & Ned → Death Valley.

1988-11-19       =PP1-16 

USA – Death Valley

1988-12-00       EE137 

Drawing: "Father Xmas by Anno"

1988-12-09       $8MM010 

Japan (Peter Pan) → London (Anno/AB's birthday); New York with David Eberts (Burning Secret).

1988-12-09       08 

=Anno's 8th birthday

1988-12-09       EE130

Envelope – "Andrew" – with drawings (birthday)

1988-12-24       EE129 

Note to Santa: "Plese can I hav the catslair and skapenoce jazz thundehawc sum cracas and a puzal ... and sum thjngs for my bruther sleeping nextto me." [[Typed by Anno]D]

1988-12-24?     EE081 

Letter to AB: "Sir Xmas"

1988-12-25       $8MM012 

Christmas with Bee, Anno & Ned &c → Wales, New Year's Eve.

1988-12-25*     EE128 

AB cheque from Santa to Anno for tickets to Phantom of the Opera.

1988-12-31       $8MM013 

Wales (December 31st) – Anno, Ned & Lou fast asleep @ midnight

1988-12-31       $8MM013 

Wales (December 31st) → Anno? Munich (12 January); rest BLANK.

1989-00-00       EE092 

Painting of a scorpion "to Ned xxx"

1989-00-00       EE090 

Drawing: birds & a worm "for Ned from Anno"

1989-00-00       EE093 

Painting of a butterfly "to Bee"

1989-00-00       EE138 

Essay: "In 1981 I remember I was just a babbey howling when I did not get what I whantied. In 1982 I remember my naney pipper was taking me for a walk in my pram and it fell down the stars."

1989-00-00       EE091 

Drawing: monster (green)

1989-00-00       EE710A 

Drawing: sun, tree, planet

1989-00-00?     EE777 

Ma letter to Anno & Ned from the Lister hospital - “hope your rabbit is better”

1989-01-00       EE089 

Note: "my new year's resolution was that I wood be nice to miy famaley"

1989-01-00       SS10 

English creative writing book

1989-01-03*     SS10-01 

Essay: “It’s Christmas Eve, I’m frantic. I can’t get to sleep. Oh no. Will he come? Maybe, maybe not. At last I close my eyes and hit the sack ...”

1989-02-00       $8MM015 

Anno's snake tape (February)

1989-02-01       $8MM014 

Brussels film festival (with Jane) → Chateau. Anno's assembly, 1 February.

1989-02-07       $8MM016 

Ned's 4th birthday → Homework, 15 March. Anno? [1990:] Rest BLANK.

1989-02-12*     EE141 

Story: "Just Anno" (Anno being locked in the guard's van) "Chapter 1. The journey. Anno was going to Wales for his holidays with his frend David. Whan they got on the train Anno said to his Mum – Can I get a birger..."

1989-02-14*     EE140 

Card to AB: "To Darling Papa I hope you have nice Valentine's day, lots of love Anno"

1989-02-15*     EE126 

RSPB note to say they found our seagull

1989-03-00       EE142 

Note: "Pleas bring in the potty thank you"

1989-03-22       $8MM017 

March 22: Wales, Easter (Ma & Pa) Anno; Pa on train.

1989-04-00       EE143 

Drawing: Design an Easter Egg (Fox project)

1989-05-30       $8MM018 

30 May: Wales. Anno? USA: Wolfgang Petersen; Paris; Wales (Charlotte, Jane, Lou). Biplane flight with Ma & David.

1989-06-00       EE149 

Fax to AB in LA (Comstock): "Dear Papa, today we went to Kew gardens.

Joe came as well.

To the warter lilly house

but unforthantley I'm never going agen.

When I came out of it my tea shirt was stiking to me. ... anno (signature) and NED"

1989-06-00       EE144 

AB/Anno's Quiz #1 – Gorilla plodded away – capital of Eqypt – Meg & Mog = 83%. What does fire need in order to burn? Wood/oxygen/water/nitrogen. Anno: firelighters.

1989-06-18*     EE148 

School report (Fox): "Alexander is a cheerful, friendly, charming boy. He participates enthusiastically in all the work of the class. He gets on well with everybody and is popular with his peers. Can be rather too talkative."

1989-06-20       EE150 

Bee PC from LA to Anno + Ned at Iverna: "Darling boys

1989-07-00       $8MM019 

Neptune. Anno's flight + Face to Face (Jung?)

1989-07-06       =PP1-19 

Photo: Anno "a recent photo" (lovely) arrive

1989-07-16*     EE152 

Story: The Gross Godzilla. One day Bill, Ben and Mick saw a gross Godzilla. They looked at it in complete stupefaction ... " [typed on AB's 1st laptop on train, qv $$$)

1989-07-30       $8MM017 

30 July: Anno driving; Treasure hunt; Moon (17 Aug).

1989-08-00       EE145 

AB/Anno's Quiz #2 – What did J C tell people to do? Hate/Fight/Kill/Love ...

1989-09-00       EE092 

Painting of a snake "to ATB" (done in LA, see $DT13)

1989-09-05       =PP1-08 

USA (LA) arrive

1989-09-05*     EE153 

Story: Sam Snake. One day Sam Snake got a letter which said: "Free air ticket to the Galapagos islands!" "Yabadabadoo!" said he.

1989-10-01~     EE151 

AB fax to Anno – Batman premiere

1989-10-04*     EE155 

AB/Anno's history quiz (with written answers)

1989-10-22*     EE154 

Essay: "Stegosaurus was one of the first of the dinosaurs; it was big but it had a small BRAIN"

1989-10-29*     EE220 

Poems: "Diplodocus was titanic"

1989-11-02?     =PP1-08/9 

USA (LA) arrive

1989-11-03       $8MM021 

Los Angeles, 3 November (Dona Mema). Thanksgiving. Anno? "D & A's film". [London 1990:]

1989-11-05       EE156 

AB/Anno's 2nd history quiz = 98% = wonderful!

1989-11-28?     =PP1-21 

Mexico? Casas Raminez

1989-12-00       EE159 

Drawing: Ninja turtle

1989-12-00       EE158 

Drawing: Ninja turtle (1st of many)

1989-12-09       $8MM022 

To Mexico, 28 November → Los Angeles → Anno – December 9 → New York, 11 December (Carol Greene)

1989-12-09*     EE160 

AB to Anno – Happy Birthday – YOU MADE IT TO 9 – AMAZING! UNBELIEVABLE!!

1989-12-09       09 

=Anno's 9th birthday

1989-12-31       $8MM023 

New York (Anno & David) → Wales, 31 December.

1990-00-00       EE164 

Drawing: T Rex

1990-00-00       EE165 

Drawing: paper dart/aeroplane

1990-00-00       EE166 

Drawing: Willie men (Ned???)

1990-00-00       EE183 

Anno's favourite things: Karma Chameleon (song) Lord Bucket Head (politician) etc

1990-00-00       EE162 

Drawing: birds, beasts & animals (profile)

1990-00-00       EE163 

Drawing: scuba diving with sharks & turtles (profile). "Papa love Anno ..." with the "ann---o |:|:" signature

1990-00-00       SS18                                                                                                       

Welsh book (mostly colouring - older than 1990?)

1990-00-00       SS19 

Welsh book: drawings of Sylvester & Harry Hyll (aka the Phantom)

1990-00-00       SS13 

Welsh book

1990-01-00       SS11 

English book (full of good stuff)


1990-01-00       SS11-05                                                                                                AB002A-1-1


I'd like to be a sausage

and stay at home all day,

and talk to other sausages

in a sausage sort of way.


I'd like to be a sausage,

a crispy one perhaps,

and doze all day

and lie around

with crispy kinds of chaps.


I wouldn't have to do a thing,

no homework jobs or chores,

all comfy in my little skin

of sausage-meat and snores.


I wouldn't have to do exams,

I needn't tidy rooms,

or sweep the floor or feed the cat

or wash up forks and spoons.


I wouldn't have to do a thing,

a life of bliss I feel,

except that once in all my life

I'd make a scrumptious meal.



1990-01-08*     SS11-01 

Essay: “My New Year’s resolution: not to tie my snakes in a knot or throw my cats across the room. I won’t bite my baby brother as long as he does not bite me. I’ll do what my mum tells me and take my dog for walkies. And do what father tells me to do. I’ll not watch good old 18s. I was thinking, shall I keep these resolutions or shall I wait till next year, but I do like to tie my snakes. I think I’ll keep them.”

1990-01-15*     SS71 

Maths practical: my hand, my foot, plus Turtles drawings

1990-02-16*     EE168 

Drawing: turtle – "Just a wee fax to let you know that we are coming up. Love Anno" (+ sig)

1990-02-18*     EE195 

Letter to Harry: "Some very bad news coming your way. I am very sorry but it is Fido's grave I'm looking at now........... Fido is dead. The deadly jab." (+ drawing of gravestone)

1990-02-18*     EE196 

Letter to Harry: "Some very bad news comming your way. I am very sorry but it is Fido's grave I'm looking at now.......... Fido is dead."

1990-02-28*     EE169 

Drawing: T Rex & my bottom: "Dear AB, I can visualise your incredibly big bottom ..."

1990-03-00       SS71-6 

Drawing: Turtle, Bad to the Bone by Alex.

1990-03-06*     EE186 

Certificate for swimming 25 metres

1990-04-00       SS14 

Welsh mathematics (height, weight @ 10 etc, drawing of hand = 18cm)

1990-04-28*     EE170 

Drawing: 2 faces and a bird – "To darling Papa"

1990-06-00       $8MM027 

June: Anno & Ned & Ninjas; David in Wales, July (singing?)

1990-06-00       *AC12-00 

Anno reading "Peter Rabbit" aged 9½

1990-06-00       EE187 

Drawing/letter: snakes escaping – "Yesterday I took the snakes outside and I scared some old ladies."

1990-06-23*     EE171 

Note: "Congratulations, you have found my balloon!"

1990-06-28*     EE172 

The Iverna Times: "Groupies Invade Iverna Gardens"

1990-06-30*     EE173 

Certificate: Holland Park 2 Mile "Fun Run"

1990-07-00?     EE214 

Letter to AB: "Have a grat time I cant wate intil we go down the mine, I wish you were heare."

1990-07-09*     EE174 

School report (Fox): "Alexander is a charming, cheerful boy who approaches all his work with enthusiasm ... it is a pleasure to teach him.

1990-07-09*     EE175 

The Iverna Times: "WAX RETURNS – Superstar graces Court with visit"

1990-08-03*     EE050 

Ned's recipe

1990-09-10*     EE176 

Anno's blonde hair

1990-09-26       EE194 

AB fax to Anno re Tiger Balm and everyone flying out to LA

1990-10-00       SS12 

Math book

1990-10-04*     EE178 

Note: "Gone to school. By by Bee see you after school." (After row about getting dressed)

1990-10-15*     EE193 

AB fax to "Kiddos, rushing off to be pulled apart in the pool – see you Sunday, can't wait"

1990-10-21       =PP1-11 

USA (LA) arrive

1990-11-14       =PP1-07 

Baja California (La Paz)

1990-12-00       EE167 

Drawing: Three kings

1990-12-09       $8MM034 

Mexico, 9 December (Anno/AB birthday).

1990-12-09       EE182 

Drawing/book marker: Skull – "Andrew's Book"

1990-12-09*     EE179 

Lydia birthday card: "Now we're both in double figures"

1990-12-09       10 

=Anno's 10th birthday

1990-12-25       $8MM038 

Christmas stockings. Lot of blank tape, then Anno waking up – 5 am – David & Anno both "know" ... Beatles CDs – David on LSD. Bee: "Who woke up first?" Anno: "Me ... but David told me to wake him."

1990-12-25       $8MM038 

Opening Christmas stockings (Anno, David & Ned)

1990-12-31       $8MM039 

AB, Jane & Linda at Rowbury after Pa's death; hacking thru wood to Hop Castle

1990-12-31       $8MM039 

New Year's Eve, Iverna Court. Usual crowd (Tor & Julian, Ene); Anno asleep on Pippa's lap.

1991-00-00       EE188 

Drawing: owl

1991-00-00       EE237 

Note: "Maybe we can go to the galupacas islands, from anno Birkin (sig)"

1991-00-00       EE225/26 

Drawing: creature feature – mutant creatures

1991-00-00       EE224 

Drawing: Bart Simpson – "eat my shorts", "go for it dude"

1991-00-00       EE184 

Card to ???: "Happy Birthday honey, I can't believe you're 75 cos you only look 16. Lots of love ANNO."

1991-00-00       EE222 

Letter: "Dear Judy. Hope you get well soon. Betty is fine and munching away as usual ... the rabbit is very unwell." + drawings

1991-00-00       EE232 

Drawing: Ninjas – Leonardo

1991-00-00       EE233 

Drawing: dragon snake & funny man

1991-00-00       EE189 

Drawing: pterodactyl

1991-00-00       EE190/01 

Drawing: ants – "To darling Papa, love Anno"

1991-00-00       EE192 

Drawing: "a eletrik ell by Anno B"

1991-00-00       EE216 

Card to AB, drawing of skull

1991-00-00       EE215 

Card to AB: "Happy father's day Papa, love xxxxx A-N-N-O"

1991-00-00       EE223 

Drawing: Ninja turtles

1991-00-00       EE234 

Drawing: dragon (back of Pizza Express)

1991-00-00       EE227 

Anno's Simpsons Album – drawings

1991-00-00       EE180/81 

Drawing: 6s (or 9s), with spider's web (psychodelic)

1991-00-00       SS17 

Welsh book

1991-00-00       SS16 

Welsh book (RIPs on cover)

1991-00-00       SS15 

Welsh book

1991-01-14*     EE221 

Letter: "Dear lid ned and lis, I'm having a grate time at Marchant's hill. Weve been on lots of walks and my favorat one was the Devels punch bowl."

1991-01-14*     EE197 

Fox outing to Marchant's Hill, 14th-18th/1/91

1991-02-00       $8MM039 

Windsor Safari Park (Anno/Ned), AB & Ned on slide; Anno & huge moths/butterflies; alligator.

1991-02-01       $8MM041 

Anno's school camp: building the hut; hedgehog, polecat; owl; Titchfield market place. Wales: Happy Birthday cards all round the kitchen (Bee's birthday); model planes in living room; bonfire with Lydia.

1991-02-07       $8MM041 

Surprise rabbit for Ned's 6th birthday. Ned/Anno & Jack/ Chris in the snow

1991-02-07       $8MM041 

Anno's school camp; Ned's 7th b/day party.

1991-02-07       $8MM041 

Ned's snow duck; Bee working on computer; Ned's tea party (Lorna); crocodile tape. Mouse. Anno/Chris film.

1991-02-11*     EE198 

Tornado Club Rules: "Never hurt another member, never lie, never keep secrets, never hurt animals" (from AB's original laptop)

1991-02-14       EE198 

Valentine card to Pippa: “To my darling Pipsqueak - even beasts go for you” (with xerox of dinosaurs)

1991-03-06*     EE200 

Card/drawing: "To grandpa David – Private" – "I will miss you very much and I hope you have a very nice time, love Anno"

1991-03-07       EE201 

Letter: "Dear Judy, I am very sad about David and I hope he is better off wherever he is. I think he is happier now because it is probably very peaceful."

1991-04-00       $8MM039 

Easter egg hunt (Jacques videoing). Anno & Ned + friends on lake (Chris, Adam etc). Ned shouting "I'm a pervert!"

1991-04-00       $8MM039 

Easter in Wales (March): Ma, Jane, Lola, Lou, David, Le petit criminal, Gabrielle, Harry, Jacques; Ned et al watching Titanic

1991-04-00       $8MM039 

*Anno kissing & miming to Jane's record & Bart Simpson. Rabbits Camera left running, Jane & Ma on s/track.

1991-04-00       $8MM039 

After bollocking from Bee, they go back to sleep. Later, Bee & Lissy come in.

1991-04-00       EE228 

Note: "My father is the Best in the West!!! I ❤ him to little sweet pieces, and if he lets me go class 1st, he would be even better. Ì xx Ì by anno"

1991-04-06*     EE199 

Letter: "I think the closing of the London zoo is a tradgaty. And we are willing to adopt any animals espeshaly if it is going to be out down – espechaly a monkey." + drawings

1991-04-12       $8MM039 

12 April: Anno's film about planes & pteranadons (with Chris).

1991-05-00       $8MM042 

France: Chinon (Bee, Anno & Ned). Wales: French kids.

1991-05-00       $8MM040 

Anno, Ned & Bee in France (Loire) with Patty; Ned filming Alfred ...

1991-06-00       $8MM042 

Branson's Cricket match – Anno & RB in pool ...

1991-06-17*     EE202 

Essay: "I am about to tell a dream I had when I was nine. Me & my brother were sleeping in a tent and suddenly a titanic dragon ripped the covers, electric blue eyes, teeth glistening."

1991-06-17*     SS15-01 

Essay in English: Dragonslayer - “me and my brother were sleeping in a tent and suddenly a titanic dragon ripped the covers of the tent, electric blue eyes, teeth glistening ...”

1991-07-00       $8MM045 

Bee's dodgy movie: Anno, Ned, Lou, Harry Baldwin & other kids naked in pool.

1991-07-00       $8MM044 

Scotland: Anno, David, Ned, Pippa; Bee having a pee; boat out to island on loch; with Ned

1991-07-00       $8MM044 

July: Wales with kids; Salt: Glasgow

1991-07-00       $8MM044 

Anno in hospital. Island on loch; Greta & Vincent; Caleigh rehearsal.

1991-07-00       $8MM044 

July: Wales. Ned, Anno, Lou, Harry Baldwin, diving/swimming; grey rabbit; red muscovy. Camera tour round library; Ned sinking Titanic; Ned's burping bumhole (with Bee & Lissy); nighttime rabbit

1991-07-00?     EE203 

Drawing/design for "Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion World Tour".

1991-07-00       EE728 

Letter to AB from Ned & Anno in Wales

1991-07-10       $8MM044 

Glasgow: lecture hall, Caleigh farm etc ... Anno in hospital (with Pippa) just before operation on heel – onto trolley – into operating theater; playing Nintendo; Ned CUs; Wales: ducks; Salt locations/shots

1991-07-21       $8MM044 

Salt: Glasgow locations, railway bridge demo. Anno in hospital.

1991-07-24       EE240 

Note to Bruce: "I hope I have made it very clear that both me and Ned want the stamps."

1991-08-00       EE732 

Ned’s letter to Frank Marshall re Arachnaphobia

1991-08-18       $8MM044 

Scotland: Setting up tent, Ned scared of spiders.

1991-08-25       EE208 

Letter to AB: "I hope nothing goes drastecley wrong on your first day of shooting. I am fine and have not picked my foot YET!!"

1991-09-00       $8MM049 

Salt: Scotland – Anno & Ned doing Harvest scene.

1991-09-00       EE207 

Letter to Bee "How is everything up in Glasgow?" drawing of Anno in wheelchair (foot) "your loving cripple Anno, xxxxx"

1991-09-14*     EE204 

Certificate Cub scout football competition, Derbyshire 1991.

1991-09-15*     EE205 

Certificate to say Anno climbed to the top of Thorpe Cloud, Dovedale.

1991-10-10*     EE206 

AB big envelope to Anno from Virgin Islands, shaped like an A.

1991-11-05       =PP1-11 

Antigua arrive

1991-11-06       =PP1-11 

Antigua leave

1991-11-06       =PP1-06 

Virgin Islands arrive (Salt)

1991-11-10       $8MM049 

Virgin Islands: land crabs.

1991-11-14       =PP1-08 

USA (SAJ) arrive

1991-11-25?     =PP1-06 

Virgin Islands leave (Salt)

1991-12-02*     EE209/10 

Essay on Dolphins: "Their smile doesn't mean they're happy – it's just the way they look. ... We all felt so exhilirated and happy after our visit ... I think it's the best thing that ever happened to me." xxxadd

1991-12-09*     EE211 

Jane fax/draw for Anno/AB's birthday.

1991-12-09*     EE212 

Jane fax/letter for Anno/AB's birthday + cheque.

1991-12-09*     EE213 

Lou fax for Anno/AB's birthday + draw.

1991-12-09       11 

=Anno's 11th birthday

1991-12-24       EE230 

Anno's Xmas list: Sound Maker Hot Wheels, Ninja turtles, chocolate willy etc.

1991-12-24       EE730 

Anno’s list for Santa: Guns ‘n Roses, Game Gear etc

1992-00-00       EE231 

Anno's Guns N Roses book markers, skull drawings (2)

1992-00-00       EE235 

Anno/Ned contract: "Ned recognises Anno's right to exist ... Ned will not rodger me ... Ned will not sulk" xxxadd

1992-00-00       EE218 

Drawing: The Vamp

1992-00-00       EE217 

Drawing: dinosaurs – "to Bee love Anno"

1992-00-00       EE281 

Anno's Girlfriends by Alexander Birkin: "This book contains all of Alexander's offishal girlfrends" (Elane, Eva, Gemma, Robin, Rosie)

1992-00-00       EE219 

Drawing: Turtles – "welcome home Andrew"

1992-00-00       EE236 

Ned/Anno contract: "Anno wont sing sili songs"

1992-00-00       SS20 

Egypt project, pyramids, sphynx etc

1992-00-00       SS21 

Air history project (drawings of Concorde, blimps), Guns ‘n Roses design on back of folder (Rifles & Poppies).

1992-00-00       SS24 

Planets book + iguanas

1992-00-00       SS23 

Food project (“I’d like to be a sausage” poem)

1992-02-00       $8MM050 

February: Pippa & Anno etc in France.

1992-02-05*     SS22 

Spelling book (English)

1992-02-08?     =PP1-08 

USA (LA) arrive

1992-03-00       $8MM058 

Ned, Lou & Anno going beetroot; Lou twisting her tongue; David legs behind his neck. Picnic at the quarry: Ned playing chess; canoeing.

1992-03-00       $8MM058 

Lou as Snow White (Ma as the witch, plus an OTT tartan Bee, David, Anno & Ned as dwarfs); David & Ned as knights on white chargers (Anno deep voice brilliant).

1992-03-00       $8MM058 

Betty, Roman ... Tea – Lou (good) ... Ned demonstrating his gulping burp – Anno & Ned

1992-03-00       $8MM055 

March: Camper holiday in California (AB, Bee, Anno & Ned).

1992-03-00       $8MM058 

David, Anno & Ned playing monopoly in chateau; Easter egg hunt, plus Jane & Roman. Jane's house at Dozule, with Lou. Lou's guided tour of her barn; AB, Ned & Anno stroking Lou's hair.

1992-03-00       SS25 

Death Valley project: “STOP! Ask before you open” includes diary entries for March 6th - 12th (to Las Vegas), Borax story etc

1992-03-10       $8MM056 

March: Camper holiday in California: Death Valley, Anno & Ned in salt pools, Pa's ashes ...

1992-03-25       $8MM058 

March 25: Early search for C Garden locations (Bee & Ene for AB); possible boy for Tom ("Ned too anarchic" says Bee).

1992-04-00       $8MM058 

Easter in Normandy: Ma, Ned, Anno, David; Pippa; Ned fishing alone (good)

1992-04-00       $8MM058 

Iverna: Ned with wig, Andrew; AB reading script with Ned; Bee adlibbing with Andrew as Jack.

1992-04-00       *AC25 

Guns & Roses at Milton Keynes with Anno & David – Knocking on Heaven's Door &c

1992-04-00       $8MM057 

April: Anno & Ned's space films. Cement Garden locations.

1992-07-02*     EE239 

Certificate: National Cycling Proficiency ...

1992-07-09*     EE238 

Lou fax to Anno, "thanks for the silly belly"

1992-07-24       EE239A 

Alice Coulthard’s dairy: “Well I have been thinking about it for ages, you see Anno, the director’s son, is always there at the film and he is always the one I play with when I’m not on set and now I think he’s my best friend.”

1992-07-30       EE239A 

Alice’s diary: “The other day I said that Anno was my best friend but I was not sure, now don’t get me wrong I still, well he still is kind of my best friend but the truth is I love him but please don’t tell anyone because it is my deepest and most inner secret.”

1992-08-05       EE239B 

PC to Alice from Anno in France: “To Alice, I saw a husky today but one eye was brown and one eye blue. We tobogon down 1,000ft and then got homew and I’m going to go swimming in the lake. Much love Anno xxxxxxxxxx”

1992-08-10       EE239C 

Alice’s diary: “Anno loves me! I kind of knew but I wasn’t sure. Actually I didn’t have a clue come to think of it. I can’t believe he loves me, the reason I know is because he told Pippa. Pippa is the girl that took him on holiday, you see he’s been in France for the last 2 weeks and Pippa is kind of his old childminder, anyway he told Pippa that he loves me and as soon as he got to France he wanted to write me a postcard and he said “Do you think she’ll guess how I feel about her because the postcard’s so neat?” He told Pippa and Pippa told my mum and my mum told me. Can you believe it? Anno loves me. ♣ I love Anno xxx ♣

1992-09-07       SS27 

Barmouth: CDT (diary entries till December)

1992-09-09       SS26 

Barmouth: Maths

1992-09-23       EE239D 

Letter to Alice: “I just got your letter and school’s O.K. I don’t like the kids in my class but the 14 yr old’s are O.K. One kid claims he knows Axl Rose but I don’t think so. Bad news, Axl Rose has been sentenced for 2½ yrs in jail! The uniform is yuk!! I hear that you may come up for Guy Forks Night? (You = you Mike Fungus Lynne) P.S. I’ve a nice geography teacher too. See you soon (hopefully) Lots of love Anno xxxxxx P.P.S. give my love to Fungus Lyne and Mike. By by.”

1992-09-28*     SS32 

Barmouth: French (+ English essay? “I’ve always had a soft spot for cockroaches because once about 15 all the afid off my lettuce. There were literally hundreds of afid, just hundreds of the blighters there were, but after the cockroaches got them not one was left. Beautiful animals cockroaches are, browny golden, little antennae and all.”) + notes on my grandmother

1992-10-00       EE729 

Moonshine is Axl Birkin - Alice Coulthard backing

1992-11-12       SS29 

Barmouth: Maths (+ Maths project)

1992-11-12       SS28 

Barmouth: History (Rome, Roman invasion of Britain, Boadicea)

1992-11-27       SS30 

Barmouth: English (the Sea People, fax from Jane to Linda)

1992-12-09*     EE229 

Lydia card for Anno's 12th birthday, "for the boy who swam with dolphins"

1992-12-09       12 

=Anno's 12th birthday

1993-00-00       SS37 

Malibu High: Science/Math (drawings of fish hearts etc), Test of Genius

1993-00-00       SS38 

Malibu High: French file (Le Petit Prince etc)

1993-00-00       SS36 

Malibu High: History file (American, essays by Anno on #Napoleon & the Louisiana purchase, the Depression, Washington etc)

1993-00-00       SS35 

Malibu High: school pack – Malibu fires newsletter, Anno’s registration, etc

1993-01-10       *AC13-00 

Anno (or Ned??) singing Knocking on Heaven's Door & Did You Know? Anno guitar?

1993-02-05*     SS31 

Barmouth: Geography (astrology, forest fire story - I freaked!!!)

1993-02-18       =PP1-09 

USA (LA) arrive

1993-02-20       $8MM068 

Bee & Jane in California: camper ... Anno?

1993-02-25*     SS33 

Barmouth: English (“It was a dismal night on the 20th November 1982. I slowed down as I spotted a young girl on the road side”) good essays (2 teenagers, Laura Grey, The Head!! My Party, ex-LA cop, Todos Santos, Baja California)

1993-02-27*     EE246 

Essay: "It was a dismal night on the 20th November 1982. I slowed down as I spotted a young girl on the road side." [from SS

1993-03-00       $8MM071 

Mexico: Bee, Anno, Ned, Jane & Lou ...

1993-03-00       $8MM069 

Bee, Anno, Ned, Jane & Lou in California.

1993-03-00       $8MM070 

Mexico: Bee, Anno, Ned, Jane & Lou with the whales ...

1993-03-00       EE242 

Ned's Cement Garden toys!

1993-03-00       EE241 

Letter to AB: "We are at an ace house with 3 hamoks, a trampaline and a water bed!" + drawing: I ♣ you (with veins instead of arrows).

1993-03-00       SS34 

Barmouth: English, loose pages (Mexico, grey whales essay, drafts of SS33 essays)

1993-03-11*     EE247 

Script (8 pages): "Door opens and step father comes in. He's obviously pretty pissed after being at the pub. John: "Jane, where are my fucking fags?" ..."

1993-03-26*     EE248 

Essay: "The Head!! On a dark and dismal night in December, a truck driver was on his way to Scotland when suddenly out of know where came a drunk moterbiker ..."

1993-04-00       EE243/44 

Anno's Mexican menu

1993-04-00       EE244A 

Drawing: bottle-nose dolphin

1993-04-00       EE244B 

Drawing: whale gestures (4)

1993-04-00       EE720 

Drawing: dolphins

1993-04-04       $8MM072 

Mexico, 4 April → 27 April. Anno?

1993-04-08*     EE249 

Essay (on laptop): "The Grey Whales of Baja"

1993-04-09       OLD 


There once was a man from kiltuket,

Whose dick was so long he could suck it,

He said with a grin,

As he wiped of his chin,

If my ear was a cunt i would fuck it.


[authorship uncertain]



1993-04-14*     EE251 

Story: "Matt runs away from home because he hates his step father and asks a friend called James to join him."

1993-05-00       EE713 

El Birkino World famous restaurant - Anno & Ned (Mexico)

1993-05-14       =PP1-08 

USA (LA) arrive

1993-07-00       $8MM078 

Ireland with David, Anno & Ned (camping); Dolphin in Dingle Bay. Wales (Anno guitar); Pilgrim; France & Lourdes with Andrew.

1993-07-00       EE252A 

Card to Bee: “To Mummy. Thanks so mucvh dor the holiday, I loved it ... Love Anno xxxxxxxxxxx Los Cabos, Baja ‘93.”

1993-07-02*     EE253 

Note: For sale: Gibson Flying V ...

1993-08-00       $8MM079 

Bee, Anno, Ned at Bruce's; Bee, Boaty etc; Roisin; Ned's tour ...

1993-08-00?     EE269 

Card: "Sorry for all I have done and the pain in the neck i've been xxxxx anno" – (to what does this refer????)

1993-08-00       EE253A 

Letter to David: "It looks as if we'll be moving to L.A for a year or so and would love you to come and stay. Hopefully at Halloween."

1993-08-22       =PP1-09 

USA (LA) arrive

1993-08-22       =PP1-21 

USA (LA) arrive

1993-08-29*     EE256 

Fax to AB: "Dear Pop, we are having an outstanding time. ... very boring Palm Springs ... Grand Canyon chopper ride – "after a lot of pleading I got the front seat! ... we are now at Lake Powell" + drawing of Jane, Lou, Ned, Bee & Me in chopper. xxxadd

1993-08-29*     EE275 

Bee fax to AB – "we're in a hotel for a treat." Picture by Ned – "Andrew by Raptor"

1993-09-00       $8MM080 

Malibu: Anno & Ned at Karate; Ned & Talulah.

1993-09-00       EE252 

Anno's entry in Barrie's Querist's Album: "Most esteemed virtue: Honesty & loyalty. Humour. Happiest employment? Playing guitar, marine biologist. Hero? Einstein, Scott of the Antarctic, Bat Man. Pet antipathy: cruelty to animals. Proverb? You're damned if you do & you're damned if you don't." xxxadd

1993-09-00       EE255 

Drawing: Alien, signed Alexander Birkin.

1993-09-00       EE254 

Letter from Bee/Anno: "Anno did this from life – rather wonderful isn't it." Anno adds: "I found it lurking in our paddock ..." xxxadd

1993-09-00       SS40-01 

Drawing: dolphin (SCUBA JAMACA)

1993-09-00       SS39 

Malibu High: Assignment book (dates September 1993-March 1994)

1993-09-28*     EE257 

AB fax: "Dear Nameless Iguanas – Welcome to the deranged world of Anno and Ned, your new protectors ... "

1993-09-29*     EE258/60 

Letter to AB: "Dear Pops, Thanks very much for the iguana, he's very happy and has an astounding relationship with my thumb. ... lots & lots of love, Anno & Iguana" + drawing of iguana on end of his thumb.

1993-10-16*     EE265               20:49 

AB fax to Anno & Ned – "Have you surfaced from your Gors of Grief? ... Lift your spirits with the new Pearl Jam album which I think excellent ... best of all, Indifference."

1993-10-16*     EE262               02:27 

AB fax to Anno – "It's 3 am, freezing cold and missing you horribly."

1993-10-16*     EE263               13:40 

Bee fax to AB: "Tragedy – Ned's iguana has died. He doesn't know it yet – he's asleep ..."

1993-10-16*     EE264               13:47 

AB fax to Anno & Ned – "Oh the pain of knowing you're both in pain & nothing I can do for either of you. If we believed in God we could curse him ..."

1993-11-00       $8MM081 

Dali Museum with Andrew → November → Anno??

1993-11-12*     EE266 

School report (Malibu High): "Alex is a joy to teach. He is so kind to other students."

1993-11-15*     EE267 

AB fax to Anno: "Just got back from Sweden to find your glowing report ... how proud my dad would have been, not so much the grades but the note about your kindness, which he thought more important than anything else."

1993-12-00       SS40-02 

Malibu High work book: “I’m getting IBM 486! CD-ROM drive! 2-speakers, Laser Jet Printer

+ 15 CD-ROM games”

1993-12-02       EE726A 

“My father was a big influence on my growing up. I felt closer to him than anyone else.”

[Malibu High - loose page, headed P:3, on the reverse of a drawing of an Alice-type psychedelic mushroom]

1993-12-02       EE726 

Drawing of psychedelic mushroom a la Alice in Wonderland.

1993-12-08*     EE268 

Script (4 pages): "Teddy: "Look, a dead mongoose! Let's give it a funeral ..."

1993-12-09       13 

=Anno's 13th birthday

1993-12-09       EE245 

Drawing/birthday card to AB: Egyptian style animals + Tit mountain

1994-00-00       EE270 

Drawing: psychedelic flaming face on filofax page – "to AB and Bee lots of love anno"

1994-00-00?     SS74 

ASL?? Drawings of submarines, &&& designs, “you suck!”, short piece on “Flowers for Algernon”: Change

1994-00-00       SS72 

ASL?? Drawing of sub, “No calculator!” drawing; French: “J’ai les cheveux blond”,

Signature on back

1994-00-00       SS73 

Empty folder (ASL?) - signature

1994-01-00       SS40-03 

Drawing: 2 men “Oh good, I can vote” , dunce’s cap

1994-01-11       $8MM088-00 

Ned's film about Jurassic Park, Bee, AB & Anno in bg packing to go skiing

1994-01-17*     SS39-25 

Malibu High Assignment book: NO SCHOOL - Earthquake?

1994-01-22*     EE272 

Anno's scuba diving log

1994-01-24*     EE271 

Certificate: Padi/scuba validation

1994-01-25       EE261 

Fax to AB: "I got my scuba licence this week end. On my first dive I saw a Harbor seal who swam up to us and looked us over ... " + Drawing

1994-02-00*     EE274 

Lisa Simpson (Meardley Smith) "to Ned and Alexander, always be your own great selves ... and beware of Bart! Your pal, Lisa Simpson"

1994-02-00?     EE280 

Drawing: Logger head turtle, with body parts marked

1994-02-01       =PP1-10 

USA (LA) arrive

1994-02-03*     SS41 

Malibu High: English, loose sheets (essays, spelling tests, Anne Frank, Good Night Mr Tom, Story of Sidi, slow kids, the Case of William Beach, Zak’s death “was a very good experience for William”, geography)

1994-02-04*     EE273 

Drawing: still life studies: glass, bowl – & a bolt of lightning striking the sun (pencil, signed Alexander Birkin)

1994-02-11*     EE276 

School Report (Malibu High grades – Good or Excellent)

1994-03-08*     SS41-01 

Journal: “Yes, I do feel my life is a bit out of control because I take guitar and karate and I have very little time to watch TV and do my own stuff ...”

1994-03-09*     SS41-02 

Journal: “If I couldn’t see my mom & dad for 2 years I would live with my elder sister.”

1994-03-11*     SS41-04 

Journal: “I think the perfect weekend would be to go on a 2 day diving trip in the Virgin Islands ...”

1994-03-14*     SS41-06 

Journal: “I think H-school sucks really badly”

1994-03-15*     SS41-07 

Journal: “I think that the golden rule is too exaggerated.”

1994-04-00       $8MM081 

Wales in April 1994 ... Anno?

1994-06-00       EE278 

Journal: "If I could have any wish it would be to be able to fly. I would like a lot of things but that would be the first. I've always wanted to be able to just soar up and fly anywhere I wanted to."

1994-06-00?     EE277 

Certificate from ASL for "speedy and successful adaptation"

1994-06-00       EE279 

Journal: "I would want to be remembered by my friends as being a good loyal person to rely on and for my very great scence of humore." + drawing

1994-07-01       =PP2-33 

Photo: Passport photo

1994-07-19*     EE282 

Letter to Prakash in USA: "Can't wait to see you in London. Boy are the chicks sexy in this school. Your friend, Alex Birkin."

1994-12-00       $8MM083 

Cement Garden Rough-cut; December: Ned, Andrew, AB in Wales (spinning coins); Anno.

1994-12-00       $8MM085 

December: Ned, Andrew, AB in Wales (bubbles); Ned & Anno.

1994-12-00       $8MM082 

December: Ned, Andrew, AB in Wales (plane); Christmas in Brittany [Anno]; Ned & Gareth film.

1994-12-09       EE283 

Drawing: "Black Hole Becoming" – "To Andrew love Anno" (grown-up writing)

1994-12-09       14 

=Anno's 14th birthday

1994-12-09?     EE742/EE742A 

Bee to Anno: birthday card (“IOU 1 pair of Reebok’s in Los Angeles”) date ???

1995-00-00       *AC15-00 


1995-00-00       *AC14-00 

Anno? AR?

1995-00-00       EE284 

Note to AB (while on phone): "Are we going to be 5 min, 10 min, 1 hour?"

1995-00-00       EE723 

Drawing: dinosaur (Gallim...) [v faint fax]

1995-00-00       SS52# 

Holland Park: French (“Hello, I’m thinking of pissing over the fence”. Alex: I don’t think this is an appropriate sentence to have in your French book. Do you?”) Plus essays on Brando & Bardot. “I hate myself & I want to die! I feel even worse now ’cos I feel an inferiority wave [or crave] coming on.”

1995-03-01       EE286# 

AB fax: "You're a sweet, kind & generous boy (as well as being funny, talented & very cuddlesome ..." (agreeing to leave ASL for Holland Park)


1995-03-01*     EE782

Anno fax to AB:

Started school today and got “A’s” on both science & math tests. My friend jumped on my bag and squashed a tangerine, which proceeded to turn my books orange!

I quit the film because Vandad is not being realistic, as he wanted computer effects!! However I am now writing a script for the “WWIII” short we talked about.

I can’t wait to see you in about 10 days (maybe longer), and am greatly enjoying your blow heater.

See you soon,


Stupendous Anno.

PS Haven’t laid down any tracks yet but JS is coming over on Saturday to do some recording.

1995-03-10       EE285# 

Fax: "Dear Papa, Started school today and got "a's" in both science & math tests. ... I am greatly enjoying your blow heater. Love stupendous Anno. PS I haven't laid down any tracks yet but JS is coming over"

1995-03-10       SS57 

Holland Park: Science (biology, sex, puberty)

1995-03-10       SS56 

Holland Park: Science (Fuck America drawing)

1995-03-10       SS58 

Holland Park: Science (Physics. drawing: humans as organisms)

1995-03-26*     EE287 

Drawing (fax): T Rex. "A little sketch I've been working on for about 2 weeks."

1995-06-00       EE292 

Drawing: snake's head

1995-06-00       EE293 

Drawing: The Black Panther

1995-07-00?     EE288 

Fax: "Darling Pa, Sorry I had to leave! I can't wait to see you on Wednesday ... PLEASE!! don't forget Ned's flip-flops, empty bags for France, my guitar, amp, foot peddle & leads, Donkey Kong Country"

1995-08-05*     EE291 

Tyranid Storm computer game (from laptop)

1995-08-12*     EE290 

Air tickets (1st class) to LA (Smilla) – returned August 21.

1995-09-00*     SS42 

Holland Park: History: Sulatycki – Nazi Germany, Hitler (beginning of Anno’s wiggly writing) – ban Nazi sign – Come Join the Hitler Youth drawing by Anno! (*Till November 21st)

1995-09-00       SS75 

Holland Park: Math, E101 10.9 (from 8.9.95 to 30.11.95

1995-09-25*     EE295 

Essay: Dances with Dolphins. "It was a verbal war zone. Obscenities were screamed across the back seat of the car."

1995-10-03*     EE325 

AB fax to Anno for his birthday: "The general principle of the heirarchial organization of life states that each new level of organisation generates structures with emergent properties that cannot be predicted from the constituent parts ..." [with pix of AB + Bee = Anno as a porky baby]

1995-11-10       =PP2-05 

USA (LA) arrive

1995-12-00       $8MM089 

Ned's animation; Wales at Christmas, toboganning

1995-12-09       15 

=Anno's 15th birthday

1995-12-09       ZZZ02 

Drawing/Painting: face, dabbed with yellow and orange (on wall in AB's porch)

1995-12-29       =PP2-07 

Cayman Islands (arrive)

1995-12-29       =PP2-05 

USA (Miami) arrive

1995-12-30       EE296 

PC from the Cayman Is to Judy: "Andrew and I are doing lots of diving & we saw a barracuda."

1995-12-31*     EE297 

Anno's diving log – "2 incredible angle fish – very friendly & tame."

1996-00-00       EE356 


1996-00-00       SS54 

 Holland Park: French (+ Across the border poem) – + drawing: are the toilet facilities satisfactory.

1996-00-00       SS55 

Holland Park: French (envelope)

1996-00-00       SS49 

Holland Park: Math

1996-00-00       SS81 

Holland Park: 10.9 Warwick: Music, DT & Drama.

1996-00-00       SS76-3 

Music notation:

C, Am, G, F,


E, F, C, C7

E, F, C, G.



1996-00-00       SS44 

Holland Park: History folder (crammed)

1996-00-00?     SS76 

AB’s old exercise book, Anno’s additions: “Fuck off mutherfucker”, music notation, “Vicky, Emma, Victoria, Freak, Rachel”,

1996-00-00       SS43 

Holland Park: History: Sulatycki – Russia, 1917-1941

1996-00-00       SS44-01 

Drawing: USA flag with penis power

1996-01-00*     BB02 

Contents: My Green Day &c (16 songs)

1996-01-01*     BB01 

Red cover with Anno's health warning:

Contents may cause heart failure, acute head-ache, vomiting, and may result in death. Board of Health.

1996-01-01*     EE298 

Anno's diving log – "Amazing rays – took pics, played – cuddled – wow!"

1996-01-02       $8MM089-00 

Cayman Islands: Ned's film – storm – Anno defying waves – Bee & Ned ...

1996-01-09       =PP2-07 

Cayman Islands (leave)

1996-01-09       =PP2-07 

USA (Miami) arrive

1996-02-00       B08                                   {Sasnooine} 


1996-02-00       *DAT14-03                       {She's Alone} 

MISSING. Box: "ANNO'S TAPE – The Acoustic Sessions"

1996-02-00       *DAT14-04                       {Damian} 

MISSING. Box: "ANNO'S TAPE – The Acoustic Sessions"

1996-02-00       *DAT14-02                       {State of Love & Trust}= 

MISSING. Box: "ANNO'S TAPE – The Acoustic Sessions"

1996-02-00       *DAT14-01                       {Rocking in the Free World}=NY 

MISSING. Box: "ANNO'S TAPE – The Acoustic Sessions"

1996-02-00       *DAT04-00 


1996-02-00       *DAT02-00 

"Greatest Mixes" Fire Girl ...

1996-02-00       B13                                   {My Green Day} 

Chord cycles

1996-02-00       *DAT14-05                       {Broken Angel}©R?? 

MISSING. Box: "ANNO'S TAPE – The Acoustic Sessions"

1996-02-07       $8MM091 

Ned's 11th birthday (Anno) & 1st video tape.

1996-02-08*     SS77-1 

Holland Park: Math (Ms Whitton): “Alex, - I’m extremely sorry, but your book is a total mess ...”

1996-02-15       SS77-2 

Holland Park: Math (Ms Whitton): “Alex, much better - well done!”

1996-02-21*     Z432/3                               {Damian} 

Anno’s print out from OLD file

1996-02-26*     EE299 

Fax to AB: "I would come up to Wales on Friday but I have a practice & it seems a hike. Love Anno (without Alex's accent)" + drawing of weed

1996-02-27*     EE300/01 

Fax to AB: "I also asked about a joystick, and they have an amazing one for £40. If you think I'm being monstrously greedy then ..." + drawing of weed

1996-03-00       B19                                   {Butterflies} 

Chord cycles

1996-03-00*     A05                                   {Butterflies} 

Chord changes

1996-03-00*     A08                                   {Me} 

Chord changes

1996-03-00       EE734 

AB to Anno about leaving ALS for Holland Park ...

1996-03-00       SS77-3 

Doodles: Midstream, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Black Crowes

1996-03-00       SS77-4 

Drawing: Midstream logo/design. “Midstream are: Alex Birkin (vocals & guitars), Andrew Robertson (guitars), Dave Dymek (Bass), Alex Proner (drums)

1996-03-00       Z025 

Phone numbers

1996-03-00       SS59 

Holland Park: Science (Radiation, EM spectrum)

1996-03-26*     EE305 

School report (Holland Park): Personal/social – "Alex is a very able student with an excellent attitude & not inconsiderable charm. He's a delight to teach ... a credit to Year 10"

1996-03-26*     EE304 

School report (Holland Park): Maths – "Alex is a very capable mathematician ..."

1996-03-26*     EE302 

School report (Holland Park): French/Drama A*

1996-03-26*     EE303 

School report (Holland Park): History

1996-03-26*     EE306 

School report (Holland Park): English/English Lit: "Alex is an excellent student – serious about his work, ironic about himself, downright sarcastic about me. ... His textual understanding is extremely perceptive." (Ian W)

1996-03-26*     EE307 

School report (Holland Park): Science: "Alex has the potential to do extremely well in science."

1996-04-00       *AC16-00 

"The Wales Sessions" ??

1996-04-00       *AC16-00 

"The Wales Sessions" ??

1996-04-00       *AC16-00 

"The Wales Sessions" ??

1996-04-00       *AC16-00 

"The Wales Sessions" ??

1996-04-02*     EE308 

Letter to AB (when about to embark for Irian Jaya): "Have a wonderful time trekking through um jungle. Bring me back... YOU! ALIVE! ... Please prove us all wrong & come back with all your digits & your head. Remember to wear your GOURD ..." xxx more

1996-04-03*     EE309 

Poem to AB: "While trekking through the jungle ... caught by the tree people & thrown into a pot. Then rummaging thru whiteman's bag, and dancing round the fire, all the herbs thrown onto him only made him higher ... REMEMBER YOU'RE WILDER THAN THEY ARE." xxx more

1996-05-00       $DVT501          41:40 

Wales: with Alice, David, Henry, Ned at the top of the little mountain - stills, plus zoom in/out on Tu Hwnt ir Gors. Ends 44:54

1996-05-00       $DVT501          39:44 

Wales: Anno in full scuba gear, jumping into pool - with Alice (also David, Henry, unidentified, Ned)

1996-05-00       $DVT501          38:50 

Wales: Anno filming car coming down drive - “Oy you fuck I’m recording - what’s your problem?!”

1996-05-00*     A09                                   {Communist Hedgehog} 

Chord changes

1996-05-00*     A04                                   {Fire Girl} 

Chord changes

1996-05-00       SS43-01 

Essay: “If I was put in charge of a society, the first thing I’d do is ban all laws.

Along with that I would ban prisons & money. Many people would think I’m a crazy anarchist, but I believe society would sort itself out. I don’t think money is a particularly good idea. Everything gets blown out of proportion & greed strikes. I think we should rely on trade, producing what we’re good at. Look at the Bush people! Idyllically happy, never seen a dollar bill in their life!”

1996-05-08*     Z646 

Film & Fiction: school notes: “What elements are essential to ensure the audience’s attention?” Analysis of “North by Northwest” – the maguffin, the thing upon which the film is hinged.”

1996-05-08*     Z647 

School notes on Metafiction: “It’s writing about writing, it’s a film about a film, it’s fiction about fiction – that calls attention to its fictional status ...”

1996-05-16*     EE310/14 

Essay: "The freezing wind ran through James's hair. He stood, engulfed by the shadow of two massive iron gates." Ends: "NY Police Dept – Mr Birkin found with a fatal head wound, believed to be suicide."

1996-05-18       $DVX07           23:30       {Whale} 

*Anno's Battle of the Bands – this one is for JS – Andrew Robertson (ends @ 28:23, resets to 00:00)

1996-05-18       $DVX07           23:30       {Keep on Rockin} 

*Anno's Battle of the Bands – good SFX – Andrew Robertson

1996-05-18*     $DVX07           00:30 

*Anno's Battle of the Bands – Andrew Robertson, Andy Heynik, Alex on drums, bass ???

1996-05-18       $8MM093-22:16 

*Ned's version of Anno's ASL Battle of the Bands ...

1996-05-18       $DVT501          23:31 

Battle of the Bands - remaining gig - bad version of Butterflies, good Rockin’ in the Free World (+ slomo sfx @36:14). Ends @ 38:41

1996-05-18       $DVT501          14:23       {My Green Day} 

Battle of the Bands, AB’s camera - “Hello folks” @ 16:30; ond theme intro @ 17:38; Anno stops gig @ 18:57, restarts @ 20:06 (on Andrew R @ 20:42) - good slomo sfx ... MGD ends @ 23:30

1996-05-18*     EE316 

Flyer: Battle of the Bands '96 program.

1996-06-00       $DVX07           06:15~ 

Ned filming reptiles – Andrew R ... Railway lines with Ned ...

1996-06-00       $DVX07           03:04~ 

Anno, Ned, Alice, David on mountain ... stills ...

1996-06-00       $DVX07           00:01~ 

Anno making movie in Wales – yells at Ned, "Fuck, what's your problem!" – scuba gear in pool – Alice, David, Henry, ??? Ned

1996-06-00       $DVT501          46:00 

Wales: playing chess (Anno vs Andrew but no faces)

1996-06-00       $DVT501          45:00 

London: Exploring with Ned on railway lines (no Anno)

1996-06-00?     EE333/35 

Essay: "Bullying – The Facts!"

1996-06-00       EE735

Gig list

1996-06-00       EE737 

Chord changes (song ???)

1996-06-00       SS81-1 

Pyramid project: “For my container, I decided to build a wooden pyramid. You may think why? But I have an old Egyptian carving of Anubis ...”

1996-06-00       SS81-2 

Music notes (Abstract music = abstract instrumental music” etc)

1996-06-01       $DVX06-??? 

Anno drunk

1996-06-01       $DVT501          00:00 

Bushy: Anno drunk at Judy’s 80th (9m 24s) - Cat, Henry & George teasing him about Alice, playing guitar alone ...

1996-06-03*     EE315 

AB to Anno: "I've gone up to Wales tonight ... see you Monday in Wales."

1996-06-14*     Z388/9 

Essay: "FACTORY FUN – The truth about factory farming, battery hens & abattoirs."

1996-07-00       $DVT501          53:09 

Wales: Anno and Ned playing chess (edited from DV) - Ned’s bats @ 53:53 - Alex, Anno, JS, Harry & Ned on porch @ 54:07, ends 54:20

1996-07-00       $DVT501          09:24 

Iverna: Lissy, Poppy and Talulah leaving for Spain, Anno & Ned & Bee saying godbye. Ends on Anno’s signatures in cement.

1996-07-00       $DVT501          49:49 

Wales: Ned’s rocket (edited version from DV) Anno with Judy - horse burial @ 52:23

1996-07-00       $DVX07           21:31~ 

Anno & Andrew R playing chess (both off camera)

1996-07-00       Z592 

Track listings for Durango 95 recording: Anno (12 songs: Fearless, Lost & Bewildered, Lay Low, My Green Day, Bite the Bullet, Wicked Dog, Trust, Little Green Man, He’s Back Again, Sasnooine, Lady Pain, Denial.) Billy (8 songs), JS (4 songs) = 25 songs = 12 hours = 4 songs per day = 6-7 Grand – Recording.

1996-07-14*     *CD113-01       03:51       {Butterflies}©R 

Butterflies (original version): "Midstream Falconer" Original Master, t/d from *DAT03

1996-07-14*     *CD113-02       03:17       {My Green Day}©R 

My Green Day: "Midstream Falconer" Original Master, t/d from *DAT03

1996-07-14*     *CD113-04       03:57       {Sasnooine}©R 

Sasnooine (original version): "Midstream Falconer" Original Master, t/d from *DAT03

1996-07-14*     *CD113-03       03:08       {Little Green Man}©R 

Little Green Man: "Midstream Falconer" Original Master, t/d from *DAT03

1996-07-14       *DAT03-00 

"Midstream Falconer" Original Master, t/d to *CD113

1996-07-15*     EE317 

AB to Anno from Sony, purporting to sign him for $300,000 ...

1996-07-17*     EE318 

Contract for the Rock Garden (24 July)


1996-07-17       EE783

Ned fax to Anno:

As Isic Nuton said “If I have seen further than others its because I’ve stoot on the sholders of gints.” I think youve seen 2000000000000000000000 miles ahead!!

PS Compaird to midstream Axel Rose couldn’t see his hand in front of his fase in the middle of the day!!

PPS I asppecaly liked “Little Green Man”

PPPS I think you’re the best band ever!!!

Love Ned xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[Plus amazing drawings]

1996-07-24       $DVT406-9      03:30       {Rocking in the Free World}=NY 

Rock Garden gig. Anno: “We’ve run out of songs.” Long consultation with Alex.

(Song starts @ 33:06, ends @ 36:36 = 3:30)


1996-07-24       $DVT406-10    02:06       {Nirvana???}

Rock Garden gig. Long consultation - “Bear with us” (Song starts @ 38:10, abandoned @ 38:35, restarts @ 38:41, ends @ 40:47 = 2:06)

1996-07-24       $DVT506 

Rock Garden gig

1996-07-24       $DVT406-8      04:14       {Sasnooine} 

Rock Garden gig. “This one - it’s really weird but it’s our favourite song. It’s called Sasnooine - it’s about a journey ... it’s about a journey ...” (Song starts @ 26:26, aborted at 27:00, restarts @ 27:06, ends @ 31:20 = 4:14)

1996-07-24       $DVT406-7      02:38       {Ene’s Song} 

Rock Garden gig. Anno: “We don’t even know this song, fuck playing it.” Pippa: “Stop swearing Anno” - Anno: “We only wrote it today. It’s about a friend of mine - a friend of my mum’s - called Ene.” Where are the words??? Title, “Sorry Angel”??? (Song starts @ 23:12, ends @ 25:50 = 2:38)

1996-07-24       $DVT406-6      03:31       {Little Green Man} 

Rock Garden gig. Ned prompts O/S “Little Green Man” @ 19:10, Anno grins “This song’s for my brother Ned”. Ned (O/S): “Yeesss!” (Starts @ 19:38, ends @ 22:09 = 3:31)

1996-07-24       $DVT406-5      03:01       {Fire Girl} 

Rock Garden gig. “I think this song explains itself actually”. (Starts @ 15:35, ends @ 18:36 = 3:01)

1996-07-24       $DVT406-11    02:57       {State of Love & Trust}=PJ 

Rock Garden gig. Long consultation - “Does everyone want more?” “Yes!” “This one’s by Pearl Jam” (Song starts @ 41:44, ends @ 44:41 = 2:57)

1996-07-24       $DVT406-3      01:39       {Big Me}=FF 

Rock Garden gig - Foo Fighter’s “Being Me” (Ends @ 10:37 = 1:39)

1996-07-24       $DVT406-13    48:15 

Rock garden, post gig - Ned hugs Anno @ 49:23, kisses lens @ 50:24, with Chris, sits drinking @ 50:36 till 50:54. Anno & Phoenix girls @ 51:15, ends @ 51:25.

1996-07-24       $DVT406-4      03:33       {Butterflies} 

Rock Garden gig. “This song didn’t go too well last time” (Starts @ 11:30, ends @ 15:03 = 3:33)

1996-07-24       $DVT406-2      2:04         {Tornado} 

Rock Garden gig: “This next song’s called “Tornado”. I wrote it because some people said I was like one.” (Song starts @ 6:31, ends @ 8:27 = 2:04 )

1996-07-24       $DVT406          48:15 

Amsterdam - footage of streets - our hotel - much more footage on original tape (greenery theme) - stones - tram lines etc

1996-07-24       $DVT406-1      04:11       {My Green Day} 

Rock Garden gig. “This song’s called My Green Day” - (Ends @ 5:53 = 4:11)

1996-07-24       $DVT406-12    02:03       {Metaphor} 

Rock Garden gig. Further consultation - “This one’s called Metaphor” (Song starts @ 46:10, ends with “Life is ... oh shit” @ 48:13 = 2:03). “Hey that’s it, we didn’t write any more.” Big applause ... thanks a lot ...

1996-07-24       AA20 

Band passes for Midstream @ the Rock Garden

1996-07-24*     EE319 

Flyer/ticket: Rock Garden, 24 July

1996-07-30*     EE320 

Flyer/ticket: Rock Garden, 30 July

1996-07-30       EE770/EE770A 

Bee fax to Anno: “I just want you to know how incredibly proud of you I am ... I have absolute faith you can pull it off – and do justice to these weeks of practice & writing, I think you are a gifted musician and a true poet. ... Have fun in Amsterdam.”

1996-08-00?     EE768 

Bee fax to Anno: “Writing that other fax broke my heart ... If I can see you before Amsterdam for my hug.” (Which visit???)

1996-08-07*     EE321 

Letter to Poppy from Wales: "Hello Poppy! My big 2yr old Poppy!! How R U? I can just imagine you wandering about the house, acting a queen! I'm sorry I forgot your birthday, but no one has any concept of time up here – we're all lost in our* film. (*me, Neil & JS)"

1996-08-23?     EE767 

Bee fax to Anno & AB (as A2) in Amsterdam re Alex P - “Hillary loved your tape, Anno”

1996-08-24*     EE294 

Fax to Bee from Amsterdam (with AB): "We were in a dump but no longer. We have moved to a cheap but nice hotel. Life is great." [fax dated 1995???]

1996-09-00       $8MM096 

Ma's burnt house; Anno's 1st gig at the Rock Garden; Amsterdam with Anno & Alex.

1996-09-00       $8MM095 

Phoenix (bungee jumps); Ned & Alfie's film; Rapta's 3rd birthday; Cornwall; Phoenix with Anno, David & Lou.

1996-09-00       SS53 

Holland Park: French (with West of Wednesday lyrics)

1996-09-02*     EE322 

BB: Snake Ranch prices

1996-09-05*     SS78 

Science, Chemistry. Litvin, 11.9. “Very neat! WOW!”

1996-09-19*     SS80 

Math, with drawings

1996-09-20*     SS79 

French, with lyrics (?) On cover, poem (quote?): “You can let yourself go on the

303 ...”

1996-09-21*     EE323 

AB fax to Anno, re trekking with Indians in USA: "Would you like to do this next summer?"

1996-09-27*     SS78-2 

Drawing: E=mc2, yin/yang, infinity “It might be best to be AMBIGUOUS”

1996-10-00       *CD113-05 

Anno phone call to dope dealer Acki, then Alex P & JS                                                03:53

1996-10-00       A11/12 

Album design, Temple

1996-10-00       A14 


1996-10-00*     A03                                   {Crazy Energy} 

Chord changes

1996-10-00       A01 

"Shout at Ned"

1996-10-00       A16 

[Ben Harper]:

Let us burn one from end to end

And pass it over to me my friend

burn it long, but burn it slow

to light me up before I go.


If you don't like my fire then don't come around,

Cause I'm gonna burn one down.


 [Ben Harper???. Titled “Burn One Down”]



1996-10-00       A17 


1996-10-00       A02 

Song list: Greedy Gun, West of Wednesday &c

1996-10-00       SS80-2 

Drawing: Moonwatcher, with logos for Slipstream (=Midstream)

1996-10-00       SS82 

Exercise book, empty except for nervous doodle: “£200 - 0171 967 6176" - Acky???

1996-10-00       SS80-4 

Drawings: logo designs for Slipstream, Green Day etc. “Never odd or even.”

1996-10-00       Z648/649 

Hansel & Gretel: Anno's outline – Ian W: "Terrific!"

1996-10-02*     EE324 

Flyer/ticket: Rock Garden, 2 October

1996-10-17*     SS80-1 

Drawing: graphic 3D!

1996-11-00       B01 

Phone numbers

1996-11-00       A18/19 

Drawing: Totem

1996-11-00       A20/22 


1996-12-09?     EE325A 

Letter to AB: “Dear Papa, thank you so much for the music program & Willy Burroughs’ CD. And, of course, your generous donation. It was lovely to see you and I’m all too sad to see you go so soon .... ❛  TEAR!!

This tape is just a few of my songs recorded on the DAT (except for #1, which is on um 8 track). It’s not very good, but is okay.

All my love, and much more ... Anno xxx

[AB has original in his travel thing]

1996-12-09       16 

=Anno's 16th birthday

1996-12-09       Z022 

Drawing: black holes beckoning (similar to AB’s birthday drawing)

1996-12-31*     EE327 

Diary: "DOGS? Got drunk. Very drunk. Waited for 9 yrs in -10°C for a taxi: got home. Got drunk.

1997-00-00       *CD114-06       03:30       {He’s Like Heroin} 

Raging Sea???, t/d from *DAT04 – "Midstream" – JS (& Alex?) jamming – "my life's like a raging sea"

1997-00-00       *CD114-02       04:02       {Mamma}=JS?? 

Mamma??, take #2, t/d from *DAT04 – "Midstream"

1997-00-00       *CD114-01a     05:04       {Mamma}=JS?? 

Mamma??, t/d from *DAT04 – "Midstream" (from 7:00) – with ("Mamma, I'm not like that any more") till 11:54

1997-00-00       *CD114-06a     23:30       {Jam: Gunshot} 

Gunshot in the Head Wound Jam, t/d from *DAT04 – "Midstream" – JS (& Alex?) jamming (from 3:31) ... row with Alex @ 16:12 ... Butterflies @ 19:00

1997-00-00       *CD114-05a     12:30       {He’s Like Heroin}                                     

Anno & others chatting/jamming – into ??? t/d from *DAT04 – "Midstream" – followed by chat (JS???) & ??? "My life's like the raging sea ..." 

1997-00-00       *CD114-03       04:01       {Butterflies} 

Butterflies (muffled vocals), t/d from *DAT04- "Midstream"

1997-00-00       B15                                   {Red River} 

Chord cycles

1997-00-00       EE360 

Song structure – "I'm all time the boy – most sublime"

1997-00-00       EE358 

Music notation

1997-00-00       EE357 

Music notation

1997-00-00       EE736 

“This is a dissident”

1997-00-00       EE359 

Song structure – "The faster you ... commonplace & clear" etc

1997-00-00       EE361 

Music notes (Palestrina, Bartok)

1997-00-00       SS50 

Holland Park: Math

1997-00-00       SS64/65 

Holland Park: English folder

1997-00-00?     Z003 


Euler’s equation:


eπi + 1 = 0

eπi = -1 ...

∴ 1 = 0 ...


 In conclusion ...

BOB = 7



1997-00-00       SS67 

Holland Park: English folder (Othello/Wuthering Heights/Fitzgerald)

1997-00-00       SS48 

Holland Park: Psychology syllabus + blue folder

1997-00-00       SS46 

Holland Park: Psychology

1997-00-00       SS62/63 

Holland Park: Science folder

1997-00-00       SS47 

Holland Park: Psychology folder: many loose essays

1997-00-00       SS66 

Holland Park: English (Baudelaire/Auden/Rimbaud quotes)

1997-00-00       SS51 

Holland Park: Math folder

1997-00-00       SS60/61 

Holland Park: Science folder

1997-00-00?     Z537 

Music notes/notation – James Bond – Fearless &c

1997-00-00       Z113A 

Anno signatures, + Billy

1997-00-00?     Z538 

Music notation notes

1997-00-00?     Z496 

Storyline: "Writer/famous person says he doesn't mind dying so long as he can talk to the killer first. Proposition: move in & do it at some unexpected time. Moves in. Cold feet. Police. Dead."

1997-00-00?     Z568 

Phone numbers + FUCK YOU

1997-00-00?     Z577 

Drawing: s/one asleep on corner sofa

1997-00-00?     Z574 

“Drummer urgently needed for gigging/recording. 5 piece. Described labelled by T[ime] O[ut] as “Punk/Pop”. Small album deal. Demo available on request.”

1997-00-00?     Z554                                  {Wicked} 

Song structure: Wicked

1997-00-00?     Z552 

Song structure: Sinking Feeling [Billy]

1997-00-00?     Z551 

Song structure: Pink [Billy]

1997-00-00?     Z547 

Music notes – "counterpoint – tunes weaving in & out"

1997-01-01*     EE327 

Diary: "I feel sick. Very sick. Only woke at 4:00.

Too late for Catacombs or Pere Lachaise – too much alcohol."

1997-01-02*     EE327 

Diary: "Went to Pere Lachaise. Found Jim, not Oscar. Left for London."

1997-01-03*     EE327 

Diary: "Must have been boring. NO! Andy's leaving party."

1997-01-04*     EE327 

Diary: "I'm feeling quite ill. Must be all the cigarettes. I'm on 40 a day. Shit!"

1997-01-05*     EE327 

Diary: "I'm feeling worse. I've thrown up everything I've eaten in 9 yrs."

1997-01-06*     EE327a 

Diary: "Couldn't hack school, I was too ill. Worse today. I fear it's not getting better yet. Didn't sleep last night."

1997-01-07*     EE327a 

Diary: "Went to the doc today, I'm on all sorts of mad shit. Inhalers, antibiotics, vitamins. I still feel bad."

1997-01-08*     EE327a 

Diary: "Getting WORSE" (end of diary) 

1997-01-14*     SS84 

History: US, the Great Depression, New Deal, Roosevelt

1997-01-21*     SS83-1 

Essay on variation – Anno has written “good graph” under his graph, to which Litvin has written “Really?!”

1997-01-21*     SS83 

Science, Litvin – 11.9 Warwick – biology, evolution, extinction, the environment (very good diagrams)

1997-01-24*     SS83-2 

Essay on Genes & Chromosomes. Anno has written “A* good boy.” Litvin has circled it in red with ?!

1997-01-26*     SS83-3/4 

Essay on Signing the Suicide Note – Pick ‘n mix People? “I want to start off by saying that if I wrote a full debate, it would be forty pages long, and I don’t have time.” To which Litvin has written “Why not...?”!

1997-01-30*     EE328 

AB fax to Anno with Blake quotes – "Prisons are built with stones of law,

Brothels with bricks of religion."

1997-02-00       AA16 

Drawing: Sasnooine doodle

1997-02-00       AA16 

"We are desperately retarded"

1997-02-00       AA18 

Running order: Pink, Fearless, Denial &c

1997-02-00?     EE336 

School: design for Anno's box.

1997-02-00       AA15                                {Camphor} 

Song structure (for Camphor?)

1997-02-00       AA17 

Song list/running order:

My Green Day  Anno

Little Green Man                        Anno

Sasnooine         Anno

Bite the Bullet   Anno

Pink                  Billy & J.S

Wax Monkeys  Anno

Fearless             Anno

Blazing Nero    Anno & J.S

He’s Back Again                        Anno

Sinking FeelingBilly (Anno)

Lost & Bewildered                     Anno

Jagged               Anno

Lady Pain         Anno

 &c with credits [add]

1997-02-06*     SS83-4a 

Essay on harmful genes, 10/10 - GOOD!, and a 2nd, 8/8 – good!

1997-02-06*     Z549/Z550 


We are alone in here, and we are dead. Outside life soothes the aching backs of trees. Occasionally a shimmer seeps through the crack in the jarred window and rolls onto the floor, illuminating the dust and rejected lung particles. There is a boy beside me. He looks bored. He must be bored. Bored and dead. This room is the epitome of perpetual boredom. Boredom’s not just a word, nor a description, nor an emotion. No, in my world, boredom is an immense dragon. The pungent stench of arrogance and stupidity emanates from its running orifices. He searches the room, devouring all forms of desire and imagination. I cannot think, for boredom has devoured me alongside them. I know his cancerous tongue, and I feel it planting its saliva onto my cheek, leaving the contagious nausea to infect all those who think.


Over to my left, two acquaintances. Both engulfed in their books, like I’ve never seen. Maybe they’re trying to hide from him? Ha! Don’t get too happy boys, he’ll get you, just wait a couple of pages, you’ll see. Yet, how I envy them. They don’t blink. They are living their books as their books are living them. I wish I could do the same. To leave this room just for a second. This room where I see my self in everyone’s eyes. Everything is a reflection, an image, a foul and pestilent regurgitation. I eat it, it eats me. It tastes so strongly of the sour repetitiveness of boredom.


There is a group of people on the other side of the room, who fail to flare my imagination. Flare?! They don’t even glow in this black hole, lined w/ a sticky film of saliva. They simply stick to the walls, emitting their own foul odour.


Someone approached me today, called me ‘strange’. I think ‘freak’ is more of an appropriate word. I’d do anything to be different to them. I would devour unborn serpents just to distance myself from them. Just a few inches, to stop myself from being snagged on their unshaven words. I have learned to loathe society, as it loathes me. Rejecting my convoluted mind. I offer it nothing, and it offers the same in return, if not less.


Boredom is an assistant to loneliness, her sidekick. As Jean-Paul Sartre said, we must keep doing the unpredictable to prove to ourselves that we are human. Rational, thinking beings. Well, I’m human and I know it. I take loneliness as my bride. Embrace her, hold her, let her eat me, so that I may always feel her icy breath on my neck, her stinging, frostbitten presence running through my veins.


Take me.


Loneliness is a whore, it preys on the bored and offers to them its gorgeous body, wrapped in an enigma, and bound in the membrane of time.



1997-02-07*     SS86-1 

Drawings: Forces: Magnetic, gravity, friction etc (!!)

1997-02-07*     SS85 

French exercise book - basic listening (oral)

1997-02-09       SS83-5*** 

Drawing: “The Hunter” – Litvin: “Wicked ideas! (But you have only done ½ the work) 4/7.

1997-02-09       SS83-6 

Essay on The Hunter to accompany drawing, Anno’s ultimate eating machine.

1997-02-14*     SS45 

Holland Park: History: Super Power relations - origins of cold war, Germany, Truman doctrine/Marshall plan/Korea/NATO/Warsaw Pact/Cold War/Vietnam/Arms Race

1997-02-14*     Z553 

Song structure: Midstream [Billy]

1997-02-17*     SS86 

Science - physics, forces, improving soil, pressure, car crashes ...

1997-02-22*     AA19 

AB fax: Walt Whitman poems

1997-02-22       Z150 

Drawing: crucifix reflection

1997-03-00       $DVX16           03-00:00~                                                                    

Anno's T Rex animation

1997-03-00       *AC20-00 

Durango 95: America, A's & D's, Red River MISSING

1997-03-00       SS83-9 

Drawing: Nitrogen Cycle (with bolt of lightening!)

1997-03-00       SS83-7 

Drawing: logo: The EnvirOnment.

1997-03-00       SS83-8 

Drawing: Carbon Cycle

1997-03-00       SS83-10 

Drawing: T Rex eating Extinction

1997-03-18*     SS86-2 

Drawing: Man flattened by gravity!

1997-03-18*     SS86-5/6 

Drawing: Anno’s ultra safe car - air bags etc – effect of wet roads & fog ...

1997-03-18*     SS86-4 

Drawing: Pressure: shark in pool!

1997-03-20       SS86-7 

Drawing: Machines: mad car design

1997-03-20*     SS86-3 

Drawing: Stopping distance between car and man

1997-03-21*     EE329 

BB: Typhoid/Hepatitis jabs

1997-03-22       SS86-8 

Drawing: Snake’s head (on back of exercise book)

1997-03-26?     =PP2-09 

Egypt (Arrive – Arabic date???)

1997-03-30*     EE330 

Scuba log (Egypt)

1997-03-31*     EE331 

 Scuba log (Egypt): "worst dive of my life – bruise on my head the size of grapefruit"

1997-04-00       EE333A-1/5 

Written on the back of 4 Egyptian postcards:

I’ll drink a toxin from the mind of my brother = Satan. I’ll take his hand; please close it round my throbbing throat! Drain what passion you may find, and in it wash away your sins. Ah! Frightful Satan, don’t let my scars of joy repent your evil tongue. Your saliva will dilute my strength until it is no more than a whisper. And in the whisper, hear your hideous laughter, like the plagued cry of a twitching monkey. And in the inners of this cackling fiend, you may find in dire time my box of confessions. Wrapped in its sticky membrane and resembling a cold, flaccid embryo. And in my box, like in the embryo, there is the unborn. Vulnerable. The smell of innocence. In this I fear you may find the world, our greed & fetish for the things to which we cling see us! See us dear Satan. See how we are prisoners of our own devices, Relayers of our mistakes. We lie – dead, bloated, prisoners of our own inhibitions pregnant with our inhibitions. The seed of normality has infected me, impregnated me. Now I hold this fiend deep in my belly. It kicks my womb. Go deeper still, watch this vile birth – the rancid child. His foreskin reeks of lust & envy. See the world now! Cursed! It must bear this hideous affliction. His feces is our ground. His urine our oceans. And his vomit, reeking of salt ridden denial: the toxin I have drunk. The toxin on which I now drink. It upsets my fragile stomach. I exhale the fumes of dire madness. This great combustion! And on the wing of night it rides. It cuts through the air like a serpent cuts through water. The serpent is my God! It is my doing! My undoing!

It is MY WAY.

1997-04-02*     EE332 

Scuba log (Egypt)

1997-04-03*     EE332A 

Scuba log (Egypt)

1997-04-04       =PP2-09 

Egypt (leave – Arabic date???)

1997-04-17*     EE340 

School assessment: "Always makes an outstanding effort and produces work of an exceptional standard ... never distracted from the task in hand ... an exemplary student."

1997-04-22*     EE345 

School report (History): "Written work always displays a refreshing originality of thought."

1997-04-22*     EE341 

School report (English): "Alex is a natural writer who endlessly experiments with ideas and language and questions texts very effectively. He has a shrewd understanding of motivation and his analytic work is idiosyncratic, funny and involving. ... An absolute joy to teach." (Ian W)

1997-04-22*     EE343 

School report (Maths): "Excellent – it has been a pleasure teaching Alex."

1997-04-22*     EE345 

School report/grades

1997-04-22*     EE342 

School report (French): "Excellent – well done Alex"

1997-04-22*     EE344 

School report (Music): "Plays with sensitivity, care & conviction. His perseverance is highly commendable. He has an excellent understanding of a variety of musical styles & genres. ... A pleasure working with him."

1997-05-00       *CD112-02       3:20^       {Bite the Bullet} 

Bite the Bullet (ctd from previous track), t/d from *DAT02 – "Acoustic Shit". Ends with Anno’s sharp cough, “Naaoh!” – more coughing – then “This song’s called “My Lady Pain” ...

1997-05-00       *CD112-01       3:20^       {Bite the Bullet} 

Bite the Bullet, t/d from *DAT02 – "Acoustic Shit"

1997-05-00       *CD114-01       07:00       {Bite the Bullet}©R 

Bite the Bullet, t/d from *DAT04 – "Midstream"

1997-05-00       *CD112-04       02:41       {He's Back Again} 

He's Back Again, t/d from *DAT02 – "Acoustic Shit"

1997-05-00       *CD112-06       4:40-       {Lay Low}X 

Lay Low, take #2, t/d from *DAT02 – "Acoustic Shit" – aborts abruptly at 4:40, followed by Anno on phone: "Hello?" (ends @ 4:44)

1997-05-00       *CD112-03       03:26       {My Lady Pain}©R 

My Lady Pain, t/d from *DAT02 – "Acoustic Shit"

1997-05-00       $DVX05???      25:37 

Anno & Ned playing chess

1997-05-00       $DVV???-16:54 

Ned, Ma, Anno: Shuttle launch

1997-05-00       *CD114-04       04:02       {No One Else???} 

t/d from *DAT04 – "Midstream" ("voices in my head" – long instrumental)

1997-05-00       *CD112-05       05:26       {Lay Low} 

Lay Low, take #1, t/d from *DAT02 – "Acoustic Shit"

1997-05-00       *DAT02-00 

"Acoustic Shit", t/d to *CD112

1997-05-00       *DAT05-00 

"Anno & Billy: Acoustic sessions 1997", t/d to *CD115

1997-05-00?     Z576 

Song List: West of Wednesday, Acid Rain, Corners & Curbs &c.

1997-06-00       *CD115-01       03:21       {Warm December} 

Warm December, t/d from *DAT05 (same as *MD03??)

1997-06-00       *CD115-02                       {Friends} 

Friends, t/d from *DAT05 (same as *MD03??)-04:26 

1997-06-00       *CD115-03       05:37       {Lay Low} 

Lay Low, t/d from *DAT05 (same as *MD03??)

1997-06-00       *CD115-04       04:46       {Windowsill} 

Windowsill, t/d from *DAT05 (same as *MD03??)

1997-06-00       *CD115-05       02:30       {Midstream}=B 

Midstream, t/d from *DAT05

1997-06-00       *CD115-06       05:30       {Wicked}©R 

Wicked, t/d from *DAT05

1997-06-00       *CD115-07       05:10       {You Know the Sun}©R 

You Know the Sun, t/d from *DAT05

1997-06-00       *CD115-08       06:04       {Midstream}=B 

Midstream, t/d from *DAT05 (ends with piggy snorts) – Billy

1997-06-00       *CD115-09       03:30       {Midstream}=B 

Midstream, t/d from *DAT05 (Anno/JS? Start: "His nose was like a penis" + snarl)

1997-06-00       *CD115-10       03:15       {Midstream}=B 

Midstream, t/d from *DAT05 (Anno chat @ start & end)

1997-06-00       *CD115-11       03:21       {Wicked} 

Wicked, t/d from *DAT05 – Anno: Fuck! "it was generally a fuck up"

1997-06-00       *CD115-13       05:03       {Wicked} 

Wicked (with Billy descant in b/g), t/d from *DAT05 (tape runs out just before end)

1997-06-00       *CD115-12       07:14       {Wicked} 

Wicked, t/d from *DAT05 – ends @ 6:44 – "don't step on that coke" – Anno/JS

1997-06-00?     *MD01-01        02:30       {A's & D's}=B 

Durango '95: Crank Demo (Billy)

1997-06-00?     *MD01-02        02:24       {America}=JS 

Durango '95: Crank Demo

1997-06-00       BB21 

Drawing: Now back to Oxford

1997-06-00       *CD119-01       04:00       {Red River #1} 

Red River (t/d from *DAT09) Crank Studios?

1997-06-00       *DAT12-05                       {My Green Day} 


1997-06-00       *DAT12-02                       {Look} 


1997-06-00       *DAT12-01                       {Polly}=B 


1997-06-00       *DAT11-01      03:52       {Float Away} 

MISSING. Box: "Anno & Billy – Acoustic – 1997" (with timings)

1997-06-00       *CD119-02       04:01       {Red River #1} 

Red River (t/d from *DAT09) Crank Studios?

1997-06-00       *DAT12-03                       {I'll Fly to You} 


1997-06-00       *DAT12-04                       {Me} 


1997-06-00       *CD119-06       02:22       {America}=JS 

America (t/d from *DAT09) Crank Studios?

1997-06-00?     *MD01-03        03:58       {Red River #1}©R 

Durango '95: Crank Demo

1997-06-00       *CD119-05       02:32       {A's & D's}=B 

As&Ds (t/d from *DAT09) Crank Studios?

1997-06-00       *CD119-04       02:34       {A's & D's}=B 

As&Ds (t/d from *DAT09) Crank Studios?

1997-06-00       *CD119-03       02:32       {A's & D's}=B 

As&Ds (t/d from *DAT09) Crank Studios?

1997-06-00       BB18 

Drawing: doodle

1997-06-00?     Z567 

Song list for Durango 95 (Fearless, Moonlight, My Green Day &c]

1997-07-00       D06 

Song list: Midstream, Red River, Pink, Pollyanna, Foetal Position &c

1997-07-00       B11                                   {Fearless} 

Chord cycles

1997-07-00       D04 

"Billy!! My mother's return"

1997-07-00       D01 

School: Schizophrenia notes

1997-07-00       Z423                                  {Bother} 

Chords for Bother

1997-07-01       B02a 

Notes: New York 25 Oct – 2nd Nov £300

1997-07-01*     B17                                   {New Morning} 

Chord cycles

1997-07-02       B09 

Untitled (bars)

1997-08-00?     EE347 

Card to AB: "To Dady Ì there's nobody quite like you. Thank you... Anno ÌÌÌ" (very kitsch!)

1997-08-00       B22 


1997-08-00       B21 

Gig covers

1997-08-00*     EE337 

AB to Anno, Haut Brion '61 "to celebrate your disastrous triumph or triumphant disaster, whatever ... with all my love & admiration, Andrew"

1997-08-00       D08 

"Welcome home Anno!"

1997-08-00       D09 

Cross-cultural studies

1997-08-00       D10 

Cross-cultural studies

1997-08-00       D12 

Durango 95 artwork

1997-08-00       D13 

Titles: West of Wednesday, New Morning

1997-08-00       BB26 

Drawing: face

1997-08-00       BB25 

Drawing: loony faces

1997-08-00       BB24 

Drawing: faces

1997-08-00       BB30 

Drawing: enigmatic air ball among bamboos

1997-08-00*     EE738 

Haut Brion label from bottle AB gave to Anno after finishing his GCSEs

1997-09-00?     $DVX17           08:29 

*Midstream: Anno, Dan Durnin, Alex & Billy @ Nefyn

1997-09-00?     *MD04-02-2     04:55       {Sasnooine} 

Sasnooine (starts @ 12:12, ends @ 17:07)

1997-09-00?     *MD04-02-1     12:10       {Acid Rain} 

Acid Rain, 2nd version "Black on grey, shadowed by a paler shade of 12" (ends @ 12:10)


1997-09-00       AA01 

Notebook cover with stickers of Cobain, Jim M, Pearl Jam, Clockwork Orange, Smashing Pumpkins

1997-09-00?     *MD04-01        03:18       {Craven Image #1} 

Anno, version of Craven Image

1997-09-00?     *MD04-04 

Anno talking with JS (mono) [@ 18:08]     00:22

1997-09-00?     *MD04-04-5     04:52       {Acid Rain} 

Acid Rain, (mono) [@ 18:30]

1997-09-00?     *MD04-02-3     08:00       {Trust} 

Trust (Billy) [starts @ 17:07, ends @ 26:00]

1997-09-00?     *MD04-03        04:56       {Configuration} 

Configuration (stereo)

1997-09-00?     *MD04-04-1     04:47       {Configuration} 

Configuration, acoustic (mono) [words differ]

1997-09-00?     *MD04-04-2     04:27       {Sasnooine} 

Sasnooine, acoustic *** (mono) [@ 04:49, till 9:07]

1997-09-00?     *MD04-04 

Anno talking (mono) [@ 13:36] 00:14

1997-09-00?     *MD04-04-3     04:20       {Butterflies} 

Butterflies, acoustic (mono) [@ 09:16]

1997-09-00?     *MD04-04-4     05:29       {Trust} 

Trust, acoustic (mono) [@ 13:50]

1997-09-00?     *MD04-04-6     04:11       {Acid Rain} 

Acid Rain, acoustic, Anno talking/singing with JS (mono) [starts @ 23:36]

1997-09-00?     F14/16 

Music history notes

1997-09-00?     F18 

Drawing: devil with trident

1997-09-00?     F17 

Great Gatsby notes

1997-09-00?     F04/13 

Music theory notes

1997-09-00       Z630 

Drawing: "Locust 1" – biology drawing – "well done"

1997-09-00       Z631 

Drawing: "Straited muscle" – smudged, like Black Hole beckoning

1997-09-00       Z632 

Drawing: "Darth Vader (The Bone)" – signed Pablo Picasso

1997-09-27*     SS47-02 

Essay: Are Homosexuals born or made? Jung report

1997-10-00       *CD116-01 

Phone call to Tristan re dope dealer Acky – Anno: "I do have a crew" (6:20)

1997-10-00       *MD01-17                        {Hopeless Wanker}=JS 

Live @ the Orange. JS: "Hopeless wanker" + Declan’s unscheduled solo [same as *CD120-06]-08:02


1997-10-00       E01                                                                                                        AB087-1-1


A day, not quite.

Not enough – this time,

this time is getting hot,

careful 'cause it might just get

on top of you.

The nights we own are few and far between.

Where are you tonight?

Where have you been?

20 nights?



1997-10-00       *MD01-04        02:33       {America}=JS 

Live @ the Orange

1997-10-00       *MD01-05        03:52       {Fearless}©R 

Live @ the Orange

1997-10-00       *MD01-06        02:58       {My Hyacinth}=JS 

Live @ the Orange ("wait for it")

1997-10-00       *MD01-07        03:47       {Pink}=B 

Live @ the Orange (Billy)

1997-10-00       *MD01-08        03:02       {Enemies}=JS 

Live @ the Orange (ends "mother fuckers!")

1997-10-00?     B20 

Nefyn gig, songs

1997-10-00       *MD01-09        00:42       {Midstream}=B 

Live @ the Orange (instrumental intro to)

1997-10-00       *MD01-12        04:14       {Sweet Jane}=LR 

Live @ the Orange (+ intro to L Reed's Sweet Jane) [abrupt end]

1997-10-00       *MD01-10        02:33       {Midstream}=B 

Live @ the Orange

1997-10-00       *DAT06-00                       {Polly}=B 

"Phone Calls '97" Anno re dope dealer Acky, t/d to *CD116

1997-10-00       *MD01-11        04:05       {Sasnooine} 

Live @ the Orange: JS "through the pancreas!"

1997-10-00       FF04 

Durango '95 – song list

1997-10-00       F22 

English notes on The Great Gatsby

1997-10-00       Z644

Notes about English: "Words are not crystal – transparent & solid. Rather they are a beam of light which change in the angles and sunlight, change in meaning & environment." (Anno???)

1997-10-00       Z643 

Auden quote "He was my North, my South, my East, my West,

My working week, my Sunday rest." + quotes by Baudelaire, Rimbaud &c. (on the back of a yellow English school notebook)

1997-10-02       AA20 

Band passes for Midstream @ the Rock Garden

1997-10-05*     EE338 

Flyer/ticket: Durango '95 @ the Orange

1997-10-05*     FF02 

Song List "Orange 5/10/97": America, Fearless, Moonlight, Butterflies, A's & D's, My Hyacinth, Pink, Red River, Enemies of the peace, Midstream, Sasnooine.

"Possible Dublin Castle Nov '97" plus list

1997-10-17*     EE753A 

Richard III, Act 1, marked up by Anno

1997-11-00       *CD117-02       03:17       {Little Green Man} 

Little Green Man (t/d from *DAT07)

1997-11-00       *CD117-01       04:10       {Alone}©R 

Alone ??? "I am alone ... rip tide"

1997-11-00       *CD117-03       03:43       {West of Wednesday} 

West of Wednesday (t/d from *DAT07)

1997-11-00       *CD117-12       02:32       {Black Dog}©R 

Black Dog (t/d from *DAT07)

1997-11-00       *CD117-12a     04:13       {West of Wednesday}©R 

West of Wednesday (t/d from *DAT07) starts @ 2:56

1997-11-00       *CD117-05       06:16       {Funeral Blues}©R 

Funeral Blues – words by W H Auden (t/d from *DAT07) – 2 takes, 1st ends at 3:00

1997-11-00       *CD117-06       03:11       {Funeral Blues} 

Funeral Blues – words by W H Auden (t/d from *DAT07)

1997-11-00       *CD117-11       04:29       {New Morning}©R 

New Morning (t/d from *DAT07) [starts @ 1:26 after false start]

1997-11-00       *CD117-10       04:55       {New Morning} 

New Morning (t/d from *DAT07)

1997-11-00       *CD117-09       04:44       {Indo-China} 

Indo-China (t/d from *DAT07) Take #1 abandons @ 0:49

1997-11-00       *CD117-08       05:30       {Indo-China} 

Indo-China (t/d from *DAT07)

1997-11-00       *CD117-04       04:24       {Indo-China}©R 

Indo-China (t/d from *DAT07) – ends with phone ring

1997-11-00       *CD117-13       04:16       {Blazing Nero}X=©R=+JS 

Blazing Nero (t/d from *DAT07) after false start (& Anno breathing out smoke): 0:23, aborts @ 3:00.

Blazing Nero #2 starts @ 3:08. Track length: 07:24. Take #2 timing =

1997-11-00       *CD117-14       05:04       {He's Back Again}©R 

He's Back Again (t/d from *DAT07)

1997-11-00       *CD117-07       04:47       {Indo-China} 

Indo-China (t/d from *DAT07)

1997-11-00       FF12 

Message for Bee re photos

1997-11-00       FF13 

Acid Rain: Alex – drums, Andy – sax, Neill – keyboard ...

1997-11-00       FF27 

Drawing: howling face

1997-11-00       FF14 

Song List: Karma Police, Configuration, Riot, Masters of War

1997-11-00       FF15 

Words to Dylan's Masters of War

1997-11-00       FF09 

Song list: Acid Rain, Config, Rabid Angel &c

1997-11-00       FF16 

Song list on wine-stained page

1997-11-00       FF17 

Drawing: "Humans in the year 4207 on LSD and Ecstasy. Looks like evolution got its revenge for the years of pollution. Ha, ha, ha!" (Billy?)

1997-11-00       FF18 

Notes about who has emotional problems

1997-11-00       FF19 

Drawing: Shell doodle, with words to Karma Police: Arrest this man

1997-11-00       FF21 

Drawing: skeletons

1997-11-00       FF23 

Drawing: dinosaurs, T Rex etc

1997-11-00       FF25 

Drawing: boy & sunset

1997-11-00       FF26 

Letter from Dan Heath to Anno

1997-11-00       FF24 

Drawing: porno poses (by Anno and others)

1997-11-00?     Z559                                  {Lay Low} 

Song structure for Lay Low

1997-11-00?     Z557                                  {Lay Low} 

Chords for Lay Low???

1997-11-00       Z695 

Lyrics to Dylan’s Idiot Wind in Anno’s handwriting

1997-11-05       SS2-4-1 

Fox English e/book – dragons, houses falling down, bonfire night, toy museum visit & train ... + drawings

1997-11-06*     EE766/EE766A 

Essay: T S Eliot’s preludes, with Ian W’s markings/comments. Original on Anno’s laptop; see: Anno’s laptop/A’s/Warwick/English

1997-11-09*     EE352 

Guest list for the Orange (Dan H on bongos)

1997-11-09*     EE351 

Contract for the Orange (22 December)

1997-11-20~     SS4-2 

Fox English e/book – "Me in Space" – visit to Saturn & riding the ring like a helter-skelter – "brilliant, what a wonderful story"

1997-11-21       SS4-3 

Fox English e/book – David's birthday; pirate captain, drawing of Titanic; Creep Show Two, + drawings

1997-12-00       EE355                               {Acid Rain} 

Acid Rain structure

1997-12-06*     EE348 

Flyer/ticket: Durango '95 @ the Hope & Anchor

1997-12-06*     EE339 

Flyer/ticket: Durango '95 @ the Hope & Anchor

1997-12-06*     EE349 

Flyer/ticket: Durango '95 @ the Hope & Anchor

1997-12-09       *AC17-00 

"Silly Stuff" MISSING (track list 13 songs}

1997-12-09       17 

=Anno's 17th birthday

1997-12-09       EE377 

Andrew Robertson birthday card to Anno + AB

1997-12-09?     EE743 

Ma to Anno & AB, birthday card

1997-12-14*     EE350 

Charles? PC to Anno: "Stoned again"

1997-12-20       Z573 

Song list; Durango 95 at the Orange (America, My Hyacinth, Red River, A's & D's &c)

1997-12-22       *CD120-03 

Junk: Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10)                                          03:57


1997-12-22       *CD120-04       05:09       {Pink}=B 

Pink: Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10)

1997-12-22       *CD120-05       03:44       {Fearless} 

Fearless: Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10), followed by intro by JS

1997-12-22       *CD120-06       07:44       {Hopeless Wanker}=JS 

Hopeless Wanker (JS): Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10) with Declan's solo (drop out at 7:30???) [same as *MD01-17] (CD701-16)

1997-12-22       *CD120-02       04:57       {America}=JS 

America: Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10)

1997-12-22       *CD120-07       03:33       {A's & D's}=B 

As&Ds Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10), ends @ 02:16, followed by JS haranguing audience

1997-12-22       *CD120-08       04:22       {My Hyacynth}=JS 

My Hyacynth: Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10)

1997-12-22       *CD120-09       02:59       {My Green Day} 

My Green Day: Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10), followed by Anno chat

1997-12-22       *CD120-10       05:18       {Red River #1} 

Red River: Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10) – abrupt cut out at end???

1997-12-22       *CD120-01 

Sound problems: Live @ the Orange – Durango '95 (t/d from *DAT10)                       04:06

1997-12-22       *DAT10-00 

Durango '95: Live At the Orange

1997-12-22*     EE353 

Flyer/ticket: Durango '95 @ the Orange (22 December) + guest list (Dan H on bongos)

1997-12-28       EE354 

Sally PC to Anno – "All my love, Sally (wifey!)"

1998-00-00       *MD02-05        03:09       {Craven Image #1} 

Rabid Angel (original version) Transfer from DAT? Reel-to-reel?

1998-00-00       *MD02-04        05:41       {Butterflies} 

Transfer from DAT? Reel-to-reel?

1998-00-00       *MD02-03        04:50       {Configuration} 

Transfer from DAT? Reel-to-reel?

1998-00-00       *MD02-02        04:41       {Sasnooine} 

Transfer from DAT? Reel-to-reel?

1998-00-00       *DAT07-00                       {Lay Low} 

"Acoustic Shit – 1. Lay Low – Anno", no label on tape

1998-00-00?     *DAT08-00 

No label

1998-00-00       *MD02-01        04:19       {Trust}©R 

Transfer from DAT? Reel-to-reel?

1998-00-00       *MD02-06        12:05       {Acid Rain}©R 

Acid Rain, same as *MD04 but crisper; same as CD111. t/f from reel-to-reel?

1998-00-00       EE495 

Drawing: seductive woman's face + face with tongue.

1998-00-00?     EE772 

Guitar practice notes

1998-00-00       EE494 

Drawing: Face radiating, plus note in French (Lou???)

1998-00-00       EE489 

Drawing: dragon, done with dots & lines

1998-00-00       EE487 

Drawing: bald man's head in profile – "this is not"

1998-00-00       EE486 

Drawing: Picasso woman, her head being sawn by a pig/devil

1998-00-00       EE495A 

Drawing: woman's face in profile

1998-00-00       EE374 

Notes on Quantum theory – superatoms

1998-00-00       Z020 

Band name idea: “NEXUS – Nectere – (1) A bond or link - a means of connection, not product. (2) A connected group.”

1998-00-00       SS68 

Holland Park: SCUBA folder (English project)

1998-00-00       Z641 

Essay: "My mother hauls me out of bed real realy. Like, I'm talking eight am." Suicide note. [Typed by Anno] Ian W: "Excellent Alex"

1998-00-00?     Z532 

Song structure

1998-00-00?     Z091 

Story: "The smell of suede still lingered on his hands. It clung to each soiled finger like shit clings to the bottom of a shoe.

How long had it been? He couldn't remember. His sense of time had betrayed him recently, as had Anno. Yes, Anno had betrayed him – there was no doubt. That is why his fingers reeked of suede, that is why there is blood under his fingernails. Stubborn blood. Resentful blood. Jealous blood. Em???r's blood.

And if anyone found out? No one would find out. He had been too clever in his methods. Every ???shot had been predetermined, every piece of evidence destroyed. It was suicide. Anyway, Birkin was such a depressed bastard, no one would put that past him. Not that. Not him. He was clever; and that meant dangerous. There would be questionings – of course, that was a given. But it didn't matter. He is safe now. Safe in the knowledge that never again must he prove himself. Never again must he search for the hope that he knew was out there, and that now belonged to him. He owned hope, as he owned fate; two faithful lovers. With one came the other. That was a given."

1998-00-00?     Z561                                  {Friends} 

Song structure for Friends

1998-00-00?     Z205 

Band list: Fugazi, Dylan, Smog, Sonic Youth &c

1998-00-00?     Z560                                  {Warm December} 

Song structure for Iron Cage

1998-01-00       Z633/38 

Music notes: Bach, Palestrina, Bruckner’s 9th, polyphony, etc.

1998-01-04       E04 

Diary: "I feel I should say something provocative. ... School really is getting me down"

1998-01-06*     SS47-01 

Essay notes on Self perception & self esteem. Reason for failure: low esteem.

1998-01-20*     EE365 

School report: (English) "has imagination to spare & a perosnal engagement which is remarkable. ... A terrific student!"

1998-01-20*     EE364 

School report: (psychology) "thoughtful, articulate & sensitive. He has an intriguing tangential approach with is delivered with due irony. Impressive."

1998-01-20*     EE363 

School report: (biology) "a very intelligent student ... a pleasure to teach"

1998-01-20*     EE362 

School report: (personal/social) "Alex has been a wonderful asset to the tutor set for 3 years now – funny, involved, enthusiastic & mature. ... If he drops out now it will be an un forgiveable waste of real talent."

1998-01-25       SS2-2 

Fox English e/book – drinking champagne, visit to the zoo, AB's dentist, + drawings

1998-02-00       EE379 

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck – ART – fuck fuck fuck fuck it.

1998-02-00       EE373 

School essay: The American Dream, + Ian's comment: "Are you some kinda pinko?" (+ 2 other essays, The Chair and untitled)

1998-02-00       EE366 

Note: FUCK OFF school ... "Alex, what is the meaning of this? Please see me at 3:20."

1998-02-00       SS5 

Holland Park maths e/book: Anno's drawings 1 – 12 ...

1998-02-01*     Z386/7??? 

Letter to AB: Dear Andrew, did you ever turn around and go "Hey! Where did the last four years of my life go?" Though I've learned a lot, I feel somewhat drained of all desire. All that exists in my memory is the music, the music, the music, and the whole time I am wondering why I'm letting school eat me alive. I realised the great joy that came with my exam results was not so much the grades, more a thing of – now I'm free. But I'm not. I'm as much as slave to my cowardice as I ever was. Somewhere down inside is this raging fucking fire, but every day the monotony, the rejection, the alienation I feel from the people around me at school drowns it out. And I'm telling you, I can't let it die – it would kill me. I can't think right during the week because of school – it's like a corkscrew in my brain – but I've just got this strong feeling that if I go with the music, I won't ever regret it. I can't go on living my life like I see it being lived in my nightmares. I've found this medium/bliss/joy etc ... and if I don't give myself to it, I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself. I think it's like Brontë's love: Music is more me than I am. If all else perished and it remained, I would still continue to be; and if all else remained and it were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger. Every part of me needs to go with this: it is the essence of my soul. I remember we once talked about safety nets. You said sometimes it's better not to have one, so you have no second choice. It's not that I don't want one, but by the end of it I don't know if there will be anything left of me. Campbell says if you follow your bliss, doors will open up where you never dreamed they would. Maybe it's time I rolled the dice?

1998-03-00       E05 

Drawing: rose

1998-03-00       E15 

Wuthering Heights notes

1998-03-00       E18 

"Stop the insanity"

1998-03-00       E17 

Phone numbers

1998-03-00       E07/14 

North Wind notes

1998-03-00       EE375 

School homework list – "write a list of 10 important words/phrases per day"

1998-03-00       K01 

Notes on Great Gatsby

1998-03-00       F24 

Phone numbers

1998-03-00       F23 

Dylan lyrics (Like a Rolling Stone)

1998-03-00?     Z080 

English notes: "Romantic: Fire, heat, satin, teeth, seduction, rapture, Mango, water, rain, lightning, thunder, escapism, fear, insecurity, ecstasy. Soul.

1790 – shift away from rational values"

1998-03-09       EE369 

Great Gatsby essay: "The God: Gatsby. The dream. This word is perhaps the most incessant in the book."

1998-03-10       EE371 

Great Gatsby – Ian Warwick's notes – "All too bouncy."

1998-03-11*     EE370 

Great Gatsby essay (with Ian's corrections): "The God: Gatsby. The dream. This word is perhaps the most incessant in the book."

1998-03-13*     F25 

Phone numbers (plus date, Friday 13th March = 1998)

1998-03-30*     EE739 

AB fax to Anno with Housman poem “the lads that will die in their glory and never be old” – to indulge your mood.

1998-03-31*     EE372 

Great Gatsby – revised essay

1998-04-00       EE378 

Notes on Einstein's relativity

1998-04-00       EE376 

GCSE Music, Advanced Level (date???)

1998-04-00*     PX1 

Anno in Ma's garden, polaroid "April, '98"

1998-04-00       Z092 

Graph of past/future/reality

1998-04-19*     SS2-1 

Fox English e/book – stranding Bee on island, how the rhino got its skin, walkmans & midnight feasts, the great dragon, "the war started in 1914", + drawings

1998-05-00*     *CD111-05       04:44       {Sasnooine} 

Sasnooine, t/d from *DAT01 – "A Gnat in Dakota" (also on *MD02?)

1998-05-00*     *CD111-04       12:07       {Acid Rain} 

Acid Rain, t/d from *DAT01 – "A Gnat in Dakota" (same as *MD02, *CD111)

1998-05-00*     *CD111-03       03:11       {Warm December}©R 

Rabid Angel, t/d from *DAT01 – "A Gnat in Dakota" (also on *MD02?)

1998-05-00*     *CD111-02       05:42       {Butterflies}©R 

Butterflies, t/d from *DAT01 – "A Gnat in Dakota" (also on *MD02?)

1998-05-00*     *CD111-01       04:48       {Configuration}©R 

Configuration, t/d from *DAT01 – "A Gnat in Dakota" (also on *MD02?)

1998-05-00*     *CD111-06       04:19       {Trust}©R 

Trust, t/d from *DAT01 – "A Gnat in Dakota" (also on *MD02?)

1998-05-00*     *DAT01-00 

"A Gnat in Dakota (South)" (see *CD111)

1998-05-00       EE380 

Milla's chateau, Room #17

1998-05-00?     Z056-2 

Half-life of atoms = carbon 14 testing

Archbishop Usher:

Literally 4,200 years ago.

Chaos, relativity, evolution: not mathematically proven.



1998-06-13*     $DVX27           07-11:32 {Warm December} 

*Warm December: Anno/Milla jamming in M's room at Laitiers

1998-06-13*     $DVX27           06-10:48 

*Anno guitar under tree

1998-06-15       Z426| 

Milla to Anno: Good morning! Hope you slept well, Listen, can you roll me a doobie ... Hope to see you around dinner and listen to more music & jam.”

1998-07-00       CC04 

Drawing: boat moored to jetty (La Motte?)

1998-07-00       CC03 

Drawing: bridge & tree (Laitiers?)

1998-07-00       EE382| 

Milla from Laitiers: "Drop by drop the venom flows" + xeroxes

1998-07-00       R02-1 

Drawing/Brush & ink: "Bad peach – '98"

1998-07-00       R03 

Drawing/Brush & ink: "Sober – '98"

1998-07-00       R01 

Drawing/Brush & ink: "Horror – '98"

1998-07-00       Q23 

Mixing desk

1998-07-00       Q21 

Mixing desk layout

1998-07-00       Q20 

Story Idea: Kid Guy sells Bad E.

Son Daughter of Prison warder does daughter

! ! ! !

Love story between

Guy & Daughter.

1998-07-00       R02-2 

Drawing/Brush & ink: "Cat on tree – '98"

1998-07-00       Q22-3 

Pix of Lou (polaroid)

1998-07-00       Q22-1 

"Irony piled on irony"

1998-07-00       Q22-2 

Phone numbers (venues)

1998-07-02*     $DVX27           17-00:00 {Jam: Anno} 

*Jam: Cheky and Anno jam (with JS in bg)

1998-07–02       $DVT502          07:17       (Jam} 

Laitiers: Jam with Checky Kario (and JS in bg), ends @ 13:13.

1998-07-07*     $DVX27           20-06:49 

Anno's stoned smile (@ 10.09 pm ...

1998-07–07       $DVT502          13:22 

Wales: Anno’s stoned smile (ends @ 13:38 = 16 sec)

1998-07-16*     Z563                                  {Windowsill} 

Song structure: Summertime & Rev[olution]

1998-07-17*     EE383 

BB: Bank statement

1998-07-19?     G12 

Phone numbers (Ian W)

1998-07-19?     G11 

Drawing: 9 to 5

1998-07-19?     G13 

Dolasilla notes: "Sacrifice to mountains"

1998-08-00       H16 

Phone numbers – India House

1998-08-00       H16 

Phone numbers – India House

1998-08-00       H20 

“Your breathing out ??? – Carbon Di- going to waste” – Anno Birkin

1998-08-00       K08 

North wind structure

1998-08-00       G25| 

Letter to Milla: "I'm writing this because"

1998-08-00       G26/27 

North wind notes

1998-08-00       G29 

North wind notes

1998-08-00       G30 


Cresiva? [???] ... what will come [???] all these yellow greens turned & parted black?



1998-08-05*     H06 

Drawing: skull

1998-08-14*     EE384 

TT: Trailfinder book + air ticket to India

1998-08-17       =PP2-10 

India (Dehli) arrive

1998-08-18       I10 

Book: A cultural history of Ladakh

1998-08-18       I13 

Indian dates

1998-08-18       H03/04 

Diary: India "Our hired pocket of air is moving steadily through a gradually dissipating haze of cloud. ... This is certainly a strange city"

1998-08-18       I03 

North wind notes

1998-08-18       I07 

India address, Hindi

1998-08-18       H02 

"A history of religious ideas, 1-3"

1998-09-00¬      ???¬                   ¬              ¬                                                                  AB387-1-3¬


Our looks no longer shine.

estranged to structure,

& everlasting bonds.


[Written on the back of Anno’s print-out of Close]


[NB This entry has come adrift from its file name. I can’t find any sign of “Anno’s print out of Close”.

 The lines were used in Kamikaze.]



1998-09-00       *MD03-05        04:46       {Windowsill} 

Ballad from the Windowsill "original"

1998-09-00       *MD03-01        03:20       {Warm December} 

Warm December "original" (ends 03:20)

1998-09-00       *MD03-02        03:18       {Warm December} 

Warm December "original"

1998-09-00       *MD03-03        05:35       {Lay Low} 

Lay Low "original"

1998-09-00       *MD03-04        04:23       {Friends}©R 

Friends "original"

1998-09-00       G22 

Chord progression

1998-09-00       J28-2 

North Wind notes

1998-09-00       H13 

Song lists: Horns, Things behind the sun, Know, Parasite.

1998-09-00       H14 

Song lists: Tied up and swallowed, Thirsty Dog &c

1998-09-00       H15 

Shopping list (India?)

1998-09-00       H22 

India 8 day trek

1998-09-00       I11 

Indian dates: Manala

1998-09-00       I23 

Phone numbers

1998-09-00       L37/38 

Phone numbers, studio padding, tiles!!

1998-09-00       I22 

Indian addresses

1998-09-00       WSTRIO-11                     {Close}                                                                                 AB213


Waters still and rise to meet their banks,

and trees bent double flank the road to heaven.

I stutter and I tremble in my brain as she approaches me.


Rise to meet fermentive eyes –

they flicker and they fade into my memory.

I never really knew just what I had,

and now it's darkened, I'm foreign to your chemistry.


Pull me close and closer to my God –

through the mud, the faithful air I know.

It's warm here within the pain,

deep in heaven's dregs.

Red tears – don't fear!

They cannot burn you if it's raining.

Mine are the drops that fall

from summer skies.


Everything consumed by her,

my tomb was laid by her,

my room was made for her,

my mind displayed for her.

The dream got caught on space and time,

and tore right down the tangible.


You darkle in the doorway,

and emerge into the foyer of my ecstasy.

It's something in the way she smiles,

and sighs, and moves her feet

when she's uncomfortable.

Rise above fermentive days

that flicker once, then fade into the galaxy.


                                                           Summer, 1999



1998-09-00       Z186 

India trip timeline – Arrival at Delhi airport – Alchemist – dream/reality – Guitar dude – mountains – cliffs – stars – CocaCola – Mafia kitch ... Delhi airport. Writing aboutr it does seem rather pointless.

1998-09-12       EE391 

PC to Carlos from India

1998-09-13       =PP2-10 

India (Dehli) leave

1998-09-13*     EE386 

TT: Hotel bill for Delhi "Mr Alexander"

1998-09-17       EE385 

BB: Letter re Apple Mac

1998-09-20       EE381| 

Milla letter from Czeckoslovakia – "I have visions, none of them believable. ... I’m not writing so much now, I feel so tight with words. ... I love you, I love you, please remember everything. You're so beautiful and sweet and soft and astonishing lovely Anno ..

1998-09-21*     EE392 

BB: Bill for drum kit

1998-09-30       J02 

North Wind notes

1998-09-30*     J07| 

Milla to Anno: How should I help myself, how to start unravelling. Everything gets complicated. My poems say a thousand different things, how could I lose my mind, living inside you, project all my emotions on the wall so you could look. Where is this beginning that's so talked about? I can't seem to find it, everything just intertwines like your Dad's film about siblings in love. I didn't do it. He did it. She did it. You did it. The wall did it. Now everything is glued together but your taste is in my mouth, but your taste is in my mouth...

I see you through the glass, I hear you, through the door, the volume won't go any louder, anticipation rolls in thick waves of static, every move is drenched with desire, and it seems to me that whatever I touch should ignite. Anno sweet, Anno dream, Anno in ME.

1998-09-30       J20-2| 


Milla’s response to Anno ...

1998-09-30       J15/16 

North Wind notes

1998-10-00       *CD040-05       21:52       {Blues Ate My Children} 

Among the Wild Chimpanzees"

1998-10-00       *CD040-04       05:39       {Lay Low}©R 

Among the Wild Chimpanzees"

1998-10-00       *CD040-03       04:52       {Windowsill}©R 

Among the Wild Chimpanzees"

1998-10-00       *CD040-01       04:57       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Among the Wild Chimpanzees"

1998-10-00       *CD040-02       03:20       {Warm December}©R 

Among the Wild Chimpanzees"

1998-10-00       J08/13 

Cubase instructions

1998-10-01       *CD037-03       04:50       {Windowsill} 

Bullshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation)

1998-10-01*     *CD037-04       05:40       {Lay Low} 

Bullshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation)

1998-10-01       *CD037-05       21:51       {Blues Ate My Children}©R 

Bullshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation) - Jam with Tim

1998-10–14       $DVT502          13:22       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Laitiers: Anno playing Solace to Milla (colour)

1998-10-14*     $DVX29           16:37       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

*Anno/Milla La Motte, Anno plays Solace (colour)

1998-10-15*     $DVX29           23:55       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

*Anno plays Solace to Milla [B&W] [WS]

1998-10-15*     $DVX29           21:07 

*Anno jam [B&W] [WS] Resume

1998-10-15       $DVX28           01:10 

Milla to Anno

1998-10–15       $DVT502          15:05 

Laitiers: Anno and Milla jamming (Welsh cut-in), Anno solo - Milla’s prompt, “play the song your dad likes” @ 17:52, tunes up, starts Solace @ 18:38, ends @ 23:10

1998-10-15       I14 

"Rhoisin, Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

1998-10-16?     J06| 

Milla to Anno [J05]

1998-10-16?     J18-2| 

Milla to Anno: Sometimes things must wait. I walked on a path that was filled with liquid dreams and endless horizons hid behind the silliest word I said. I can't even begin to realise what happens when you sing to me. Some people live in sleep, sailing on ships with sails of billowed dreams, but I just take diazepam and smoke a lot of weed and you know what? I still fly in my dreams. I missed you last night.


Always seemed to go the hard way. Never been close w/ my heart I guess, because in the end I chose everyone else. Crazy fires burning in great circles around you and I. Happiness is a song I'm trying to remember or maybe forget...

1998-10-16?     J17| 

Milla to Anno: When the boy walked into her home, everyone knew. He lived upstairs in a tiny room containing one single bed, one little desk, one chest of drawers, one little window overlooking a view, spectacular and painfully maintained. It was her favourite room and he had always been there it seemed. She put fresh flowers next to his head, she put flowers on the windowsill and a flower for the chest of drawers and she would go there – the sweet, young room – and breathe into it and make sure every corner was bursting w/ some sad, nostalgic life. She never goes there now. "The still room". Frozen in memories, the dust must settle in the end. The room that has been stilled.

1998-10-16?     J06-2| 

Milla to Anno:

I can always live

slowly day by day

living on the words you're shooting

stars into my head.

It may wait, bide its time

but one day we'll give it up

the sickness grows before it dies.

1998-10-16       EE749 

Air France ticket to Paris

1998-10-17       $DVX29           28:40 

Fanes 2nd recce with Anno

1998-10-17       $DVX30           01-00:00 

Fanes recce, Anno by Silver lake [WS]

1998-10-17       $DVT502          23:25 

Fanes: Anno, Bernd, Norbert & Rolf at foot of mountain ...

1998-10-17       $DVT502          30:01 

Fanes: Anno by silver lake - pull back shot @32:02. Jeep @ 32:53, misty lake @ 33:27, ends @ 34:53 - resume jeep. Dinner @ 37:26, Bernd, Norbert & Rolf (Anno pixilated @ 38:23) - restaurant with mad lady - AB shot by Anno

1998-10-17       $DVX30           06-02:26 

Fanes recce, drive in jeep with Anno [WS]

1998-10-17       $DVX30           02-02:27 

Fanes recce, pull back from Anno into wide [WS]

1998-10-17?     J20-2| 

Milla to Anno: Yes, when all my words don't match these thoughts, or thoughts are changing faster when words remain unchanged. Still, they glitter a thousand shards of biting light, ignored when all the shades are drawn, or when my hands spin countless wheels. It seems silly really – writing you a letter, because I'll love you ten times more and so the words are nothing. I would then write every moment, changing with each new sentence, growing fields with ripe dreams hanging off branches, heavy. Stop these words, that set in stone, they set in ears like stone, I guess all ears then are stones, ready to set. I rip your lips, you on my lips. Every time I turn my head, flashes, painful and bright, tearing me with gentle talons. The sun on my face, you in my heart. Crazy mood changes, confused and distracted, still trying to learn, I can't teach. I don't want to give lessons, I want your eyes first thing in the morning, sometimes I think of the sweet ways you eat my mouth and lick it like jam. I'm under a thin blanket and I don't think the weather will hold. All my choices were made w/ too many reasons, pretty mediocre in the end. It seems silly really – writing you a letter after everything already said. Milla.

1998-10-17*     EE393 

Indian letter to Anno – "I would like to be a best friend of yours."

1998-10-18       $DVX30           09-00:00~                                                                    

Fanes recce: mad woman, Anno talking, shooting AB [WS]

1998-10-18       $DVX30           11-02:34 {Lucky}=RH 

*Fanes recce: Anno singing Radio Head: Lucky (Pull me from the aircrash) [B&W] [WS]

1998-10-18       $DVX30           12-07:14 {Holier Than Thou}=PJ 

*Fanes recce: Anno singing Pearl Jam: Holier Than Thou [B&W] [WS]

1998-10-18       $DVX30           10-01:40 {Rocky Racoon}=BB 

*Fanes recce: Anno singing Rocky Racoon [B&W] [WS]

1998-10-18       $DVX30           08-04:42 

Fanes recce: Bernd, Anno at table [WS]

1998-10-18       $DVX30           09:41       {Anno solo} 

*Fanes recce: Anno playing with Bernd &c in bg [WS]

1998-10-18       $DVT502          41:15       {Lucky}=RH 

Fanes: Anno singing Radio Head: Lucky (Pull me from the aircrash)

1998-10-18       $DVX30           09:55       {Anno solo} 

*Fanes recce: Anno's audience [WS]

1998-10-18       $DVT502          48:29       {Anno solo} 

Fanes: Anno in f/g, playing with Bernd &c in bg (colour) - Norbert & ??Mario listening - Bernd and Rolf talking, neck of guitar in f/g, pans onto Anno (ends @ 49:18).

1998-10-18       $DVT502          40:25       {Anno solo} 

Fanes: Anno playing Rocky Racoon 

1998-10-18       $DVT502          46:02       {Holier Than Thou}=PJ 

Fanes: Anno singing Pearl Jam: Holier Than Thou - tight on his eyes @ 47:35 till 48:28.

1998-10-18       $DVX30           10:08       {Anno solo} 

*Fanes recce: Pan onto Anno playing [WS] 

1998-11-00       *CD020-16       05:12       {Absurd Bird} 

Auschwitz: various mixes

1998-11-00       *CD020-05       04:50       {Windowsill} 

Auschwitz: various mixes

1998-11-00       *CD020-04       04:30       {Friends} 

Auschwitz: various mixes

1998-11-00       *CD105-01       03:03       {Touched #3}©R 

Touched (acoustic, t/d from AC19)

1998-11-00       *CD105-02       03:03       {Jam: Anno} 

Jam (t/d from AC19)

1998-11-00       *CD020-06       05:30       {He Felt}X 

Auschwitz: various mixes (aborts)

1998-11-00       *CD020-09       00:17       {Warm December}X 

Auschwitz: various mixes (aborts)

1998-11-00       *CD038-06       05:19       {Absurd Bird} 

Goodshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation). Titled: Darkle

1998-11-00       *CD020-10       03:20       {Warm December} 

Auschwitz: various mixes

1998-11-00       *CD020-11       04:49       {Windowsill} 

Auschwitz: various mixes

1998-11-00       *CD020-12       00:06       {Anodyne}X 

Auschwitz: various mixes (aborts)

1998-11-00       *CD038-02       03:32       {Craven Image #2}©R 

Goodshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation)

1998-11-00       *CD038-01       05:10       {Anodyne #1} 

Goodshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation)

1998-11-00       *CD020-03       05:40       {Lay Low} 

Auschwitz: various mixes

1998-11-00       *CD020-02       03:24       {Warm December} 

Auschwitz: various mixes

1998-11-00       *AC18-00 

Missing the Point (aka Auschwitz) compilation [Anno's cover] MISSING

1998-11-00       *CD037-02       03:20       {Warm December} 

Bullshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation)

1998-11-00*     *CD037-01       04:57       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Bullshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation) titled Solace

1998-11-00       *CD020-13       05:10       {Anodyne} 

Auschwitz: various mixes (blank till 6:13)

1998-11-00       *CD020-14       04:17       {He Felt}X 

Auschwitz: various mixes (aborts)

1998-11-00       *CD020-15       00:08       {Absurd Bird}X 

Auschwitz: various mixes (aborts)

1998-11-00       *MD03-07        05:08       {Anodyne} 

Anodyne "original"?

1998-11-00*     *CD121-05       05:20       {Anodyne #} 

Anodyne – tapping drum at start – Anno's 2nd vocal [t/f Cubase files] – ends @ 5:20, mute till 11:53

1998-11-00*     *CD121-06       05:10       {Anodyne #} 

Anodyne – 2nd vocal? 3rd? [t/f Cubase files]

1998-11-00*     *CD121-07       05:12       {Anodyne #} 

Anodyne – bass & drums [t/f Cubase files]

1998-11-00       *MD08-03        05:10       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Anno playing/singing Solace

1998-11-00       *ZIP01-00                         {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Solace, Nov '98 

1998-11-00       *ZIP04-00                         {Close} 

Close/Water bits, Nov '98 Laurentic studio

1998-11-00*     *CD121-02       05:11       {Anodyne #} 

Anodyne – Anno's voice on start – Anno's 1st vocal? starts @ 00:9 [t/f Cubase files]

1998-11-00*     *CD121-04       05:12       {Anodyne #} 

Anodyne – door at start – Anno's 1st vocal [t/f Cubase files]

1998-11-00*     *CD121-03       05:12       {Anodyne #} 

Anodyne – door at start – guitar only [t/f Cubase files]

1998-11-00       J48 

North wind story/time line/structure

1998-11-00       I15 

"Here you are, great white Raja [???]"

1998-11-00       I19 

Phone numbers

1998-11-00       I16 

Phone numbers: Andy Hyneck &c

1998-11-00?     L19/21 

Poems & drawings by ???. Includes a story about Ed "For my 5 year old friend Anno"

1998-11-00?     L17 

Song list (incl Acid Rain, Anodyne, Freddie, Solace)

1998-11-00       J49 

Phone numbers

1998-11-00       J50-1 

Phone numbers, + "Billy arriving: Wed – 20th 5:28 – A.A."

1998-11-00       J50-2 

Song list: Craven Image, Acid Rain, Sasnooine, Trust, Butterflies

1998-11-00       L15                                    {Anodyne} 

Song structure for Anodyne

1998-11-00       K06 

“Cresiva, & bulletproof”

1998-11-10*     *CD01-01                         {Anodyne} 

Cubase Archive #1: Anodyne #1, Nov 98. Alex drums. Rest Anno

1998-11-10       *CD023-01       05:06       {Anodyne #2}©R 

 "Anno" ("all songs written Dec '98-Feb '99")

1998-11-10*     *CD02-01                         {Anodyne} 

Cubase Archive #2: Anodyne #2 (10/11/98)

1998-11-18*     EE394 

Milla letter re Baz Luhrman audition on the 28th (Anno's notes)

1998-11-24*     EE395 

BB: Letter from dentist (Scher) re treatment/implant

1998-12-00?     *CD03-01                         {I Land} 

Cubase Archive #3: Close & I land drums

1998-12-00       *DAT13-04                       {Light} 

MISSING. Box: "Laurentic Sound Machine, Anno, 1998-99. Lists Anodyne 1-6, Waterline, Last Came Through, Light, Feeling Fine Poem.

1998-12-00       *DAT13-03                       {When You Last Came Through} 

MISSING. Box: "Laurentic Sound Machine, Anno, 1998-99. Lists Anodyne 1-6, Waterline, Last Came Through, Light, Feeling Fine Poem.

1998-12-00       *DAT13-02                       {Waterline} 

MISSING. Box: "Laurentic Sound Machine, Anno, 1998-99. Lists Anodyne 1-6, Waterline, Last Came Through, Light, Feeling Fine Poem.

1998-12-00       *DAT13-05                       {Feeling Fine poem} 

MISSING. Box: "Laurentic Sound Machine, Anno, 1998-99. Lists Anodyne 1-6, Waterline, Last Came Through, Light, Feeling Fine Poem.

1998-12-00       *DAT13-01                       {Anodyne} 

MISSING. Box: "Laurentic Sound Machine, Anno, 1998-99. Lists Anodyne 1-6, Waterline, Last Came Through, Light, Feeling Fine Poem.

1998-12-00?     L35 

Phone numbers, equipment

1998-12-00?     L41 

Song list: Acid Rain, Configuration, Butterflies, Sasnooine.

1998-12-00?     L28 

Phone numbers

1998-12-00       J31 

Word definitions: sardonic, misanthropic, antiphony

1998-12-00?     L15 

Computer/Cubase notes

1998-12-00       J30 

North Wind notes

1998-12-00       M14 

Song cycle

1998-12-00?     L28 

Phone numbers

1998-12-00?     L39/40 

Equipment, phone nos (Honeysuckle), credit cards (Amex, exp. 05/99, Switch, exp. 11/98).

1998-12-00?     L27 

Phone numbers

1998-12-00       Z125 

Song list: Anodyne, Waterline, 9 Years &c

1998-12-09       *CD021-03       04:22       {Trust} 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998)

1998-12-09       *CD021-03       04:26       {Friends} 

Friends: Auschwitz album (Dec 1998)

1998-12-09       *CD021-01       05:13       {Anodyne} 

Anodyne: Auschwitz album (Dec 1998)

1998-12-09       *CD021-10       12:12       {Acid Rain} 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998) – MISSING

1998-12-09       *CD021-11       07:26       {A Year Too Early}=B 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998) – MISSING

1998-12-09       *CD021-12       05:55       {Lost Cause}=B 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998) – MISSING

1998-12-09       *CD021-09       05:31       {Waterline} 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998) – MISSING

1998-12-09       *CD021-08       04:49       {Windowsill} 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998) – MISSING

1998-12-09       *CD021-07       04:47       {Sasnooine} 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998)

1998-12-09       *CD021-06       03:11       {Craven Image #2} 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998)

1998-12-09       *CD021-05       05:40       {Lay Low} 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998)

1998-12-09       *CD021-04       03:25       {Warm December} 

Auschwitz album (Dec 1998)

1998-12-09       18 

=Anno's 18th birthday

1998-12-09*     EE397 

Ned birthday card: "Happy 19 to my musical, computer game playing Bro!!! Lots of well-eared love, Ned"

1998-12-09*     EE396 

Jane birthday fax to Anno with pic of Joan of Arc

1998-12-12       $DVX32-00:00 

Anno's Pornografia tests

1998-12-12       $DVT502          49:25 

Wales: Anno's Pornografia tests:

49:29: “What are you writing?” - “Cocks in our hands”

50:30: “What are you writing?” - good

52:33: “Just got myself a new supply” great - AB fluff

53:15: “Just got myself a new supply”

54:15: “Just got myself a new supply” (great “sooner have the mother” @ 54:45

(great pix @ 55:23) - “I just want to fuck you” @ 57:09 (Anno: that was awful)

57:17: (Head on close up) “What are you writing?” ... “I just want to fuck you” @ 61:41

1998-12-12       $DVT503          00:00 

Wales: Anno's Pornografia tests:

1998-12-12       $DVT503 

Rebel on sofa, Anno's voice

1998-12-14       EE488 

Drawing: Alien saying "Take me to Miami"

1998-12-18*     EE750 

BB: Bank statement showing balance of £0.03

1998-12-24       $DVT29 

Christmas @ Church Street, Jane, Charlotte, Ma, Ben, David, Anno – Auschwitz album on table, Philippe listening to Lay Low.

1998-12-25       $DVT502          23:51 

Chelsea: Anno biting nails (23:55 till 24:00) - Philippe and Robinson listening to Auschwitz album.


1998-12-30       $DVT29 

Wales: Anno at table with Lenny, Andrew R, Tim, Cat, AB etc


1998-12-31       $DVT29 

Wales: New Year’s Eve: Lenny, Seamus, Miranda, Tim, Anno, Ned, Andrew R etc.


2001-10-01       $DVN233 

*Lee and Billy duet on acoustic guitar        21:48

1998-12-31       $DVT502          23:51 

Wales: New Year’s Eve - Anno, Andrew R, Lenny, Tim, Cat, Seamus, Miranda (!), Bee, Ned, Jade - dinner - dancing (ends @30:00)

1999-00-00       EE485 

Drawing: doodle man, trippy

1999-00-00       EE490 

Wave forms

1999-00-00       EE709 

Drawing - doodle

1999-00-00       EE398 

Drawing/diagram: Yin/Yang = +$/-$ = "Capitalist thought backed by chaos theory and zen buddism."

1999-00-00       EE492 

Wave forms

1999-00-00       EE417 

Drawing: ANNO logo

1999-00-00       EE493 

Drawing: Hand drawing with pencil

1999-00-00       EE496 


1999-00-00       EE491 

Drawing: Hillbilly (Billy???) with guitar

1999-00-00?     Z299 

Drawing: Man & flower emerging from veins on hand. Tit mountain in background, w/ small figure of man armed with ↑, enclosed w/in brackets x 4. Catherine thinks it probably relates to poem Z339.]

1999-00-00?     Z484 

Cubase files?

1999-00-00?     Z201a 

Milla, with doodled USA phone – reverse: “In to the”

1999-00-00?     Z186a 

Torn page, top right corner only: " ... worked out"

1999-00-00?     Z626 

Running order: Anodyne, Acid Rain, Waterline, Black Water, Masters of War, Wet Roses, Last Came Through &c

1999-01-00       *CD023-03       06:47       {He Felt} 

 "Anno" ("all songs written Dec '98-Feb '99")

1999-01-00       *CD039-01       05:36       {Nine Years} 


1999-01-00       $DVX32-26:00 

Rebel on sofa, Anno's voice

1999-01-00       *CD039-02       06:47       {He Felt}©R 


1999-01-00       *MD05-16        02:43       {Feel???}=Milla 

Milla playing/singing ???

1999-01-00       *MD05-17        00:49       {Ill Moon} 

Anno singing Ill Moon (instinct drags)

1999-01-00       *MD05-14 

Anno & Milla playing/singing "Last Came Through"                                                    01:08

1999-01-00       *MD05-19        00:40       {Ill Moon}X 

Anno singing – aborts

1999-01-00       *MD05-20        05:04       {Ill Moon}©R 

Anno singing Ill Moon (best)

1999-01-00       *MD06-01        12:15       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno & Milla jamming

1999-01-00       *MD06-02        00:48       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno & Milla chatting/jamming

1999-01-00       *MD06-03        02:48       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno & Milla jamming

1999-01-00       *MD06-04 

Aborts               00:01

1999-01-00       *MD06-05        03:37       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno, Billy & Milla chatting/jamming

1999-01-00       *MD06-06        08:23       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno & Milla jamming/ chatting (with Solan??)

1999-01-00       *MD05-13 

Anno silent       00:24

1999-01-00       *MD06-08        00:29       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno & Milla jamming

1999-01-00       *MD06-09        02:31       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno & Milla jamming

1999-01-00       *MD06-10        01:23       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno & Milla jamming

1999-01-00       *MD05-12        04:48       {When You Last Came Through} 

Anno & Milla playing/singing "that sucked for me"

1999-01-00       *MD07-02        22:26       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno jamming with Chris (on piano); Milla joins in – AB in bg from 17:58 – Seamus, Thin Red Line, Pornografia

1999-01-00       *MD07-03 

Traffic sounds   00:07 

1999-01-00       *MD07-04 

Anno in street, talking to passerby (AB at end)                                                              01:57

1999-01-00       *MD07-05        00:34       {Baby Bitch}=Ween 

Anno singing ??? ("Ned, shhh")

1999-01-00       *MD07-06        00:25       {Sasnooine} 

Anno & Billy, false start

1999-01-00       *MD07-07        03:19       {Sasnooine} 

Anno & Billy jamming piss-take of Sasnoorine

1999-01-00       *MD07-08        05:55       {Sasnooine} 

Anno & Billy jamming piss-take of Sasnoorine (punchy ending)

1999-01-00       *MD07-09        00:37       {Sasnooine} 

Anno & Billy jamming/joking

1999-01-00       *MD07-10        06:05       {Sasnooine}©R 

Anno & Billy jamming piss-take of Sasnoorine (best)

1999-01-00       *MD08-01        04:47       {Karma Police}=RH 

Anno playing/singing Radio Head's Karma Police ("Arrest this girl ... I lost myself")

1999-01-00       *MD08-02        04:40       {Ill Moon} 

Anno playing/singing Ill Moon

1999-01-00       *MD05-11        00:50       {When You Last Came Through} 

Anno & Milla playing/singing "Last Came Through"

1999-01-00       *MD08-04        05:25       {Red River #2}©R 

Anno playing/singing Red River

1999-01-00       *MD08-05        09:50       {Anodyne} 

Anno playing/singing extended version of Anodyne (starts @ 00:09, ends 7:30)

1999-01-00       *MD08-06        02:20       {Milla???} 

Anno playing ??? (jam or song?)

1999-01-00       *MD08-07        00:50       {Ill Moon}X 

Anno playing/singing Ill Moon – aborts

1999-01-00       *MD08-08        00:30       {Ill Moon}X 

Anno playing/singing Ill Moon – aborts

1999-01-00       *MD05-10        05:10       {When You Last Came Through} 

Anno & Milla playing/singing "Last Came Through"

1999-01-00       *MD05-09 

Anno playing "Last Came Through" (b/g chat)                                                              01:41

1999-01-00       *MD08-09        00:22       {Ill Moon}X 

Anno playing/singing Ill Moon – aborts

1999-01-00       *MD08-10        05:12       {Ill Moon}X 

Anno playing/singing Ill Moon – aborts

1999-01-00       *MD08-11        01:03       {Karma Police}=RH 

Anno playing/singing

1999-01-00       *MD08-12 

[skips]               00:01

1999-01-00       *MD08-13        06:19       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy: the 1st flight of Sputnik – we hail thee! Fuck man! @ 5:50

1999-01-00       *MD08-14 

Billy farting by window, joking about        01:20

1999-01-00       *MD08-15        01:55       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt (Billy forgets chords)

1999-01-00       *MD08-16        08:13       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt – TAPE RUNS OUT, CUTS abruptly

1999-01-00       *MD05-15 

Anno & Milla playing/singing – "so never change it"                                                     05:10

1999-01-00       *MD05-08 

Anno & Milla joking – phone rings             00:10

1999-01-00       *MD05-07 

Anno & Milla joking                  00:24

1999-01-00       *MD05-06 

Anno clearing throat                   00:25

1999-01-00       *MD05-05        08:18       {He Felt} 

Anno playing He Felt, Milla joining

1999-01-00       *MD05-04        01:01       {He Felt} 

Anno playing He Felt – buzzer

1999-01-00       *MD05-03        01:54       {Jam: Anno} 

Anno jamming

1999-01-00       *MD05-02        10.56       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla & Anno playing/writing "Last Came Through"

1999-01-00       *MD05-01        01:42       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla & Anno playing/writing "Last Came Through"

1999-01-00       *MD06-07        18:06       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno & Milla jamming – laughing – discussing (Solan??) [Anno talking @ 17:08]

1999-01-00       *MD05-18        03:24       {Ill Moon} 

Anno singing – ends Fuck!

1999-01-00       *MD07-01        06:06       {He Felt} 

Anno jamming with Billy & Chris (on piano)

1999-01-00       M41 

Phone numbers

1999-01-00       G22 

USA addresses

1999-01-00       M44-2 


1999-01-00       M49 

Song list (Billy’s handwriting): Ned's belly, A Year too early ...

1999-01-00       M24 

"Stock market [???] pools of caffeine"

1999-01-00       O24-2 

Letter from Lou: "Call me when you come back from America"

1999-01-00       O25-2 


          & Dylan fell for Beverly Hills



1999-01-00       O26 

Phone numbers ("David in Oxford")

1999-01-00       O07-2 

Doodle: lightning

1999-01-00       O02 


I don't quite know what am setting out to say here, in this letter to you. Maybe it's an apology... for being so possessive, – so urgent. Always tearing you away to try and tell you something, then falling over my tongue and forgetting the words before they come out. I'm so determined not to speak to you like I do to the rest of the world.

Storm girl. One minute placeless and nameless in the tangle of your winds, and the next, paralyzed throughout in the serenity of your eye, dumbfounded in some ambiguous certainty.

Days bring such a longing for the death of the dream. The sacrifice of it is blissful intangibility for some hideous actuality.

When I woke in your arms, I felt my humanity so strongly. All the evils of the world and of my head ceased to be, for how could I hate the earth on which you walk?

My days with you are all I remember.



1999-01-00       O19 

"No one yet knows"

1999-01-00       O11-1 



1999-01-00       O24-1 

Drum list

1999-01-00       O08 

Letter: "Dear Allen, I timed this badly"

1999-01-16*     *MD09-01        07:22       {Steering into Space}=B 

Billy: Hap-hap-happy Birthday aka Steering into Space (long instrumental)

1999-01-21*     ZZZ04 

Anno’s copy of Kenneth Patchen’s “The Dark Kingdom”, inscribed: “To Anno, for whom these poems were written (& the precious few like him) – All my love, Andrew x. Los Angeles, 21.1.99 [1st edition, 1942 = $100]

1999-02-00       $DVX33           04-13:43 

Tour around Malibu High with Anno

1999-02-00       $DVX33           07-19:51 

Galina massaging Anno

1999-02-00       $DVX33           00:33       {When You Last Came Through} 

*Anno & Milla writing/Jamming Last Came Through

1999-02-00       $DVX33           00:33       {When You Last Came Through} 

*Anno & Milla writing/Jamming Last Came Through

1999-02-00       $DVX33           03-10:04 

Gladstones with Anno, Milla & Chris

1999-02-00       $DVX33           09-00:00~                                                                    

Anno & Billy + Milla, Chris, &c

1999-02-00       $DVX33           04-13:43 

Tour around Malibu High with Anno

1999-02-00       $DVX33           09-00:00~                                                                    

Anno & Billy + Milla, Chris, &c

1999-02-00       $DVX33           07-19:51 

Galina massaging Anno

1999-02-00       $DVX33           05-16:05 

Visiting Milla, Anno watching TV

1999-02-00       $DVX33           05-16:05 

Visiting Milla, Anno watching TV

1999-02-00       $DVX33           03-10:04 

Gladstones with Anno, Milla & Chris

1999-02-00       $DVX32           55:11 

Milla & Anno enduring nightclub

1999-02-00       $DVX32           55:11 

Milla & Anno enduring nightclub

1999-02-00       $DVX32           49:44 

Milla & Anno at dinner

1999-02-00       $DVX32           49:44 

Milla & Anno at dinner

1999-02-00       *CD039-05       03:52       {When You Last Came Through} 

Millanno (no vocals)

1999-02-00       *CD039-04       05:19       {When You Last Came Through}©R 

Millanno (no vocals)

1999-02-00       *CD039-03       04:09       {Trying to Find Air} 


1999-02-00       *CD023-02       05:30       {Nine Years}©R 

 "Anno" ("all songs written Dec '98-Feb '99") 9 Years: human version

1999-02-00       *CD038-03       05:27       {Nine Years} 

Goodshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation)

1999-02-00       *CD023-04       05:10       {Animal}©R 

 "Anno" ("all songs written Dec '98-Feb '99")

1999-02-00       *CD023-05       04:09       {Trying to Find Air}©R 

 "Anno" ("all songs written Dec '98-Feb '99")

1999-02-00       *CD023-06       05:30       {Nine Years} 

 "Anno" (only on one copy): 9 Years: (inhuman version/elektro freakout! )

1999-02-00       *CD025-01       05:38       {Nine Years} 

MISSING compilation "Jan/Feb '99"

1999-02-00       *CD025-02       06:49       {} 

MISSING compilation "Jan/Feb '99"

1999-02-00       *CD025-03       04:11       {} 

MISSING compilation "Jan/Feb '99"

1999-02-00?     *MD10-13 

Anno/Billy chatting – I'm smarter than Spock                                                                00:19

1999-02-00?     *MD10-14        00:29       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt

1999-02-00?     *MD10-10        08:50       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy jamming He Felt

1999-02-00?     *MD10-09        01:01       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy chatting, "Beast & the bull" – into He Felt

1999-02-00?     *MD10-15 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt (aborted at 1:10) – Anno/Billy getting the horn                  05:30

1999-02-00?     *MD10-15        01:02       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt

1999-02-00?     *MD10-08        01:36       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt

1999-02-00?     *MD10-07        00:26       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt

1999-02-00?     *MD10-17        07:38       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt

1999-02-00       *MD15-01 

Anno, Milla & Chris in L.A.: bg chat         00:14

1999-02-00       *MD15-02        05:54       {When You Last Came Through} 

Anno in L.A., acoustic (9 Years?)

1999-02-00       *MD15-03 

Anno in L.A., plucking               00:44

1999-02-00?     *MD10-12        01:01       {Jam: Anno/Billy} 

Anno/Billy jamming

1999-02-00?     *MD10-05        02:08       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt

1999-02-00       *MD15-04        00:18       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla singing "sweet melodies"

1999-02-00       *MD15-05        00:59       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla singing

1999-02-00       *MD15-06        02:38       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla singing                                                                                                                    

1999-02-00       *MD15-07        00:33       {When You Last Came Through} 

Anno playing

1999-02-00       *MD15-08        02:45       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla singing, "sweet melodies"

1999-02-00       *MD15-09        00:33       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla/Anno singing (AB voice, s/track to DVD)

1999-02-00       *MD15-10        04:25       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla singing (drops stick)

1999-02-00       *MD15-11        04:37       {When You Last Came Through} 

Milla singing – laughs at start – best. (CD704-03)

1999-02-00?     *MD10-04 

Anno & Billy chatting                05:33

1999-02-00?     *MD10-03        05:33       {He Felt} 

Anno running thru He Felt with Billy

1999-02-00?     *MD10-02        06:00       {Jam: Anno/Billy} 

Anno & Billy jamming/talking

1999-02-00?     *MD10-01        04:13       {Jam: Anno/Billy} 

Anno & Billy jamming (talking from 2:41)

1999-02-00?     *MD10-06        00:31       {He Felt} 

Anno/Billy playing He Felt

1999-02-00?     *MD10-11        03:47       {Viagra jam} 

Anno/Billy jamming "Give me a marguerita" (Anno impro – "I pay the price for living long & hard but I'm no longer hard at all, I need Viagra")

1999-02-00       P03 

School music notation: “Cease, Galatea cease to grieve”

1999-02-00       P05-2 

Song list: 9 Years, It’s Alright Ma, Nobody’s Fault, Tangled up in Blue, I Don’t Feel, Dried Palm, Self Portrait, Lost Cause, Bob Dylan song, Satan Spoke to him, Anodyne, Solace, Friends, Acid Rain

1999-02-00       P06 

Song list: Warm December, Windowsill, Warship (cut) , Black Water, 9 Years

1999-02-00       Z139-1 

Phone numbers (USA 310)

1999-02-01*     EE367/68 


Fax to AB: "Did you ever turn around and go "Hey! Where did the last four years of my life go?" Though I've learned a lot, I feel somewhat drained of all desire. All that exists in my memory is the music, the music, the music, and the whole time I am wondering why I'm letting school eat me alive. I realised the great joy that came with my exam results was not so much the grades, more a thing of – now I'm free. But I'm not. I'm as much as slave to my cowardice as I ever was. Somewhere down inside is this raging fucking fire, but every day the monotony, the rejection, the alienation I feel from the people around me at school drowns it out. And I'm telling you, I can't let it die – it would kill me. I can't think right during the week because of school – it's like a corkscrew in my brain – but I've just got this strong feeling that if I go with the music, I won't ever regret it. I can't go on living my life like I see it being lived in my nightmares. I've found this medium/bliss/joy etc ... and if I don't give myself to it, I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself. I think it's like Brontë's love: Music is more me than I am. If all else perished and it remained, I would still continue to be; and if all else remained and it were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger. Every part of me needs to go with this: it is the essence of my soul. I remember we once talked about safety nets. You said sometimes it's better not to have one, so you have no second choice. It's not that I don't want one, but by the end of it I don't know if there will be anything left of me. Campbell says if you follow your bliss, doors will open up where you never dreamed they would. Maybe it's time I rolled the dice?

Did you ever turn around and go "Hey! where did the last 4 years of my life go? ... All that exists in my memory is the music, the music, the music, and the whole time I am wondering why I'm letting school eat me alive." 

1999-02-03       *MD15-15        01:55       {Jam: Anno/Milla/Chris} 

Chris playing piano

1999-02-03       *MD15-13        02:21       {Jam: Anno/Milla/Chris} 

Anno, Milla (singing) & Chris (piano)

1999-02-03       *MD15-14        04:08       {Jam: Anno/Milla} 

Anno, Milla (singing) [colours streaming]

1999-02-03       *MD15-16 

Milla singing, Chris on piano     01:14

1999-02-03       *MD15-17 

Anno & Chris chatting                00:52

1999-02-03       *MD15-18 

Anno & Chris chatting, Anno playing        00:53

1999-02-03       *MD15-19        02:52       {Jam: Anno/Milla/Chris} 

Milla singing, Anno on guitar, Chris piano

1999-02-03       *MD15-22        28:52       {Jam: Milla/Chris} 

Chris piano/singing, Milla singing (Anno briefly in bg)

1999-02-03       *MD15-21        08:30       {Jam: Anno/Milla/Chris} 

Anno/Milla singing/guitar, Chris piano

1999-02-03       *MD15-20        00:14       {Jam: Anno/Milla/Chris} 

Milla singing, Anno on guitar, Chris piano

1999-02-03       *MD15-12        01:16       {Jam: Anno/Milla/Chris} 

Anno, Milla & Chris jamming (piano)

1999-02-04*     EE405 

Letter to Milla: "I'd kill to be able to whisper goodnight. I'll write it instead. You can just read it when you remember ..."

1999-02-07?     $DVX33           13-18:41 

Ned's birthday – Anno, Lenny, Seamus, Jade

1999-02-07?     $DVX33           13-18:41 

Ned's birthday – Anno, Lenny, Seamus, Jade

1999-02-14       MJ01 

Green book sent to Milla with 27 poems: “For Milla. All I’m. Anno”, plus 4 loose sheets.

1999-03-00?     *DAT09-00 

Durango '95: Crank Studios

1999-03-00       M39 

Phone numbers (Dublin Castle, Borderline)

1999-03-00       G23 

Things to do (London)

1999-03-00       M35 

Accounts (St Moritz??)

1999-03-00       O22 


1999-03-00?     Z137 

Song list: Anodyne, Craven Image, Solace, Warship, Waterline ...

1999-03-00       Z289A 

BB: Accounts – food, music ...

1999-03-00       Z184-2 

Song list: Antiphony, Waterline, Shadow Song

Anodyne, 9 Years, Lay Road, Wet Roses, Black Water Beaches, Waterline, Masters of War (Dylan) etc

1999-03-01*     *CD05-00 

Cubase Archive #5: MISSING ???

1999-03-01*     *CD07-00 

Cubase Archive #7: MISSING ???

1999-03-01*     *CD06-00 

Cubase Archive #6: MISSING ???

1999-03-01*     *CD04-01         05:48       {Nine Years} 

Cubase Archive #4: 9 Years (1/3/99) CD MISSING

1999-03-29*     *MD09-04        06:45       {He Felt} 

He Felt

1999-03-29*     *MD09-06        04:07       {Trying to Find Air} 

Trying to Find Air

1999-03-29*     *MD09-05        05:10       {Animal} 

Animal: The words I want on my tomb

1999-03-29*     *MD09-03        05:20       {Nine Years} 

Nine Years

1999-04-00       $DVX33           15-24:28 

Tour thru Anno's room, cinema – Ned & Anno playing computer game

1999-04-00       $DVX33           15-24:28 

Tour thru Anno's room, cinema – Ned & Anno playing computer game

1999-04-00       *CD110-01       05:00       {Kamikaze} 

Kamikaze (Andy C transfer from Cubase Archive #11)

1999-04-00       $DVX37           00:00 

Anno & Tim in Wales, snow

1999-04-00       *CD042-02       04:59       {Kamikaze} 


1999-04-00       *CD042-01       04:58       {Sacrifice & Bliss}©R 


1999-04-00       $DVX36           ??? 

Anno & Ned in Wales (rocket)

1999-04-00       *CD041-06       05:19       {Absurd Bird #1} 

Pity the Poor Crocodiles – Absurd Bird #1 (with Honeysuckle vocals)-05:19 

1999-04-00       *CD041-04       05:01       {Kamikaze} 

Pity the Poor Crocodiles

1999-04-00       *CD041-03       05:27       {Nine Years} 

Pity the Poor Crocodiles

1999-04-00       *CD041-02       03:32       {Craven Image #2}©R 

Pity the Poor Crocodiles

1999-04-00       *CD041-01       05:10       {Anodyne #1} 

Pity the Poor Crocodiles

1999-04-00       *CD038-04       05:01       {Kamikaze}©R 

Goodshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation)

1999-04-00       $DVX37           00:00 

Anno & Tim in Wales, snow

1999-04-00       $DVX36           ??? 

Anno & Ned in Wales (rocket)

1999-04-00       *CD028-07       05:01       {Kamikaze} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Kamakazie (complete)

1999-04-00       *CD028-06       05:01       {Kamikaze} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Kamakazie (complete) ends @ 5:01, rest blank

1999-04-00       EE389 

Song list (covers) It's alright Ma, Black, Masters of War, Karma Police, Lucky &c

1999-04-00       EE388 

Music equipment notes

1999-04-00       EE387 

Running order: Last Came Through, Poem ...

1999-04-00       G24 

Song list (Anodyne, Ill moon, Solace, Freddie)

1999-04-00       EE390 

Random notes

1999-04-00?     Z292 

Story: It was a dark & cold night & the captain said to the mate…


“Hi boys & girls. I’m Jimmy ???Cab

& I’m the FUCKIN’ INDIAN of the group, see motherfuckers?”


“Well it strikes me that you have failed to take into account the consequences of the recently expounded upon “Manifold theory”.


I visited the Warehouse in northern Bolivia. Suddenly the fumes overpowered me. Dimensional Di-Fractal Chaotic Reality assumed itself within my Psyche.


If you switch a large expansion of the Cerebral cortex that his Brains exploded all over



1999-04-00       Z136-2 

Drawing: Yin/Yang symbol

1999-04-00?     Z292A 

Drawing: Picasso woman

1999-04-00       Z288-2 

Song list: Warship, Anodyne, 9 Years, Wet Roses, Waterline, Black Water Beaches, Solace (close).

1999-04-00       Z686-1 

Song/recording list: Anodyne, 9 Years, Solace, Black Water, Warship, Waterline, Close, Wet Roses, He Felt.

1999-04-07       =PP2-08 

USA (LA) arrive

1999-04-27*     Z291 

"Petty Tyrant: Born April 27th '99

Died: --- "

1999-05-00       N13 

Song cycle

1999-05-00       EE412 

Bee letter to Jannie – Anno "a bit devastated" about Milla

1999-05-00       N23-2 

Song list (Flying Mango Attack)

1999-05-00       N18 

Song list (Ultraviolence, Saddle your Warhorse &c)

1999-05-00       EE459/461 

Letter to Milla. "For at least 40 min after I said goodbye yesterday I just sat in my chair, a bit down, a bit up – as usual, & then the first few neurons began to connect. God knows why it took so long. I went to sleep weak w/ wonder & woke up pale w/ excitement. I'm not sure if you know how much this means to me. This is my dream. My greatest, greatest fantasy.

Those few songs of ours – I play them all the time, & write little bits & just listen to the notes by themselves, & in those notes I hear your voice, & in that voice lie answers to eternal questions. The whole point of playing, of creating – the connection, & it's like nothing I've ever known. I'm wriggling all over w/ anticipation & hope & energy. But I'm nervous, on two accounts. The first is because this is all quite fantastic to me. I'm used to playing small pubs & recording in living rooms, & the prospect of all this is, to say the least, overwhelming. It's a very dark area for me, & you are my only bearing. & the other fear is of the songs themselves. I mean our ones – I don't know what the deal is w/ a producer, or what kind of arrangement you have with Virgin, over control, but these songs are very important to me. I'm a proud person, & they are my greatest pride, & I just hope we can keep that freshness to them – just those couple of songs. I couldn't bear to see them spoilt by some glossy Harvard boy. I'm sorry if I'm being presumptuous, but they are the best things I've ever written, & quite probably ever will write, & this one shot has to be bang on the mark. These few minutes are our greatest opportunity, an opportunities so incredible I owe you all that's good in my body. Thank you, dearest Milla, for this chance, & your faith & your love. It has shown me other worlds. I'll love you forever I'm afraid. xx Anno. [Unsent? Check with Milla]

1999-05-00       EE462| 

Letter to Milla: "It took about an hour for the neurons to connect the other day. God knows why it took so long, but all of a sudden I realised what you had said. I went to sleep weak w/ wonder, & woke up pale w/ excitement. I'm not sure if you know how much this means to me, so I'll tell you. This is my dream. My greatest, greatest fantasy.

Those few songs of ours – I play them all the time, & write little bits & just listen to the notes by themselves, & in those notes I hear your voice, & in that voice lie answers to eternal questions. They are the reasons I write, & play – they are my greatest connection."

1999-05-00       N12 

Drawing: Knife/butter/Anchor

1999-05-00       Z350 

USA dates: 15 June – 10th July 1999]

1999-05-00?     Z384 

Song list: Anodyne, 9 Years, Crack (you bust) (Only Angel), Fermentive (Close), Glory Seeker, Trust, Black Water, Antiphony, He Felt, Warship, Solace, Waterline, Satan Would.

1999-05-18*     *CD08-01                         {Black Water} 

Cubase Archive #8: Black Water

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           09:27       {When You Last Came Through} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head (Duration: 13:30)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           19:24       {Masters of War}=BD 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head (Duration: 05:00)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           28:16       {Warship} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Warship, aka Wishful

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           24:32       {Black Water} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Black Water (Duration: 03:44)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           42:03 

Anno & Wendy at Emma's

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           36:46       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Solace

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           00:55       {Red River} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Red River (starts late) (Duration: 04:57)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           36:46       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Solace

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           05:52       {Yard of Blonde Girls}=JB 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Jeff Buckley "Yard of Blonde Girls" (Duration: 03:40)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           28:16       {Warship} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Warship, aka Wishful

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           09:27       {When You Last Came Through} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head (Duration: 13:30)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           13:29       {Nine Years} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head (Duration: 06:00)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           05:52       {Yard of Blonde Girls}=JB 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Jeff Buckley "Yard of Blonde Girls" (Duration: 03:40)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           13:29       {Nine Years} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head (Duration: 06:00)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           42:03 

Anno & Wendy at Emma's

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           19:24       {Masters of War}=BD 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head (Duration: 05:00)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           00:55       {Red River} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Red River (starts late) (Duration: 04:57)

1999-05-23*     $DVX35           24:32       {Black Water} 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head – Black Water (Duration: 03:44)

1999-05-23*     *MD22                              {Masters of War}=BD 

*Anno, Andrew R, Gus & Alex @ the King's Head (Duration: 05:00) [Gus’s tape direct from the mixing deck.

1999-05-30*     TIM                  00:18 

Letter to Milla:


18th draft


Dear Milla,

Now I’ve finally willed myself to put pen to paper, i intend somehow to say all the things i need to say. It would be logical to start with the obvious: I love you. I have since we first met and it hasn’t dimmed in the slightest. It never will – not in a week or a year or seven or seventy. To say that I’ll look at you with lust-less eyes would be lying. I can’t help what i feel and i can’t stop it. If i could, i may have done so a month ago, or when i first realised you had the power of life and death in your hands, though i doubt it. The past year has been as extreme as i could have fathomed. I was so low for so much of the time, most of it is a blurred headache. Except for those few days with you that feel like fire in my memory.

Stark, vivid moments of clarity in an otherwise terrifying acid trip. And what an acid trip it was – and what clarity!

What you did for me, for my mind and my heart... You removed me so far from my field of experience, i suddenly felt the chains of tangibility. I spent months locked in my head, thinking of you, and dreaming of sweetness, and wondering how the two would merge. Working out sentences word for word, but not just any words – the best ones, because you deserved no less. And trying to analyse and plan love. And plan myself. My best self, because even this i thought could never please you.

Every time i saw you, or spoke to you, everything fell to pieces. I’d look in your eyes and realize how impotent and sterile the words were. I’d try and think of others, and my whole head felt so empty of explanation. So devoid of comprehension. So I’d look away. Turn and try to muster up the courage to kiss you, in hope that maybe that would come out right. And I’d look up, and glance at your lips, and my heart would sink. I don’t have the mind or the words to say what I so want to say to you. And I don’t have the lips to touch you like I want to. It’s funny that you said that you wished we’d met when you were younger, ‘cause i just wish I’d been a little older. A little more knowing and a little wiser. You made me question my faith in so many things, in myself and in my music and my writing and my spirit, and i love you entirely for that. And i thank you again. I’m now so heart broken to see it go, but somehow it seems right. And without regret, i bow down from that movement of the dance... though i do it with a stitch in my gut, and few things on this world can alleviate that god awful pain.

It was so frustrating for me not to be able to scream how i felt over the last eleven months, so i just went on and on to people about how I’d found this amazing musical connection. This voice that sounded to me like God must have sounded to her. This face was purity incarnate. What i found in that boudoir, in the air between us, is my reason for living. This is not horse shit. Very, very few things I’d found provoked a desire to wake up in the mornings. And then i met you, and i found myself embracing the days. And everything made me think of you, and you made me think everything. You’re friendship, your music – these connections we have on so many levels all aside from the frivolous workings of the old blood pumper, are priceless to me. These i cannot bare to lose and yet now, i fear somehow I’ve engineered their absence. And what i crave now is a little Jovovich honesty. Please, now there are no more hearts to break, tell me where we stand. And if it’s time to move on in music, and in your life and friends, please tell me. I will understand. Look at me and my drummer!

I’m sorry if I’m still so paranoid, but i am feeling a tremendous amount of pain at the moment, and I’d give anything to hear you say “Hi, how are you?”, or to read some of your lyrics... to feel encouraged by you. About us. You would be a most valued friend at this rather lonely time in my life. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity you’ve given me in LA, but I don’t know if i want to do it, because that isn’t why i need to come. I need to see you, and know that there still exists between us some kind of magic, albeit of the head. But it’s the most fantastic magic and I need to play with you, so my soul can be happy.

The optimism you inspire never ceases to astound me.

In regard to what i said earlier, about lust-less eyes, – I’ll force them to be that way. I’ll never look at you again. But please grant us something to hold. our voice and our mind and our heart and our soul for just a few moments. A few songs that’ll feed my ears forever.

My spark. My brightness. You are truly born of an artistic God.

I wish i knew how to be sweet to you.


I must send this now before i reread it once again and decide it’s awful.


You can probably see why i can’t make the next phone call. But i wait.


I love you.

I love you. I’ll never say it again.                                                                                                           Anno

1999-06-00       *CD022-01       05:11       {Anodyne} 

 Missing the Point

1999-06-00       *CD022-03       04:23       {Friends} 

 Missing the Point

1999-06-00       *CD022-04       05:36       {Lay Low} 

 Missing the Point

1999-06-00       *CD022-05       04:19       {Trust} 

 Missing the Point

1999-06-00       *CD022-02       03:22       {Warm December} 

 Missing the Point

1999-06-00       *MD21-03                        {Black Water} 

Anno w/ Tim (or Alex???) on drums. [Alex P’s original]

1999-06-00       *MD21-01                        {Warship} 

Anno w/ Tim (or Alex???) on drums, continues w/ long bridge into Sacrifice & Bliss

[Alex P’s original]

1999-06-00?     *ZIP02-00                         {Buzzard Meat} 

Buzzard Meat

1999-06-00       *CD19-01                         {Foetal Position}=B 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #5 (x2, 2nd missing)

1999-06-00?     *MD11-03 

Anno jamming with Milla – "you'll always be my lover"

1999-06-00?     *MD11-01        05:17       {Jam: Anno} 

Anno jamming solo, Chris

1999-06-00?     *MD11-02 

Anno reading Thomas Penman to Milla & Chris (till 4:44) + chat


Wales                08:12

1999-06-00       *MD21-02                        {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Anno w/ Tim (or Alex???) on drums, emerges from long bridge leading back to Warship [Alex P’s original]

1999-06-00?     *MD11-04        04:26 

Anno telling Chris & Milla about Joseph Campbell, sacrifice & bliss  

1999-06-00       EE442 

CD label design, "Missing the Point", with credits for Anodyne, Warm December, Windowsill & Waterline

1999-06-00       V47-1 

Phone number: Sean???

1999-06-00       V46 

USA addresses

1999-06-00       V44 

USA address

1999-06-00?     Z081-1 

10 Commandments (written out in full):

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain

Thou shalt not kill

Thou shalt not commit adultery, etc.

1999-06-00?     Z081-2 

Song List (early FMA?): John Fruschanti, Diamond Sea, !Venus in Furs! (Last Great American Whale), Lay me Low, Hot Wax ... &c

1999-06-00?     Z115 

Drawing: “I'm pointless.” “We know you are.”

1999-06-00       Z310 

Phone numbers (Lea, Lee)

1999-06-07*     EE404 

TT: STA Travel – Anno to LAX on June 14th ...

1999-06-14       =PP2-29 

USA (LA) arrive (till 1 July)

1999-06-16*     *CD022-06       05:28       {Waterline}©R 

 Missing the Point (Andrew R on Fosters @ start)

1999-06-16*     *MD09-08        03:20       {Warm December} 

Warm December

1999-06-16*     *MD09-07        05:13       {Anodyne} 


1999-06-16*     *MD09-09        04:46       {Windowsill} 

Ballad from a Windowsill

1999-06-16*     *MD09-10        05:29       {Waterline} 

Waterline (Andrew R on Fosters @ start) (same as *CD22)

1999-07-00*     *CD11-03                         {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Cubase Archive #11: Kamakazie & War & Solace #3 (7.99)

1999-07-00*     *CD11-02         ?0:00       {War}©R?? 

Cubase Archive #11: Kamakazie & War & Solace #3 (7.99)

1999-07-00       *CD110-04       04:30       {Black Water}©R 

Black Water (Andy C transfer from Cubase Archive #8)

1999-07-00*     *CD10-02                         {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Cubase Archive #10: War & Solace #2 (7.99)

1999-07-00*     *CD10-00         ?0:00       {Warship} 

Cubase Archive #10: War & Solace #2 (7.99)

1999-07-00       *CD110-03       10:01       {Collapse of the Ψ}©R 

Collapse of the Wave Function (Andy C transfer from Cubase FMA Archive #5), Anno humming @ start

1999-07-00       *CD043-01                       {Nine Years} 

Petty Tyrant – MISSING

1999-07-00       *CD043-02                       {Trying to Find Air} 

Petty Tyrant – MISSING

1999-07-00       *CD043-02                       {Anodyne} 

Petty Tyrant – MISSING

1999-07-00       *CD110-06       03:56       {Baby Blue}©R=BD 

Dylan's Baby Blue (sniffs at start) (Andy C transfer from Cubase Archive #12)

1999-07-00*     *CD09-01         ?0:00       {Warship}©R?? 

Cubase Archive #9: Warship & Solace #1 (7.99)

1999-07-00       *CD110-05       05:00       {Gates of Eden}©S=BD 

Dylan's Gates of Eden (Andy C transfer from Cubase Archive #12)

1999-07-00*     *CD09-02                         {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Cubase Archive #9: Solace #1 (7.99)

1999-07-00       *CD123-05       21:52       {Blues Ate My Children} 

Blues Ate My Children (Tim on drums) [t/f Cubase files]

1999-07-00       *CD123-06a     04:58       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Solace (Tim on drums in f/g, Anno vocals), [t/f Cubase files] starts @ 09:51 on track 6, ends @ 14:49.

1999-07-00       *CD123-06       09:21       {Warship} 

Warship – guitar/vocals, over lapped with Solace. [t/f Cubase files] ends @ 09:21. Blank till 09:51, then Solace till 14:49

1999-07-00       *CD16-01                         {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #2

1999-07-00*     *CD121-08       04:27       {Black Water #} 

Black Water – drums, vocals – single guitar ... [t/f Cubase files]

1999-07-00       EE407 

Letter to Milla: 2nd draft

1999-07-00       EE472 

Stony Sleep Flyer

1999-07-00       EE408 

Letter to Milla: 3rd draft, typed. "I love you, and I'll never say it again. Anno"

1999-07-00       EE409 

Letter to Milla: 4th draft, typed. "I love you, and I'll never say it again. Anno"

1999-07-00       EE413 

Advert in NME for a bassist: "Experimental, light and heavy music via SOnic Youth, Jon Spencer, Velvet Underground." ??? Billy check

1999-07-00       EE443 

CD Murmadon (Solace & Kamakazie) – "Dear Papa, all my love & royalties, Anno xx"

1999-07-00       EE406 

Letter to Milla: "That fear of the mortality of love is so horrendous, like the fear of death. Death itself simply brings relief from the anxious despair."

1999-07-00       V27/29 

Expenses (USA, 7/99)

1999-07-00       V41A 

"falling over me again"

1999-07-00       V02 

"Skin flap / Lint trap"

1999-07-00       V01 

Phone numbers: Mr Lee, etc

1999-07-00       V31 

Weird hierarchial list of names related to numbers, eg Vandad + Allira = 7, Chris Brenner = 1, Madonna = 26, Bob Dylan = 27, Dan = 2, Alex = 3 etc. ???

1999-07-00       V24                   {Homeless Angel}                                                      AB454-1-3


There's a shadow, there's an angel & she's homeless.

She's realized no creator & nor no heaven lay in wait.

She took the baited, barbed, serrated silver

hook & swallowed deep whole, w/out a look,

w/out a glance & she mistook her blood for


                 & her ignorance for faith.


       She realised that it's all on one assumption,

    & assumptions can be presumptions are always wrong.


She rationed her mind & the sin that she fed it,

She sectioned herself from the devils, & misfits

& stray bits of people that sleep on the street,

she gave them a thought once, not long,

just a beat, &


    She realized that it's all on one assumption

 & assumptions can be wrong.


& she noticed there were things that lived

inside her, that in their wars & symphonies

composed her. In their definition they differences – define her.



1999-07-00       V47-2 

Chords for Dylan’s Gates of Eden, Baby Blue, Idiot Wind

1999-07-00       V21 

Phone number: Solan (USA)

1999-07-00       V25 

Phone numbers: Roseball

1999-07-00       V30 

Guitars (prices)

1999-07-00       Z354 

"DRUMMER NEEDED to complete Pwllheli based"

1999-07-15*     EE410 

TT: STA Travel LA, confirm return 18th July

1999-07-17       *MD12-21        05:04       {Homeless Angel}++M 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-14        00:39       {Pretender} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-22        02:05       {Anno/Billy Jam} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-13        03:59       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy (bg bell chimes in wind)

1999-07-17       *MD12-12 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy chatting, continues into next track                               00:17

1999-07-17       *MD12-19        00:15       {Pretender} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-18        00:40       {Pretender} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-10        03:09       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy (A: "It sounds so cool when you do that")

1999-07-17       *MD12-09        00:05       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy – false start

1999-07-17       *MD12-08        00:51       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy – fuck man!

1999-07-17       *MD12-07        00:40       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy (wind, lovely)

1999-07-17       *MD12-06        00:21       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-05        00:53       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-04        00:44       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy – Anno aborts in falsetto!

1999-07-17       *MD12-20        04:30       {Pretender} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy (aeroplane)

1999-07-17       *MD12-03        03:19       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy – Billy aborts. Anno: What hapened? Billy: I fucked up the “stupid smile” bit.

1999-07-17       *MD12-23        04:13       {Anno/Billy Jam} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-34        03:55       {Butterflies} 

Claudia's garden: Anno "flutterby" (Radio Head?) [ends @ 3:55, rest of track blank till 7:29)

1999-07-17       *MD12-11        03:46       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-17       *MD12-16        04:44       {Pretender}©M 

Claudia's garden: Anno – high note held

1999-07-17       *MD12-01        03:22       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno doing his Billy Connolly – “fuckin’ brilliant” – into Ultraviolence. – Billy aborts – Anno: No no! – you should have gone with it man, it was so fucking good.” Billy: We can do it again. (CD705-01)

1999-07-17       *MD12-02        02:22       {Ultraviolence} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy ... aborts

1999-07-18       *MD12-24        09:39       {Jam coprophilia} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy

1999-07-18       *MD12-25-2     03:54       {Warm December} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy – Warm December (from 7:12)

1999-07-18       *MD12-25-1     07:04       {Red Tears???} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy – "red tears" (till 7:04)

1999-07-18       EE414 

TT: Ticket London/LAX/London

1999-08-00       $DVX38           00:00 

Anno & Lou in Wales

1999-08-00       $DVX38           00:00 

Anno & Lou in Wales

1999-08-00       *CD110-02       02:40       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Solace #2 (Andy C transfer from Cubase Archives #9, 10 & 11)

1999-08-00       *CD024-06       05:37       {Lay Low} 

Virgin Demo (Tony Berg) Aug '99

1999-08-00       *CD024-05       04:48       {Windowsill} 

Virgin Demo (Tony Berg) Aug '99

1999-08-00       *CD024-04       03:21       {Warm December} 

Virgin Demo (Tony Berg) Aug '99

1999-08-00       *CD024-03       04:52       {Windowsill} 

Virgin Demo (Tony Berg) Aug '99

1999-08-00       *CD024-02       05:26       {Nine Years} 

Virgin Demo (Tony Berg) Aug '99

1999-08-00       *CD038-05       02:59       {Touched #2} 

Goodshit (Anno’s 2000 compilation)

1999-08-00       *CD024-01       05:08       {Anodyne} 

Virgin Demo (Tony Berg) Aug '99

1999-08-00       *MD12-33        00:42       {Craven Image #2}X 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – aborts

1999-08-00       *MD12-37        03:39       {Craven Image #2} 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales

1999-08-00       *MD12-32        00:17       {Craven Image #2}X 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – aborts

1999-08-00       *MD12-31        03:28       {Craven Image #2} 

Claudia's garden: Anno & Billy (Acoustic)

1999-08-00       *MD12-36        02:07       {Craven Image #2} 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales

1999-08-00       *MD12-29        00:45       {Craven Image #2}X 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – aborts

1999-08-00       *MD12-28        02:47       {Craven Image #2}X 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – aborts

1999-08-00       *MD12-27        00:03       {Craven Image #2}X 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – aborts

1999-08-00       *MD12-26        00:44       {Craven Image #2}X 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – aborts

1999-08-00       *MD12-35        00:13       {Craven Image #2}X 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – aborts

1999-08-00       *MD12-30        00:31       {Craven Image #2}X 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – aborts

1999-08-00*     *CD121-01       05:09       {Absurd Bird #} 

Absurd Bird backing track, vocals @ 2.50 [t/f Cubase files]

1999-08-00       *CD12-02                         {Baby Blue}=BD 

Cubase Archive #12: Dylan's It's all over now Baby Blue

1999-08-00       *CD12-01                         {Gates of Eden}=BD 

Cubase Archive #12: Dylan's Gates of Eden

1999-08-00       *CD17-01                         {Absurd Bird} 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #3

1999-08-00       *CD17-02                         {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Cubase Archive: Collapse of the Wave Function. Flying Mango Attack #3 – Collapse Bits

1999-08-00       *CD14-01                         {Blues Ate My Children} 

Cubase Archive #14: The Wank (The Blues Ate My Children) Tim drums

1999-08-00*     *CD13-01         05:11       {Absurd Bird} 

Cubase Archive #13: Hemlock 5:11 (354.6 mb, 29 files) Aug 99

1999-08-00       *MD12-34        03:35       {Craven Image #2} 

Craven Image: Anno recording solo in Wales – pisstake, lovely. Weird effects till 3:55.

1999-08-00       EE400B 

North Wind notes

1999-08-00       EE401 

North Wind notes

1999-08-00       EE400 

North Wind notes

1999-08-00       EE400A 

North Wind notes

1999-08-00       EE473 

Lee's drawing: "I know this sounds stupid but wh, what, what is my name?"

1999-08-00       EE402 

North Wind notes – "united thanks to Lee, dies"

1999-08-23*     EE415 

BB: Bank letter offering Accidental Life Insurance free of charge (!)

1999-08-26*     *MD09-11 

Short instrumental                      00:27

1999-09-00       $DVX40           00:00 

Anno fragment

1999-09-00       $DVX40           00:00 

Anno fragment

1999-09-00       *CD041-05       02:59       {Touched #1}©R 

Pity the Poor Crocodiles

1999-09-00       Q13 

Recording notes – "Both is better than either"

1999-09-00       Q06 

FMA song list: Cancel, The absurd bird, Real time blues, Mid-life crisis jam, Function


  Da Sine 

  da sine

  Don't milk it Bilky?

1999-09-00       Q04 

FMA CD list + Logo: 1. Ultraviolence 2. The flying mango attack 3. the absurd bird 4. Love hammer 21 5. Tedious Cancer 6. Complex 7. Real time blues 8. Lost cause 9. Touched

1999-09-00       Q17 

FMA song list:

Flying Mango Attack


1. Ultraviolence, 2. Cancel, 3. Realtime Blues, 4. I'm an idiot... Give me love, 5. The Absurd bird, 6. Buzzard Meat, 7. Out w/ the old & in w/ the new, 8. Love Hammer 21, 9. Solace, 10. Foetal Position, 11. Collapse of the Wave function, 12. Touched. [11 & 12 reversed]

1999-09-00       Q19-2 

Song list (with Andrew R)

1999-09-00       Q01-3 

List of euphemisms/expressions: Weeping Eye, Virile Member, Blind tiger, Mr Charlie,

smokey highway patrol, baby kisser, Bronxville bomb, Cairo crud, buy the farm,

Push up daisies, belt the grape, Ambidextrous (what he meant was he needed sex so bad he didn't care whose hole was [???] Abattoire- Glue factory.

1999-09-00       Q12 

"Now I'm awkward"

1999-10-00       *AC19-00                         {Touched}  

Labelled Durango 95 – early version of Touched

1999-10-00       EE403 

Tutankhamen notes

1999-10-02*     TIM                  02:03 

email to Victoria Asher:

Dear Vic, I'm afraid I don't know how to write this letter, because I don't really know what I'm saying, or asking. What i'm saying isn't just some nicely wrapped rejection - I don't even know that it's a rejection at all. First off, you know I have feelings for you (and not just silly 'friendly' feelings). I think you're a wickedly beautiful, wonderfully free, quite extraordinary person. You are genuinely [ENDS]

1999-10-02*     TIM                  02:04 

Letter to Milla:

Dear Milla,

Now I’ve finally willed myself to put pen to paper, i intend somehow to say all the things i need to say. It would be logical to start with the obvious: I love you. I have since we first met and it hasn’t dimmed in the slightest. It never will – not in a week or a year or seven or seventy. To say that I’ll look at you with lust-less eyes would be lying. I can’t help what i feel and i can’t stop it. If i could, i may well have done so a month ago, or when i first realised you had the power of life and death in your hands. You do have that power, and i would not wish it upon anyone. So maybe if i could have, i would’ve not left myself open, although i doubt it. I cannot regret a second or a word (Solace). The past year has been as extreme as i could have fathomed. I was so low for so much of the time, most of it is a blurred headache.

Then in my memory, like arrows come those few days with you. Like, stark, vivid moments of clarity in an otherwise terrifying acid trip. And what an acid trip it was – and what clarity!

What you did for me, for my mind and my heart... If i seemed vague, it’s because all my energy was being used trying to decipher my geography. To try and comprehend what was happening, and why. You removed me so far from my field of experience, i suddenly felt the restrictions of a three dimensional world, and of this fucking language that once had my absolute faith. And i love you entirely for that. And i thank you again. I’m now so heart broken to see it go, but i offer it gladly for the sake of your happiness. And without regret, i bow down from that movement of the dance... though i do it with a stitch in my gut, and few things on this world can alleviate that god awful pain. You can.

It was so frustrating for me not to be able to scream how i felt over the last eleven months, so i just went on and on to people about how I’d found this amazing musical connection. This Goddess who sung like an angel on ecstasy and looked like purity incarnate. Many fictional words passed my crusty lips last year – these were not among them. What i found in that boudoir, in the air between us, is the reason i live. This is not horse shit. Very, very few things I’ve found in existence provoke a desire for death’s procrastination. You are one of them. You’re friendship, your music – these connections we have on so many levels all aside from the frivolous workings of the old blood pumper, are priceless to me. These i cannot bare to lose yet now i fear somehow I’ve engineered their absence. And what i crave now is a little Jovovich honesty.

Please, now there are no more hearts to break, tell me where we stand. And if it’s time to move on in music, and in your life and friends, please tell me. I will understand – I’m so in awe of you i have little choice. I could never imagine you to be wrong about something. The way I think orders you innocent and presumes some guilt in me.

I’m sorry if I’m still so paranoid, but i am feeling a tremendous amount of pain at the moment, and I’d give anything to hear you say “Hi, how are you?”, or to read some of your lyrics... to feel encouraged by you. About us. I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity you’ve given me in LA, but that isn’t why i need to come. I need to see you, and know that there still exists between us some kind of magic, albeit of the head. I need to play with you.

The optimism you inspire never ceases to astound me.

In regard to what i said earlier, about lust-less eyes, – I’ll force them to be that way. I’ll never look at you again. But please give me something to hold. Give me your voice and your mind and your heart and your soul for just a few moments. A few songs that’ll feed my ears forever.


You can probably see why i can’t make the next phone call. But i wait.


I love you, and I’ll never say it again. Anno


[Transferred from Anno’s computer]

1999-10-02*     TIM                  04:05 

email to Victoria Asher:

Dear Vic,

Thank you so much for such an amazing letter. I'm afraid my reply shall not be half as brave. I think the only way to talk about what it is that's going on in my head is to talk about me. Please try to understand because this is not some well wrapped rejection. The last year has been so fucking crazy, and it's driven me that way. I think I can say that all the pain and want and anguish I felt was all due to my hope. I wasn't content to live day to day and just love every second, rather i spent every second i had wishing it was something different. Wishing we were together for the months we weren't, hoping and dreaming that my whole life and career and everything would somehow be with her. And over the last five months, wishing I hadn't wished so much! Milla was very symbolic to me as the joining of my love and my music, my heart and my head. I think I always knew that this was impossible - that one had to die for the other to survive, and I think I always knew which would still be with me now. Music is my wife. She will never leave me and I can never get away from her. And now, finally the other love is off my brain and she can have my full attention. She is now my ambition. That was the problem with me and Milla - she became an ambition, and love should never become so grossly misguided. Maybe it's just a pretentious teenage crisis i'm having but i'm becoming very aware of the situation i'm in, as compared with the one i would like to be in so far as my life is concerned, and my ambition is finally properly directed. So when i said that it's not a rejection, I mean that it is not you I'm rejecting, but love. If I was to just act on impulse I might get on a plane and come out there now. But then what? It would be fantastic, i know it would, but then I'd come back, and i'd be like i was eight months ago - depressed and pining for someone over the ocean. I wouldn't be with you and you would fall into the awful trap of becoming my ambition, and all i'd think about is how to get out to LA, how to stay out there, and how awful London was. I can't help feeling that the past year - all the pain and misery and joy - has all been in preparation for something. This great challenge seems to be looming over my head like a monstrous shadow, and it may be the shadow of an ant that just looks big but it may be something more, and if I run away then I'll never know... and for sure that would kill me and anyone close by. If i was with anyone now it would be you. I couldn't stop thinking of you for so long, and i haven't now, and i long sometimes to be back out there. I had such a wonderful time with you, and I know that i will again, but to dive into something now, when we're miles and probably months apart seems to this cynical heart to be long roads of agony. I've just pulled off of one and I really think that if I don't follow my passion now there will be nothing to love and I think I'll die... I mean actually die. I'm sorry to seem so ass about tit, but I'm trying very hard to understand my emotions, and never want to hurt you like I have been. I'm sure I wouldn't, but I can't afford to be sensitive at the moment. I hope you understand what i've written, and i hope i've understood myself correctly. I'd love to see you as soon as I can. Please don't hate me for trying to be honest with myself... i think it may make me a better person.

This letter is getting so long winded... I don't what i've even said, but it seems to make sense.

Please write back.

love anno

1999-10-03*     TIM                  22:56 

email to Andy Hynek:

Dear Andy,

I hope this e-mail gets to you and not Cambodia.

I feel a shoddy asshole for taking such a while to write to you, but the

last few months have been either too horrible or too amazing and i have

only just regained control of my mind. Or rather, I am finally in the

process of doing so.

As opposed to filling this letter with pithy questions like "How's

school?" "How's the music?" "How's the hampster" and "How's your

interpretation of existence" (the four fundamental questions), rather I

shall just talk about myself and wish you the arrogance to do the same

in your reply. Milla dumped me, then burned me. My drummer (Auguste -

french) quit two weeks ago. My mind is gone. I can't sing. I have five

personalities. I have seven toes. And one eye-nipple.

Having said that the band is finally coming together, with the Bassist

and Drummer from a newly broken up one - Stony Sleep (get their album on

Big Cat records: "a slack romance"!) My father for some reason still

finds my motives acceptable as he has put about 10K into funding the

kick off of the group (van, equip, drugs, petrol, horseshit).

We're called "the Flying Mango Attack". Hopefully things will

pick up quite quickly as we should have some of Stony Sleep's ex-

following to begin with. Billy got back about a month ago, and we will

be writing and recording over the next three or four. If you give me

your actual, physical, noneloctroniccomputerbullshit address then i

shall send you any measley endeavours.

Remember Nao from ASL? Well, he's designing our Website - Laurentic.com.

It's actually a website for all sorts of good underground art (music,

painting, poetry, film, short stories...) and it should be operational

by December. You will then be able to download a couple of my songs

direct (as well as the other bands) and laugh at all the friends of

yours you bribe to go along, as you watch them pay me A35 for something

you got for nothing!

By June I will be Emperor.

So all in all i've overrated my depression, though only in the last week

have i started to feel happy again. And not until I'm getting her

puntang again shall i be truly satisfied.

For the next week or so, write to me at this address but then it'll just

be Anno@Laurentic.com slick - eh! (If there's a problem then use the

latter now)

Bye Baby.

Write to me if you're bored, or really busy with school work.


1999-10-26       *CD101-01       00:00       {Ultraviolence} 

Best of ... the Laurentic Wave Machine

1999-10-26       *CD027-04       03:56       {Ultraviolence} 

UV #3

1999-10-26       *CD101-02       00:00       {} 

Best of ... the Laurentic Wave Machine

1999-10-26       *CD026-01       04:02       {Ultraviolence} 

UV (4 copies, 3 x 04:02, 1 x 3:58)

1999-10-26       *CD041-07       03:56       {Ultraviolence} 

Pity the Poor Crocodiles (Milla's version)

1999-10-26       *CD101-03       00:00       {} 

Best of ... the Laurentic Wave Machine

1999-10-26       *CD101-04       00:00       {} 

Best of ... the Laurentic Wave Machine

1999-10-26       *CD027-05       03:57       {Ultraviolence} 

UV #3

1999-10-26       *CD027-03       00:05       {Ultraviolence} 

UV #3, false start

1999-10-26       *CD033-12       03:55       {Ultraviolence}                                           

Flying Mango Attack mixes:

1999-10-26*     *MD09-12        04:26       {Ultraviolence} 


1999-11-00       *CD028-10       05:26       {Nine Years} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Nine Years (complete)

1999-11-00       *CD028-09 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Aborts           00:10 

1999-11-00       *CD028-08 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Aborts           00:12

1999-11-00       *CD027-13       02:56       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Billy: I'm an idiot ... give me love

1999-11-00       *CD028-05 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: blank             00:12

1999-11-00       *CD028-03 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: blank             00:08

1999-11-00       *CD028-04       03:32       {Craven Image #2} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Rabid Angle/Craven Image (b/g chat @ start)

1999-11-00       *CD027-12       02:56       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Billy: I'm an idiot ... give me love

1999-11-00       *CD027-06       01:27       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Billy: I'm an idiot ... give me love

1999-11-00       *CD027-07       00:07       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Billy: I'm an idiot ... give me love

1999-11-00       *CD027-08       00:03       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Billy: I'm an idiot ... give me love

1999-11-00       *CD027-09       02:57       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Billy: I'm an idiot ... give me love

1999-11-00       *CD027-10       02:56       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Billy: I'm an idiot ... give me love

1999-11-00       *CD027-11       02:57       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Billy: I'm an idiot ... give me love

1999-11-00       *CD028-11       05:00       {Sacrifice & Bliss #1} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Solace #1 (complete)

1999-11-00?     *ZIP03-02                         {Place To Be} 

A & B – Love Hammer 21 * Gus. Label adds "Place to Be"

1999-11-08*     EE416 

E-mail to Tony Berg – "any enlightened slagging would be very much appreciated."

1999-11-19*     *MD12-41        00:16       {Cancel (barks)} 

Wales: Barking dog, Dave in @ 0:55

1999-11-19*     *MD12-40        00:16       {Cancel (barks)} 

Wales: Anno, Roz, Dave – barks for Cancel

1999-11-19       *MD12-38 

Wales: Fuck! Ned, Ross ...         00:18

1999-11-30*     EE416 

Tony Berg e-mail – "I think [Ultraviolence] is FANTASTIC. Original, challenging, beautiful."

1999-12-00       *CD036-12       10:10       {Collapse of the Ψ}©R 

Flying Mango Attack album

1999-12-00       *CD036-11       02:48       {Touched #3}©R 

Flying Mango Attack album

1999-12-00       *CD036-10       06:03       {Foetal Position}=B 

Flying Mango Attack album

1999-12-00       *CD036-09       04:08       {Sacrifice & Bliss}©R 

Flying Mango Attack album (aka Sacrifice & Bliss)

1999-12-00       *CD036-08       02:24       {Love Hammer 21}=B 

Flying Mango Attack album

1999-12-00       *CD036-06       02:59       {Buzzard Meat}©R 

Flying Mango Attack album

1999-12-00       *CD036-05       05:30       {Absurd Bird #2}©R 

Flying Mango Attack album

1999-12-00       *CD036-04       02:55       {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Flying Mango Attack album (I'm an Idiot ... Give Me Love)

1999-12-00       *CD036-03       03:38       {Real-time Blues}©R 

Flying Mango Attack album

1999-12-00       *CD036-02       02:03       {Cancel}©R 

Flying Mango Attack album (Eine Kleine Cigarettenmusik)

1999-12-00       *CD036-01       03:56       {Ultraviolence}©R 

Flying Mango Attack album [originally titled Karmageddon, FMA being the name of the band] Album "recorded between 7th-14th Dec '99")

1999-12-00       *CD035-19 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: blank 

1999-12-00       *CD035-18       03:36       {Real Time Blues} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Real Time Blues, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-17       03:36       {Real Time Blues} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Real Time Blues, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-16       03:34       {Real Time Blues} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Real Time Blues, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-15       03:37       {Real Time Blues} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Real Time Blues, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-14       03:35       {Real Time Blues} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Real Time Blues, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-13       00:02       {Real Time Blues} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: skipped track (unlucky?)

1999-12-00       *CD035-12       03:35       {Real Time Blues} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Real Time Blues ends @ 03:35. Rest blank.

1999-12-00       *CD035-11       02:08       {Real Time Blues} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Solace, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-10       04:08       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Solace, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-09       04:10       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Solace, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-08       00:52       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Solace – cuts out @ thin man

1999-12-00       *CD035-07       04:09       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Solace, complete

1999-12-00       *CD035-06       01:22       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Collapse, complete (original version)

1999-12-00       *CD035-05       10:10       {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Collapse, complete (original version)

1999-12-00       *CD035-04       10:10       {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Collapse, complete (original version)

1999-12-00       *CD035-03       00:39       {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: cuts out

1999-12-00       *CD035-02       01:59       {Cancel} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Cancel (no dog bark)

1999-12-00       *CD035-01       01:59       {Cancel} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Cancel (no dog bark)

1999-12-00       *CD033-11       02:43       {Love Hammer 21}=B 

Flying Mango Attack mixes:

1999-12-00       *CD033-10       02:46       {Touched} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes:

1999-12-00       *CD033-09       05:30       {Absurd Bird #2} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Solace #2 ???

1999-12-00       *CD033-08       08:10       {Brass}=B 

Flying Mango Attack mixes:

1999-12-00       *CD033-07       02:56       {I'm an Idiot}=B 

Flying Mango Attack mixes:

1999-12-00       *CD033-06       10:10       {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Collapse (complete)

1999-12-00       *CD033-05       01:14       {Collapse of the Ψ}X 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Collapse – aborts

1999-12-00       *CD033-04       02:09       {Cancel} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Cancel

1999-12-00       *CD033-03       02:59       {Buzzard Meat} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Buzzard Meat

1999-12-00       *CD033-02       04:08       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Solace

1999-12-00       *CD033-01 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Blank

1999-12-00       *CD028-02       05:12       {Absurd Bird #2} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Absurd Bird (complete)

1999-12-00       *CD028-01       05:16       {Absurd Bird #2} 

Flying Mango Attack mixes: Absurd Bird (complete)

1999-12-00       *CD036-07       08:05       {Brass}=B 

Flying Mango Attack album

1999-12-00       *CD123-01       03:01       {I'm an Idiot}=B                                         

I'm an Idiot (Billy) [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00       *CD16-02                         {I'm an Idiot...}=B 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #2

1999-12-00       *CD15-01                         {Cancel} 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #1

1999-12-00       *CD15-00                         {Love Hammer 21}=B 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #1

1999-12-00*     *CD122-10       04:04       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Solace (no extra verse) [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00       *CD123-02       02:33       {Love Hammer 21}=B 

Love Hammer 21 (Billy) [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00*     *CD122-08       05:12       {Absurd Bird} 

Absurd Bird (Anno voice) [t/f Cubase files] starts @ 0:12, ends @ 5:12, blank till 5:29

1999-12-00*     *CD122-07       05:09       {Absurd Bird} 

Absurd Bird [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00*     *CD122-06       05:10       {Absurd Bird} 

Absurd Bird [t/f Cubase files] Ends @ 5:10, blank till 5:29

1999-12-00*     *CD122-05       06:15       {Foetal Position}=B 

Foetal Position – shit! @ 1.48?? [t/f Cubase files]. Ends @ 6:15, blank till 6:27

1999-12-00*     *CD122-04       06:07       {Foetal Position}=B 

Foetal Position (backing) [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00       *CD123-03       03:40       {Real-time Blues #} 

Real-time Blues [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00       *CD123-04       03:37       {Real-time Blues #} 

Real-time Blues [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00*     *CD122-03       06:09       {Foetal Position}=B 

Foetal Position [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00       *CD18-01                         {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #4

1999-12-00       *ZIP03-01                         {Love Hammer 21}=B 

A & B – Love Hammer 21 * Gus. Label adds "Place to Be"

1999-12-00*     *CD122-09       04:04       {Sacrifice & Bliss} 

Solace (overlapped duo) extra verse @ 3:06 – "He stood like a stone, with a storm like a scarf" (later used in Like Light - CHECK) [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00*     *CD122-02       05:57       {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Collapse – bits/SFX [t/f Cubase files], Anno humming @ start

1999-12-00*     *CD122-01       10:10       {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Collapse of the Wave Function [t/f Cubase files], Anno humming @ start

1999-12-00       *CD15-00                         {Buzzard Meat} 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #1

1999-12-00*     *CD121-10       02:02       {Cancel #} 

Cancel (no dog) [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00*     *CD121-09       03:07       {Buzzard Meat #} 

Buzzard Meat [t/f Cubase files]

1999-12-00       *CD15-00                         {Real-time Blues} 

Cubase Archive: Flying Mango Attack #1

1999-12-00       WAS-CD110  {Collapse of the Wave Function}                               AB447-4-5


I burned my doubt, collapsed the wave.

You're my craving in the darkness –

this. My God, my King, my slave.

Save the dead we are alone here.


Seize the instant quickly for

what lies within it – infinity.

You are the centre of my spin

and you begin where I have ended.

                                                                                               [CD110-03 @ 02:03:]

Share the shadows, share the light

share the insight that you hold,

share the error, share the truth,

share the terror rooted firmly in here.


Does this bold heart beat on?                            [CD 110-3 @ 02:42:]

this bold heart beat on?

this bold heart beat on?

this bold heart beat on?

                                                                                               [CD110-03 @ 04:58:]

Feel us breathing in your heart ...

Feel us breathing in your heart ...

Feel us breathing in your arms ...

Feel us breathing in your arms ...


                                                                                               [CD110-03 @ 07:04:]

[Anno reads “In Your Body All Bodies Lie”

from Kenneth Patchen’s The Dark Kingdom]

                                                                                               [CD110-03 @ 09:01:]

 I'm soon to enter the white throne room of God.


Disarmed of self and selfish things,

With sticky eyes that trust the darkness

And the light, for both are Him

And He is us when we are whole.


We are ageless. We are holy.

                                                                                               [track ends @ 10:10]


[Timings refer to Anno’s Cubase mix on CD#110)]



1999-12-09       19 

=Anno's 19th birthday

1999-12-20       *MD14-16        05:43       {Like Light} 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (final mix)

1999-12-20       *MD14-01        02:00       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

1999-12-20       *MD14-02        02:02       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

1999-12-20       *MD14-03        01:08       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

1999-12-20       *MD14-05        00:42       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

1999-12-20       *MD14-06        00:42       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

1999-12-20       *MD14-07        01:58       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

1999-12-20       *MD14-09        00:13       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

1999-12-20       *MD14-14        01:19       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

1999-12-20       *MD14-10        05:55       {Like Light}©R 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light

1999-12-20       *MD14-11        05:52       {Like Light} 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light

1999-12-20       *MD14-12        01:22       {Like Light}X 

Anno & Billy recording Like Light (aborts)

2000-00-00       EE482 

Drawing: by Lee??? Manic man in red with swollen eyeball.

2000-00-00       EE483 

Drawing: by Anno or Lee??? Octopus creature with tits & a T-shirt ...

2000-00-00       EE411 

Lenny PC to Anno (skeleton)

2000-00-00       EE445 

Drawing: The Anal Ninja Strikes Back – again & again & again ....

2000-00-00?     Z050-2 

Phone numbers: Tony Berg

2000-00-00       Z623 

Song structure/chords – "Fugazi bit" – "snappy variant" – "sex bit"

2000-00-00?     Z625 

Running order: Ultraviolence, Deliver Me, Lucky, Buzzard Meat, Touched + Dylan

2000-00-00       Z692 

Drawing: Rosary on open book, with the Eye

2000-00-00       Z654/85 

Phone numbers from different periods, plus odd jottings, addresses, studio schedules etc (32 loose sheets)

2000-00-00?     Z222 

Storyline: Record company has artist killed, sets itself up as culprit so that sales soar

2000-00-00       Z671A 

Anno’s signature

2000-00-00       Z693 

Drawing: Phantom-style mask

2000-00-00?     Z253a 

Drawing: Lee

2000-01-00       S06 

Drawing: totem pole mask

2000-01-00       S07 

Drawing: entwined crucifix

2000-01-00       S05 

Drawing: hairy triangles, signed Anno.

2000-01-00       S09-2 

Drawing: mad dog

2000-01-00       S01 

KjD song list: Warm Butter, Rhyme & Reflection, Dreams of Waking, Punk Folk, Like Light, Curves of Morality.

2000-01-00       S10 


2000-01-10       EE458 

AB fax to Anno/Billy/Lee/Christian re Flying Mango expenses & division of profit between FMA & Laurentic.

2000-01-10*     EE416 

Tony Berg's email finally down-loaded and faxed to Wales ...

2000-01-24*     EE474 

Bee letter: "Dearest Anno, I've always regarded my maternal role – since you left the comfort of the womb – as one of trying to protect you from hurting yourself, and giving you the space and time to grow up without catastrophe intervening and breaking you apart before you were strong enough to stand alone. I don't think any of us know at what age we become "autonomous", and it's a jolly hard thing for a mother to have to decide at a certain point that it's time to hand over that responsibility, especially if we think our child is still swimming against the current in a rough sea. But maybe now is the time for you. Perhaps you must, as you insist, make your own choices now without consideration of my views. But if this is the case, then for your part you my stop attempting to will me into agreeing with you, and just truly go-it-alone without the comfort of my saying you are right. You see, in situations such as this one with Lee, I cannot agree with you and you have to let me be and not try and force me to your way of thinking. If I have to be brave enough to let go, then you too have to be brave enough not to need my approval. There are some decisions you will make – and have made in the past – that I feel in my marrowbone – in my instinct – to be wrong. But my instinct is not yours.

"And now the letting go..." From us both.

But before I do, allow me my Polonius moment ...

Try and be circumspect in all your choices and don't throw away your chances because of some romantic idea about those people who walk the self destruction path. Try and consider MOST carefully all the possible connotations to your actions and "cast a cold eye" before deciding what you will do. You are wonderfully talented and wonderfully kind – but don't let that kindness cloud your vision and influence your capacity for self preservation. There are people like Victor Henry (of the Unicorn story) who are fascinating to the point of danger. I fear that Lee holds a destructive attraction for you in his connection with the shadowy, grubby world of the addict. I just hope the Yin/Yang in you can hold out and keep a proper balance between the dark and the light. You know that I love you – but I'll say it again. x

2000-02-00       Z146 

Phone numbers: USA [Asher]

2000-02-09       =PP3-33 

Photo: Passport photo

2000-02-16       =PP3-05

USA (LA) arrive

2000-02-16       EE463 

AB fax: "Darling Anno, just to wish you both bon voyage, have a brilliant time – and don't go signing up with a wife/record-company until you feel uncomfortable."

2000-02-19       EE464 

BB: Guitar Centre LA receipt – "Anno Berklin"

2000-03-00       *CD122                            {Terror of Mistakes} 

With Dan Parmenter

2000-03-00       Z688-1 

Song list: Like Light, The Absurd Bird, Touched, The Ultraviolence, The Curves of Morality, Collapse of the Wave Function, The Punk Folk.

2000-03-06       EE470 

BB: Mobile phone bill

2000-03-08       *MD16-12        04:27       {Sally} 

Anno jamming, "Sally was a girl" (fuck) [stereo]

2000-03-08       *MD16-11        05:21       {Sally} 

Anno jamming, "Sally was a girl" (wind on mic) [mono]

2000-03-08       *MD16-15        00:12       {Sally}X 

Anno jamming, "Sally was a girl" (aborts)

2000-03-08       *MD16-16        06:29       {Sally}©R 

Anno jamming, "Sally was a girl" [stereo]

2000-03-08       *MD16-17        06:00       {Sally} 

Anno jamming, "Sally was a girl" [killing/cumming]

2000-03-08       *MD16-10        05:23       {Sally} 

Anno jamming, "Sally was a girl" (wind on mic)

2000-03-08       *MD16-09        00:56       {Sally} 

Anno jamming, "Sally was a girl" (wind on mic, ah fuck)

2000-03-08       *MD16-08        00:22       {Sally} 

Anno jamming, "Sally was a girl" (wind on mic)

2000-03-08       *MD16-01        07:09       {Jam: Death Valley} 

Anno & Billy jamming in Death Valley, "unknown title"

2000-03-08       *MD16-07        06:18       {American TV} 

Anno singing American TV (wind on mic)

2000-03-08       *MD16-05        01:46       {American TV} 

Anno singing American TV (wind on mic)

2000-03-08       *MD16-02        00:18       {American TV}X 

Anno acoustic American TV (wind on mic) – aborts

2000-03-08       *MD16-03        00:16       {American TV}X 

Anno acoustic American TV (wind on mic) – aborts

2000-03-08       *MD16-04        00:34       {American TV}X 

Anno acoustic American TV (wind on mic) – aborts

2000-03-10       EE471 

Ticket to Bob Dylan @ the Anaheim, LA.

2000-03-31       =PP3-23 

Australia (Sydney) arrive

2000-04-00?     Z272/Z275 

[is this Anno???]

Gone on too long. Got to be over bored of the talking

Tongues went to walk the streets find the rhymes nauseating

Precision’s got me down

Flaming lizard’s slipped through my fingers

Leaving behind His tail

Eternal night with streaks of shooting

Paint upon the wall Masterpieces are old hat

Randomness can reign.

Voyeuristic thought admiring

Wait out in the Hall

Your dog’s got big eyes and a lolling

tongue scared the cats away

Stray nights too ??? into cosy hiding

    – terrified I was worried it escaped

while the time away.

Last I heard she’s quite a star now

When you’ve got the high

It wears you out till mouth is dirty

Naked on the page

I wait just like everyone else

Give the game away

Don’t go find her till you’re happy


Dance the disco rage

Pop a bubble Pocket Money

Spread out on the sky

Dolled up like a cartoon eagle

Wing it when it’s live

Hit a bum note ???Hard [???] change

Death a glazed old eye

Age’s been out mocking heroes

Come around one day

To what I used to hate

With a passion the final curtain fell

She stepped out in front and screamed

Instead of taking a final bow

Half feel like asking for ???things money back

A kid’s going “Mummy why is she upset”

Frozen in a wail Her dad’s had a

word with an old friend wh

She acts it pretty well but her face

Still ain’t quite right

I had a movie star in mind

But she had a better offer

But you can’t blame her for her bones

Beauty’s chance in this wicked old scheme


I wish I could sleep it off

And wake up as another person

Stuck with ourselves we’re all

the same. [Added later: Please won’t you

Grant me just my release from]

Stupid Selfish Boring Vain

Heal me with a kiss

Kill me with a gentle glance

I can make tonight and [???] would

my life but oh she was my dream fiction

my fictional dream.


She got some rave reviews but it’s not exactly

entertainment & the public’s out for kicks – they

like a good old two-twist ending – the nudity’s

gone down well but I’ve seen that ???bored

they’re unimpressed with the slower dialogues

I don’t suppose it’ll get a run after these shows

I penned it in a rush Sometimes

    wondered why I bothered

  It didn’t amount to much

But they think of me as an artist

      Pay me when you’re done

             Tell your friends it’s real



[Title ??? heavily crossed out. All the “and”s and “with”s written in full.

Is this Anno or AR??]



2000-04-00       Z220-2 

LA phone numbers, Solan ...

2000-04-01?     EE475 

Dear mamma,

I don't know how to write this letter. There is nothing in the world more painful to me than your pain. It has caused me, at times, to hate myself, to hate my father, and to hate the world. You are the most wonderful person that I have ever met, and when your opinion strikes a wrong chord with me it is because it has hit a main nerve. I am so like you. And I try to be more like you. To have your restraint, your sense, your goodness... That instinctive sense of direction. You have grown in me something which no man can take, and no man can give. I owe you no less than my life. And my life is my happiness.

Before me now lies a fork in the road home. Not home from where I came, but that home that I long to get to. One road, it seems, is far safer – it is a well-trodden path which all the guidebooks say to take. They're damn good guide books, and without them I'd be dead. But there is another road. There are blocks across it. Hundreds of landmines line the way, and the road appears to goes straight down. But I can see across the gully, and the rise on the other side is the most spectacular sight I've ever seen. My problem is that the promise of getting home at all pales so absolutely next to that vision. That treacherous, terrifying, exciting place. That is what moves me. In my heart and in my walking. The danger propels me. Maybe it'll kill me. But I'll die then up there – on that cliff, on that stage – but I'll be alive when I die.

The psychology of art has confused me for as long as I've really known what it is. And I still don't know. All I know is that with Lee, with that dangerous, deceitful, cruel, self-centred motherfucker I feel safe. Safe in his danger. This sounds so stupid, but as you love my father you must understand. If I take Leo out to LA, and it isn't what I know it should be (this has nothing to do with record deals – though I'm certain that the only thing people can love in us is our love for it) then my whole life will be spent wishing I'd done what I felt, and not listened to you. If I take Lee and it isn't what it should be, then that's different. I'll have no one to blame but myself, but I'll do that any way. I blame myself for things I've never done. I blame myself for being over-privileged. I blame myself for Milla. I blame myself for never having to choose between what you offered and what I wanted. I blame myself for being a sham. And now, after that album, after the best/worst four months of my life, I'm ready to trust myself. I hope you trust me – I know that you do, that it is Lee who you don't, but on stage there is no separation. When I hate him, I hate him so much, but when I'm close to him, I'm closer than it is ever possible to get with a person. He physically becomes an aspect of our character. I am a part of something more than myself. And it is saved my life. Now I must preserve it's. At all cost. This moment in my life is so exciting. So terrifying that I daren't numb it. I feel that if I go on with this letter I'll just repeat myself – I think I have already – so I'm going to stop.

The knowledge that I have caused you pain eats at my heart. But you know better than anyone that having a child requires duty to the relationship. Those songs are our child. Not mine and Billy's, but all of ours. Just because I wasn't in Andrew's belly doesn't mean to say he isn't my father.

Lee helped me get somewhere I've never been to before, and it was paradise. And I need to show it to the world.

I love you.

2000-04-12       =PP3-30 

Australia (Sydney) leave

2000-05-00?     *JAZ01                             {???} 

Anno's Songs ??? 

2000-05-00       R05/09 

Neverwhere notes

2000-05-00       Z672-2 

Napoleon notes for AB (Las Cases from Book City)

2000-05-09*     EE440a 

BB: Bank letter ordering return of cheque book!

2000-05-24*     EE420 

BB: Letter from Kirit putting Anno on payroll

2000-05-25*     EE476 

Honeysuckle, letter to Anno: "Show me the way and I will lay you down a path.

I will be a bridge over an endless sea ..."

2000-05-28*     *MD17-05        01:20       {KjD jam} 

Goodnight Sweet Prince: KjD jam (mono) – Anno & band chatting mono)

2000-05-28*     *MD17-07        03:12       {Spank Me}=Alberto 

Goodnight Sweet Prince: KjD jam (mono, hum at start) – Alberto's Spank Me

2000-05-28*     *MD17-03        10:56       {KjD jam} 

Goodnight Sweet Prince: KjD jam (mono)

2000-05-28*     *MD17-02        03:50       {KjD jam} 

Goodnight Sweet Prince: KjD jam (mono)

2000-05-28*     *MD17-01        08:33       {KjD jam} 

Goodnight Sweet Prince: KjD jam (mono, loud hum, skips)

2000-05-28*     *MD17-04        03:24       {KjD jam} 

Goodnight Sweet Prince: KjD jam (mono)

2000-05-28*     *MD17-06        20:25       {KjD jam} 

Goodnight Sweet Prince: KjD jam (mono) – ends at 20:02, then Anno + Ned

2000-06-00       EE436 

Neverwhere notes (on beige paper)

2000-06-00       EE437 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00       EE438 

Neverwhere notes (on beige paper)

2000-06-00       EE435 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00       EE434 

Neverwhere notes – "Emma velvet"

2000-06-00       EE440 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00       EE433 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00       EE430 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00?     EE527 

Set list (for Bangor?): Punk Volk, Heaven feels like warm butter [American TV], Ultra Violence, Buzzard Meat, Touched, Crown of Purple, Dependence, Robbie J, Brass

2000-06-00       EE432 

Neverwhere notes – Marquis: "Those who realy know themselves – those known only to themselves will find no comfort there. What solace can be found in steel and glass?"

2000-06-00       EE425 

AB note "Do thank JS and your good self for Hunger"

2000-06-00       EE439 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00?     EE533 

Set List:

Something in My Eye, Heaven Feels Like Warm Butter, Punk Volk, Last Came Through, Bloody Riot, New riff song.

2000-06-00       EE581/82 

Studio costs (Carnival of Souls etc)

2000-06-00       EE431 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00       Z052 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00       Z027-2 

Neverwhere notes: Feel it, not think it – heart/brain – justifies everything using intellect – Angel forced down into London Below

2000-06-00       Z028-2 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00       Z013 



2000-06-00?     Z083/89 


I feel an urge to go nowhere!

Except maybe to join the MI5

this thought was fleeting however, as I knew they'd make me cut my hair.

I thought how truly unfair it was that I couldn't help that man w/ his ???

I wonder if ???crusters can be busters?

So many things have happened in the last few minutes. I wouldn't wait in the queue to get my ticket so I decided to get change by buying crisps, but the first shop didn't have any, & the patron in the second was overwhelmed by my ??? £10 for change. I tried to redeem myself & please him by spending a further 20p on some candy. I could smell his offence at my insolence; then I returned to find the ??? gone. What a burden I am to everyone & me. I put £2.00 in & pressed £1.50 → exact money only! What a fool! It had not taken my £10 for this very reason – & more! I try again! Again refusal! And again! Again! Exact money only!

I notice a man standing behind me, so I decide to see at what point will he become intolerant – this other man – this other Londoner. Six or seven times more I persist in feeding this fucking machine my gold & the man says nothing. Finally, overwhelmed with impatience at his patience I turn on him – "Why don't you tell me I'm stupid" I ask him. "Tell me I'm stupid"

I tell him. "I won't have it any more – I'm sick of it all" & I walk off – leaving the man rather confused still not the least bit confused by my actions. My rage now sweeps down in torrents upon me. I can almost cry. Oh Lord, please let me cry and be one w/ humility. Give my roots rain. ----–

but again – ha! I bring the sympathy to myself – but I deserve not one drop. Give it all to those in pain for me. My love who bleeds for me. My friends who are poor & homeless. All this is for them. Everything I do is for Billy & Lee. And everything I am is for her. I don't look back anymore – the past has nothing on me!

My future is like ... heaven & I feel so rejuvenated on this wonderful day. I would sit outside, but I may take a seat from someone who sees far less sun than I in general. Liar. I am fat w/ nature. I chose to sit inside, I know that. No excuse. I know – I'm sorry.

My things are now purely for me! This is for me. I doubt anyone will see this – not if I can help it. I kindly remain unjudged.

But to give it to someone! Now that would be something! I am going to put on lighter clothes, then maybe go to the park. Or take a bath. No thinking now, about what I'm writing. In itself it is the joy of my living. Thank you. I'm dizzy w/ words. I hear them like notes in my heart.


[handwriting very skewed/stoned]



2000-06-00       Z063 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-00       Z621/a 

Neverwhere notes: central theme – uniting 2 opposites

2000-06-00       Z622-2 

Neverwhere notes

2000-06-18       EE444 

Website, Trial by Ordeal – typed notes on Trial paper

2000-06-22*     EE418 

BB: Vauxhall van registered (log book)/MOT

2000-06-27       EE477 

Bee's measurements of Anno for his (Indian?) suit

2000-07-00       EE399 

Neverwhere notes

2000-07-00       EE424 

Christian PC to Anno & Billy

2000-07-00       EE421 

Neverwhere notes

2000-07-00       EE422 

Neverwhere notes – Anno's caustic comments on the studio notes

2000-07-00       EE423 

Neverwhere notes

2000-07-00       Z036 

Neverwhere page with Anno's comments

2000-07-00       Z144 

Subterrania, August 3rd

2000-07-00       Z082 

Neverwhere notes/dialogue

2000-07-00       Z143-1 

Phone numbers – Aug 3 Subterrania, chords

2000-07-05*     EE419 

BB: French francs/£s sale

2000-07-28       $DVX52           00:00 

*Anno/KjD live @ the King's Head (from VHS)

2000-07-28*     EE429 

Flyers for King's Head gig – Lee's eyeball design

2000-07-28*     EE452 

Flyer/poster artwork for the King's Head/Subterrania gig (colour)

2000-07-28*     EE428 

Flyers for King's Head gig – Dore/Dante's Inferno

2000-07-28*     EE453 

Flyer/poster artwork for the King's Head/Subterrania gig

2000-07-28*     EE426/27 

Flyers for King's Head gig

2000-07-28       EE465 

Note: "Dear AB, I've got to run out, but I promised Lissy I'd buy some sugar – please could you or Ned do it?! See you at 9:00 (8.30 + Drink) Love Anno xxxx Work = [Neverwhere pages]

2000-08-00?     *MD18-01        05:40       {He Felt} 

Anno + Honeysuckle on clarinet? (lot of hiss)

2000-08-00?     *MD18-04        25:10       {Jam: Anno} 

Anno, JS & others -leads into Dylan's Masters of War + sax?? – Pearl Jam (Black)

2000-08-00?     *MD18-03        09:26       {Jam: Anno/JS?} 

Anno, David, JS chatting – Kind Hearted Woman @ 00:55

2000-08-00       EE448 

Website, KjD – "Warning – there's a hidden pudenda ... " "I need a crank ... I need a tank of gasoline" – MORE LYRICS link

2000-08-00       EE447 

Website, KjD – "I need a wank, I need a spank

I need to thank my Jesus" – LINK TO LYRICS ... What's good? What's shit?

2000-08-00       EE446 

Website, Trial by Ordeal

2000-08-00       EE450 

Website, KjD – "Hidden pudenda is a free C.D"

2000-08-00       EE756 

Neverwhere: Anno’s Marquis scene

2000-08-00       EE449 

Website, KjD – layout

2000-08-00       Z093 


Over the last few years a few of us have found each other. A small group of persons in whom, I believe, there exists some glimmer of hope for our dying trade.

The Media has eaten everything.

            First our taste,

   more recently our dignity & will even.

It has smeared itself across the face of all the world. It has eaten tradition.

Digested choice & undesirability.


& now the internet's arrived, & given one last chance to the small voice.

The man who will not

We seek no



2000-08-00       Z687 

Neverwhere: writing schedule, August 3rd – 15th, 2000.

2000-09-00       $DVX41           00:00 

*Anno/KjD at Bangor (bad sound)

2000-09-00       $DVX41           00:00 

*Anno/KjD at Bangor (bad sound)

2000-09-00       EE466 

Lenny letter to Anno re Tristan & Isolde.

2000-09-00?     EE467 

Letter: "Dear Lenny, how odd seems my admission – I am writing to you because I am writing to myself, and more than any other person you have lodged within me. I send it for justification to myself, and with hope of a reply; though what you could say I know not. I have this wonderful desire to abandon everything that I have worked for. If art is escapism – I wish not to escape. I love being human, and am made to feel that this is wrong – that the lofty realm of art and hate and criticism is so far above the stars – but what could be beyond?"

[AB: This letter doesn't seem to relate to Lenny's, and may have been written much earlier. It was never sent.]

2000-09-07*     EE451 

Flyer/poster artwork for the Subterrania gig

2000-09-19*     EE456 

BB: Driving licence (x2)

2000-09-19*     EE455 

BB: Driving test pass/driving licence

2000-09-23*     EE454 

BB: BBC contract with Anno for Lorna Doone (£139)

2000-09-29*     EE441 

BBC payment for being an extra on Lorna Doone, £132

2000-10-00       *CD044-01       09:03       {Dreams of Waking}©R 

Dreams of Waking

2000-10-30       $DVT??? 

Anno dressed up in the suit of armour for Hallow’s Eve [Emma’s original]

2000-11-00       EE457 

BB: Halifax cash card

2000-11-24       EE480 

Honeysuckle card, with a poem/lyrics by Anno, "circles of faith"

2000-11-27?     EE469 

BB: Eurostar ticket, Paris/London/Paris (out 27th, back 29th) Bee???

2000-12-00       EE478/479 

CD labels for KjD's "Ark" EP

2000-12-09       20 

=Anno's 20th birthday

2000-12-10       *CD045-01       05:32       {Zie Punk Volk} 

KjD "Ark": Early mixes – MISSING

2000-12-10       *CD045-02       06:16       {American TV} 

KjD "Ark": Early mixes – MISSING

2000-12-17       *CD046-02       05:20       {Zie Punk Volk} 

KjD "Ark": Crank Studios, 17/12/00

2000-12-17       *CD046-03       24:46       {Circle of Faith}©R 

KjD "Ark": Crank Studios, 17/12/00

2000-12-17       *CD046-01       06:03       {American TV}©R 

KjD "Ark": Crank Studios, 17/12/00 – no static at start

2000-12-20       *CD047-01       06:04       {American TV} 

KjD "Ark" EP (static on opening)

2000-12-24       $DVX44 

Christmas in Wales, Anno's haircut (copied from Jane's video) [WS]

2000-12-24       $DVX44 

Christmas in Wales, Anno's haircut (copied from Jane's video) [WS]

2001-00-00?     EE529 

Set/track list: Like Light, The Absurd Bird, Touched, The Ultraviolence, The Curves of Morality, Collapse of the Wave Function, The Punk Volk

2001-00-00       Z172 


Where does the blood flow?

               Once is an age old

Mystery remaining.

               Tear out the back page

Fill in the blank space

               Make sense an outrage.

Tired of a ???naked

               Nurse for the blind man





2001-00-00?     Z111A 

Drawing: face (Lee??)

2001-00-01       EE501 

"Death comes suddenly" – flyer in Anno's notebook

2001-01-00       U04 


4 o'clock. That means 5 o'clock where she is. Probably lying in some gondola, sitting in some café, walking through some vast cathedral. Smiling all the while – for he is there. And her smile is real, & she feels what wizards feel. And He is there & he also. Both smiling down upon you.

Your laughter can be heard

I can hear your laughter wherever I go.



2001-01-00       U01 

Phone numbers/addresses – Isis House etc

2001-01-00       U06 

Phone numbers: India, Varanasi-Bombay prices, Alberto ... doodle

2001-01-05       EE540 

[Things to do] Honeysuckle – call Olivier. Copyright CDs. Apple palm toy. Barrie photos.

Monday: call doctor, book ticket, visa!!, mail off CDs.

2001-01-16       =PP3-06 

India (Dehli) arrive

2001-01-24       EE502 

e-mail to Bee from India: "Dear Mama...


'tis the holiest day in India in 130 years ... parades, carnivals, music, colours, dancing naked holy men, dancing drunk business men, fireworks ... riots, prayers, players, pakoras ... and all in your honour! ... Missing you and wishing you the best there is." TTT

2001-02-00       U93-2 

Song titles: “A Fling w/ Zen”, “Romeo & Juliette & Romeo”


2001-04-00       U94

India: list for Anno: Ticket, CD's, Batteries, Insect cover/cream, Ramanujan book

2001-02-00       U45 

Indian words: Ilamail Naan Petra / Inbathai Salvalarku / Iianeemeadam Martu Jeutham Badupease / Sindauyete omain vaithe / seedara onanau Dmadu / Peaienbe Thiou Nalai Poofsamai / Isumppeato

2001-02-00       U93-1 

India: things for AB to bring: Oatcakes, Vitamin C, Charger – Sony 9v, Olive Oil, Basil & Oregano, Glow lights, Pillow

2001-02-00       U19/20 

Dylan's lyrics to Desolation Row

2001-02-00       U64 

Song structure: METHOD ONE – Levels of Ignorance:

Verse 1 / Fuck stops / – Riff / Verse 2 / Colour / Verse 3 / Fuck stops. / Chorus / Funk w/Fuck / (Drudge) / Chorus / Intro x ½

2001-02-00       U15 

Phone numbers: India

2001-02-00       U69 

Song structure: P. work / Intro / 2 x Melody chug / 4 x VI / 2 x Harmonic chug / 4 x V2 / 4 x Descent chug. / Outro / 2 x Inst. / 3x Vol / 2 x Fol / 3 x Vox / 2 x Fol / 8 x Sc / 4 x Fol / 7 x Inst.

2001-02-09       EE503 

BB: Madras hotel bill (from 7th )

2001-02-15       EE504 

e-mail to Ian W: "What the fuck is the story of London Fields? I'm trying to get my father to like it, or at least to read it." Ian note about Anno's response to seeing a guy throwing up in toilet: "I know exactly what you mean ..."

2001-02-16       $DVX45           00:00 

Anno on train

2001-02-16       $DVX45           00:00 

Anno on train

2001-02-16       *CD048-01       08:11       {Nero's New Bathroom} 

Nero: acoustic version, recorded in Bombay (middle drop out) #50

2001-02-18       $DVX45           05:08       {Nero's New Bathroom} 

*Anno on cliff singing "hospice of hope"

2001-02-18       $DVX45           05:08       {Nero's New Bathroom} 

*Anno on cliff singing "hospice of hope"

2001-02-22       $DVX45           05:40 

Jungle footage (shot by Anno)

2001-02-22       $DVX45           05:40 

Jungle footage (shot by Anno)

2001-02-23       $DVX45           07:42 

Elephants (Anno breathing)

2001-02-23       $DVX45           07:42 

Elephants (Anno breathing)

2001-02-24       $DVX45           18:22 

Tree house (Anno @ 19:40)

2001-02-24       $DVX45           09:35 

Anno's river trip/tree house

2001-02-24       $DVX45           11:28 

Anno filming elephants (with AB) – white of their eyes @ 12:48

2001-02-24       $DVX45           18:22 

Tree house (Anno @ 19:40)

2001-02-24       $DVX45           11:28 

Anno filming elephants (with AB) – white of their eyes @ 12:48

2001-02-24       $DVX45           09:35 

Anno's river trip/tree house

2001-02-27       $DVX45           20:14 

Anno at Namakal

2001-02-27       $DVX45           25:36 

Anno shooting stills

2001-02-27       $DVX45           25:36 

Anno shooting stills

2001-02-27       $DVX45           20:14 

Anno at Namakal

2001-02-29       $DVX45           28:00 

Anno's dissolve experiments

2001-02-29       $DVX45           26:00 

Kumbakonam – temple (Anno shooting)

2001-02-29       $DVX45           28:00 

Anno's dissolve experiments

2001-02-29       $DVX45           26:00 

Kumbakonam – temple (Anno shooting)

2001-02-30       $DVX45           39:38 

Anno + coconut

2001-02-30       $DVX45           39:38 

Anno + coconut

2001-02-30       $DVX45           39:50 

Temple – Anno elusive

2001-02-30       $DVX45           35:10 

Elephant – street procession – Anno fleeting

2001-02-30       $DVX45           35:10 

Elephant – street procession – Anno fleeting

2001-02-30       $DVX45           37:00 

Kumbakonam temple (Anno fleeting)

2001-02-30       $DVX45           39:50 

Temple – Anno elusive

2001-02-30       $DVX45           37:00 

Kumbakonam temple (Anno fleeting)

2001-02-31       $DVX45           41:24 

Ramanujan's house – Anno fleeting

2001-02-31       $DVX45           41:24 

Ramanujan's house – Anno fleeting

2001-03-00       $DVX46           00:00 

Anno/AB Kumbakonam to Bombay

2001-03-00       $DVX46           00:00 

Anno/AB Kumbakonam to Bombay

2001-03-00       EE511 

London Fields notes – creates her own death as a condemnation of male power

2001-03-00       EE510 

London Fields notes – power of Thanatos

2001-03-00       EE512 

London Fields notes – Men discredit nature

2001-03-00       EE513 

London Fields notes – Creation becomes destruction

2001-03-00       EE514 

London Fields notes – I'm not prepared to play the game any more – I've seen through it & you haven't ...

2001-03-00       EE515 

London Fields notes – Final exit

2001-03-00       EE508 

London Fields notes – character arc of Nicola. Note on Instin card – Ian W???

2001-03-00       EE516 

London Fields notes – Plath kills herself

2001-03-00       EE509 

London Fields notes – creation/destruction symbiosis

2001-03-00       EE507 

London Fields notes: "What we forgive in a man (i.e. destruction as resulting from "art") we do not forgive in a woman. Her character arc – she is controlling events → her intent/aim is to die/be killed → Hemingway + shotgun – who picks up the pieces? It's excused." Plath quote: "Dying is an art → I do it exceptionally well ...

2001-03-00       EE505A 

London Fields notes: ART = excuses all things.

2001-03-00       EE506 

London Fields notes: "Base line of femme fatale is Despair → depression → unacknowledged → power of woman negated."

2001-03-00       EE505 

London Fields notes – "goading men into a realization of their power" – Men's final option – eating your own teeth."

2001-03-10       =PP3-06 

India (Bombay) leave

2001-03-22       EE517 

BB: STA Travel booking, London/Berlin/London, back 27th – ticket extends to April 6th.

2001-03-24       EE518 

BB: Call sheet for "Resident Evil"

2001-03-26       $DVV52 

David’s video of Anno & David in Berlin

2001-04-00       U92 

Acoustic Project: Dreams of Waking / Circles of Faith / Murdered Sleep / American Television / Punk Volk / Touched / Nine Years? / Curves of Morality / New One (DADDA) / Like Light.

2001-04-00       U91 

Ramanujan notes: MADRAS: Pachaijappa's college Prof S Santhanam; N. Ramanijacharior – Math teacher; P. Singaravelo Mudaliar – Senior Math Prof. Etc.

2001-04-00       Z205-2 

Song structure (Landslide???)

2001-04-00       Z716 


My ??? aware /

Breaking the morning /

Digging up yes[terday??]

Building thron[e??]


No second

or 2 off beat

out of sync

the chain???


[Fragment found in the abandoned LOU by AB in May 2003, paper torn

and water-sogged]



2001-04-01       EE520 

BB: BT phone bill for 937 0281

2001-04-09       EE519 

BB: Letter to AB about wanting AB – and Anno (spelt Annaud) – to do Hawksmoor

2001-04-14*     Z689 

Set list (20 tracks) transferred from Anno’s computer:

American Television! Circles of Faith? Close to the River? Dreams of Waking? Fortress?

I am the May King? Landslide? Like Light? Needles of Light? Nero’s New Bathroom? Punk Volk! The Dead Men?

Ultraviolence? Eine Kleine Cigaretten Musik! Real Time Blues? The Absurd Bird! Buzzard Meat! Love Hammer 21! Foetal Position! Touched! Collapse of the Wave Function!

2001-04-16       *CD03-01                         {Close} 

Cubase Archive #3: Close & I land drums

2001-04-16       *MD20-07        00:47       {Deadmen}=B 

Anno & Billy learning The Deadmen

2001-04-16       *MD20-04        00:28       {Deadmen}=B 

Anno & Billy learning The Deadmen

2001-04-16       *MD20-03        00:45       {Deadmen}=B 

Anno & Billy learning The Deadmen

2001-04-16       *MD20-02        00:48       {Deadmen}=B 

Opening harmonics (Anno)

2001-04-16       *MD20-11        05:00       {Close to the River} 

Anno: solo/acoustic version

2001-04-16       *MD20-05        00:09       {Deadmen}=B 

Anno & Billy learning The Deadmen

2001-04-16       *MD20-10        00:27       {Close to the River} 

Anno: solo/acoustic version (false start)

2001-04-16       *MD20-09        00:19       {Deadmen}=B 

Anno & Billy learning The Deadmen

2001-04-16       *MD20-08        00:14       {Deadmen}=B 

Anno & Billy learning The Deadmen

2001-04-16       *MD20-06        00:28       {Deadmen}=B 

Anno & Billy learning The Deadmen

2001-04-16       *MD20-01        01:59       {Deadmen}=B 

Anno & Billy learning The Deadmen

2001-04-16       *MD19-01        05:00       {Close to the River}©R 

Anno recording Close to the River (same as MD20 Tk 11?)

2001-04-17       *MD20-12        03:19       {Carnival Song}=B 

Anno, Billy & Lee jamming mid section

2001-04-17       *MD20-14        10:28       {3 Boys Being Stupid} 

Anno, Billy & Lee: "Three boys being stupid" Jam

2001-04-17       *MD20-13        03:19       {Carnival Song}=B 

Anno, Billy & Lee jamming "forgotten riff"

2001-04-20       $DVX47           00:00 

Anno/Hawkesmoor (brief glimpse)

2001-04-20       $DVX47           00:00 

Anno/Hawkesmoor (brief glimpse)

2001-04-20       EE521 

Hawksmoor notes: Many of the studio's problems arise from shallow characters ...

2001-04-21       EE524 

BB: Mercedes van log book (J498 MCX)

2001-04-22       *MD20-15 

Allira weeping  , 01:27

2001-04-25       *CD049-01       05:02       {Close to the River} 

Close to the River (t/d from MD07)

2001-04-26       *MD20-18        00:12       {Cancel} 

KjD trying to record Cancel

2001-04-26       *MD20-16        01:19       {Cancel} 

KjD trying to record Cancel

2001-04-26       *MD20-17        00:01       {Cancel} 

KjD trying to record Cancel NG

2001-04-26       *MD20-22        00:22       {Cancel} 

KjD trying to record Cancel [NG – MD damaged]

2001-04-26       *MD20-19        00:18       {Cancel} 

KjD trying to record Cancel NG

2001-04-26       *MD20-21        02:18       {Cancel} 

KjD trying to record Cancel

2001-04-26       *MD20-20        00:12       {Cancel} 

KjD trying to record Cancel NG

2001-05-00       EE522 

Hawksmoor notes: AB's breakdown

2001-05-00       EE497 

AB note to Anno: "My Ma just called ... I'll try & get back asap"

2001-05-00       EE531 

Set list: Smell of Blood, Dependence, Slut in the key of E, Heaven, The Curves of Morality

2001-05-00       EE531A 

Artwork KjD (burned)

2001-05-00       EE523 

BB: Drum/equipment need list (on reverse of Bone House notes)

2001-05-00       X11 

CD list: Fugazi, Lou Reed, Bowie, J Lizard, Beck, Dylan, Gainsbourg, Bjork

2001-05-00       U74/75 

Hawksmoor notes

2001-05-00       X10 

Story: ... couldn't stand to rise any more & began to set, a scream was heard in the farmer's house. Pigman emerged screaming at Billy: "You touched my wife! You motherfucker, you'll fucking die! And I'll feed you to the bleedin' Hogs..." Billy could no longer stand this man's voice. The metal was cold in his hand, but it got warm quickly as he pushed it in. But he couldn't stand the softness, or the warmth of blood, & so he left for Europe, armed only with his guitar & a tank.

2001-05-00       Z398/399 

Biographies: Billy & Anno

2001-05-01       EE525

BB: GPO receipt for letter to Honeysuckle

2001-05-30       EE550 

Flyers/Artwork for the Bull & Gate + the Point (Lee’s original, A3 size)

2001-05-30*     EE545 

Flyer for the Bull & Gate Kentish Town

2001-05-30       EE530 

Set list for Bull & Gate (Landslide, Foetal Position, Punk Volk, Damage, (Absurd Bird), Lily) & the Point in Oxford: Cancel, Curves of Murder, Lily, American TV, Dead Men ... + others

2001-05-30       EE551/54 

Flyers/Artwork for the Point, Oxford

2001-06-00       *CD050-01       08:48       {Nero's New Bathroom}©R 

Nero: Final mix

2001-06-00       *CD118-00                       {Nero's New Bathroom} 

Nero: Various mixes

2001-06-00?     EE528 

Set list: Dependence, Collapse of the Wave Function, Heaven feels like warm butter [American TV], Punk Volk, Kamakazie, Like Light, Curves of Morality, Ultra Violence, Buzzard Meat, Touched, Crown of Purple, Dependence, Robbie J, Brass

2001-06-00       EE542 

Phone numbers (Lou, Allira, Dublin Castle, dark-creature@hotmail)

2001-06-00       EE761 

Gig running order Bull & Gate, Point


1997-06-00       EE753

Drawing: Poor little extra-terrestrial. No one to eat. No one to make friends with,

2001-06-00       EE532 

Set list: Landslide, Cancel, Curves, Lily, Punk Volk, Chauvinist Waltz, Collapse, High School Honneyz, Absurd Bird


Chauvinist Waltz, High School Honneyz, Cancel, Curves, Punk Volk, Absurd Bird, Lily, Landslide,

Collapse ...

2001-06-00       T09 

Titles: Groping monsters, The Naked Land, Strange Burden

2001-06-00       T02 

Drawing: "Angus" (???)

2001-06-00       X12 

KjD compilation: UV, Punk Volk, Foetal Position, Buzzard Meat, Cancel, American TV [with credits]

2001-06-00       T12 


Gig. Discovery.

          Loves Em for understanding him.


 “Make sure we do it the right way.”


Limo w/ band inside.


2nd Act: Getting big. 1st implications.


Meets Lee. Understands things he doesn’t know. Right way.


3rd Act: Moment of Understanding.


Holds One note at performance.

Final attempt at communication w/ band.


             Death & Transfiguration.


– Right way. Home.

             Still not sentimental.



2001-06-00       U90 

KjD Method One:

1. Lily / 2. The Punk Volk / 3. Curves of morality / 4. Dependence / 5. American television / 6. Like Light / 7. Landslide / 8. Nero's new bathroom / 9. I am the May king. / 10. Dreams of Waking Zen Milk Dead Man / 11. Fortress / 12. Needles of light / 13. Dreams of Waking / 14. Circles of Faith / 15. Close to the River / 16. Carnival / 17. One / 18. Half / 19 Dressed as... / 20. U.V. / 21. Real time blues. / 22. Cancel / 23. Absurd bird / 24. Collapse / 25. F. Position.

2001-06-00       T01 

Web page, Trial by Ordeal – home page design

2001-06-00       T10/11 

Web page, Trial by Ordeal – home page designs

2001-06-00       X15A 


2001-06-00       T06 

Film/Promo idea:


Camera moves cautiously between pairs of feet.

The sticky club floor is bombarded w/ beer, fag butts etc...

The music at this level is mostly bass.

Peering up from our squalor we see the band framed in hues of blue & green.

As the camera gets higher the faces are lost to armpits & tattoos.

One in particular.

Higher still & the smoke at this level is so thick

that all the band’s figures move like faceless ghosts.

Framed in Red now, the name behind them snaps into focus ...



The Band's name is now all that there is ...

             White on black ( w/ 1 or 2 frames randomly inverted)

(over this) we hear a conversation between an A&R guy & Emma (Aarons' Girlfriend)

2001-06-00       X13/14 

Drawing: Lee & Billy – behold the power of the turgid sausage (Leafy Cream)

2001-06-00       Z400-1 

Anno’s potted biographies on himself, Lee & Billy:

Anno Birkin (singer/guitarist) has been a disciple since the year 0. Touched by the hand of Christ aged 20, he has ridden the world on horseback ever since, unaged & undeterred in his mission to spread the word of Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour. Lee was shot by the Yuoslav army for desertion in 1996. The bullet lodged in his brain, however instead of causing instant death caused a peculiar love of contortionism. Armed w/ this bizarre new muse he joined the circus where he travelled Asia & Eastern Europe for 300 years. One night, while dying of alcoholic poisoning on the slopes of the Himalayas, he was approached by a knight on horse back who healed him & bored him & delighted him w/ tales of deliverance.

Billy Scherer first became aware of the guitar ...

[more to be transcribed]

2001-06-00       Z400-1 


Anno Birkin (singer/guitarist) has been a disciple since the year 0. Touched by the hand of Christ aged 20, he has ridden the world on horseback ever since, unaged & undeterred in his mission to spread the word of Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour.

Lee was shot by the Yugoslav army for desertion in 1996 ... [more]



2001-06-01       $DVX48           00:00 

Ma's balloon – AB talking to Anno

2001-06-01       $DVX48           00:00 

Ma's balloon – AB talking to Anno

2001-06-01       EE526 

BB: Orange phone bill

2001-06-20       Z652-1 

Diary dates for ID magazine shoot/gig @ the Sanctuary.

[inside "Perfume" front cover]

2001-06-27*     EE544 

Contract with Blue Arrow as a kitchen porter/plate waiter, signed!

2001-07-00       *CD054-07       05:30       {Chauvinist Waltz} 

Method One (from Sanctuary Live)

2001-07-00       *CD054-07                       {Chauvinist Waltz} 

Method One (from Sanctuary Live)-05:30 

2001-07-00       EE534 


(1) Lily, Buzzard Meat, Curves of Morality, Absurd Bird (live @ West One Four)

(2) Punk Folk, Circles of Faith

(3) Chauvinist Waltz, American Television, Lily (live)

(4) Ultraviolence, High School Honneyz (live), Collapse of the Wave (live)

2001-07-00       EE614 

ID letter to Billy spoof?

2001-07-00       EE484 

Drawing: Man's face (by Anno or Lee???)

2001-07-00       EE583/610 

Recording costs/promotion ideas for Method One

2001-07-00       EE536 

KjD album:

Punk Volk, American Television, Lily, Curves of Morality, Foetal Position, Collapse of the Wave Function, Dependence, The Absurd Bird.


Ultraviolence, Nero's New Bathroom, Real time Blues, Needles of Light, Dead Men, I Am the May King, Like Light, Circles of Faith, Dreams of Waking, Fortress.

2001-07-03       $DVX50           00:00 

*Anno/KjD Live @ the Sanctuary – Tape 2

2001-07-03       *CD051-01       03:23       {Landslide} 

Live @ the Sanctuary: Landslide (1st verse not recorded)

2001-07-03       *CD051-02       01:38       {Dependence}=B 

Live @ the Sanctuary: Dependence

2001-07-03       *CD051-03       02:33       {High School Honneyz}©R 

Live @ the Sanctuary: High School Honneyz

2001-07-03       $DVX49           00:00 

*Anno/KjD Live @ the Sanctuary – Tape 1

2001-07-03       *CD051-05       05:17       {Zie Punk Volk} 

Live @ the Sanctuary: Zie Punk Volk

2001-07-03       *CD051-06       06:24       {Chauvinist Waltz}©R 

Live @ the Sanctuary: Chauvinist Waltz (intro until 0:50) [Anno: "get the fuck back here NOW!" @ 6:50]

2001-07-03       *CD051-07       06:37       {Absurd Bird} 

Live @ the Sanctuary: Absurd Bird

2001-07-03       *CD051-08       08:00       {Lily}=B 

Live @ the Sanctuary: Lily

2001-07-03       $DVX50           00:00 

*Anno/KjD Live @ the Sanctuary – Tape 2

2001-07-03       $DVX49           00:00 

*Anno/KjD Live @ the Sanctuary – Tape 1

2001-07-03       *CD051-04       06:29       {Curves of Morality}©R 

Live @ the Sanctuary: Curves of Morality ("Curves of Meat")

2001-07-03       *CD051-09       15:05       {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Live @ the Sanctuary: Collapse of the Wave Function

2001-07-06       *CD052-01       06:18       {Chauvinist Waltz} 

Live @ the West One Four: Chauvinist Waltz (ends @ 5:58)

2001-07-06       *CD052-02       03:37       {High School Honneyz} 

Live @ the West One Four: High School Honneyz

2001-07-06       *CD052-09       13:40       {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Live @ the West One Four: Collapse of the Wave Function. (Anno @ start: “Well boys, it looks like this is it – nuclear combat tota-tota with the Ruskies” ... @ 10:35: “We are Kicks Joy Darkness, thank you all for coming. We’re playing the Dublin Castle on the 19th of July next , and then we fuck off for a long time so come and see us.”) [AB’s favourite recording of Collapse]

2001-07-06       *CD052-08       08:12       {Landslide}©R 

Live @ the West One Four: Landslide

2001-07-06       *CD052-07       07:32       {Lily}=B 

Live @ the West One Four: Lily (Anno: Shut up and stand up!)

2001-07-06       *CD052-06       05:22       {Absurd Bird} 

Live @ the West One Four: Absurd Bird (“this song’s called The Ridiculous Ostrich”)

2001-07-06       *CD052-03       01:43       {Dependence}=B 

Live @ the West One Four: Dependence

2001-07-06       *CD052-04       06:16       {Curves of Morality} 

Live @ the West One Four: Curves of Morality

2001-07-06       *CD052-05       05:00       {Zie Punk Volk} 

Live @ the West One Four: Zie Punk Volk

2001-07-06*     EE556 

Flyer artwork for the W14 (unfinished)

2001-07-06*     EE547A 

Flyers for the Leeches @ the W14

2001-07-06*     EE547 

Guest list for the W14

2001-07-06*     EE546 

Contract with KjD for the W14 (signed 18/5/01)

2001-07-08*     EE549 

Diary page with set list (Curves of Morality, Cancel, Foetal Position, Collapse of the Wave, The Absurd Bird)

2001-07-08*     EE548 

Flyers for the Leeches @ W14

2001-07-10*     EE557 

Fax to AB about Italy costs. "It'll pay off soon, believe me."

2001-07-10       EE562 

Flyer/email: “Because our invitation to the gig at the w14 didn’t have any effect on your attendance (even though you received it on the day of) we have decided that any further truancies shall go on your permanent record ... You missed Anno eating Lee’s arse) ... Your final exam, before we leave to record our album in Europe, will be at the Dublin Castle ... Be there or be square.”

2001-07-10*     EE558/60 

Recording costs for Method One


2001-07-16       Z464B 

Phone numbers, KjD logo

2001-07-18       EE561 

BB: Bank statement

2001-07-19       $DVX51           05:11       {Cancel} 

*Live @ the Dublin Castle (mostly blocked by f/g bods, Gus @ 05:31, Bee @ 00:37), bad sound)

2001-07-19       $DVX51 

*Allira’s video of the Dublin Castle – poor sound, too many people standing in front of camera (tripod), band all in LS, but nice bits & all we’ve got ...

2001-07-19       $DVX51 

*Allira’s video of the Dublin Castle – poor sound, too many people standing in front of camera (tripod), band all in LS, but nice bits & all we’ve got ...

2001-07-19       $DVX51           05:11       {Cancel} 

*Live @ the Dublin Castle (mostly blocked by f/g bods, Gus @ 05:31, Bee @ 00:37), bad sound)

2001-07-19       $DVX51           07:00       {Landslide} 

*Live @ the Dublin Castle (mostly blocked by Gus, Emma @ 06:20, Honeysuckle @ 08:38. bad sound)

2001-07-19       $DVX51           16:00       {High School Honneyz} 

*Live @ the Dublin Castle (mostly blocked – Honeysuckle in f/g, JS @ 18:34:09 – bad sound)

2001-07-19       $DVX51           26:20       {Collapse of the Ψ}

*Live @ the Dublin Castle, intro’d by Anno- “so this is the last gig in a long time, we’re coming back in November” Mostly clear of f/g bods. S/one picks up camera/tripod @ 31:37, zooms tighter. Anno gd at 34:00. Dan on mixing desk @ 35:13. “Goodnight” @ 38:18

2001-07-19       $DVX51           07:00       {Landslide} 

*Live @ the Dublin Castle (mostly blocked by Gus, Emma @ 06:20, Honeysuckle @ 08:38. bad sound)

2001-07-19       $DVX51           16:00       {High School Honneyz} 

*Live @ the Dublin Castle (mostly blocked – Honeysuckle in f/g, JS @ 18:34:09 – bad sound)

2001-07-19       $DVX51           26:20       {Collapse of the Ψ}

*Live @ the Dublin Castle, intro’d by Anno- “so this is the last gig in a long time, we’re coming back in November” Mostly clear of f/g bods. S/one picks up camera/tripod @ 31:37, zooms tighter. Anno gd at 34:00. Dan on mixing desk @ 35:13. “Goodnight” @ 38:18

2001-07-19*     EE555 

Flyer artwork for the Dublin Castle

2001-07-19       EE563 

Flyer for Dublin Castle

2001-07-22*     EE566 

Flyers for the Borderline (cancelled)

2001-07-22       EE565 

Sunday Times on Genoa summit

2001-07-23*     EE568 

BB: Insurance on van

2001-07-23*     EE567 

BB: Bank statement

2001-07-24       EE569 

BB: Ticket for Patti Smith @ Ocean

2001-07-25*     EE570 

Milla’s cheque for $3,000 for Method One

2001-07-31       EE564 

BB: Road tax reminder for van

2001-08-00       EE538 

KjD Album: 1. Landslide, 2. High School Honneyz, 3. Punk Volk, 4. Dependence, 5. The Chauvinist Waltz, 6. The Dead Men, 7. Nero's New Bathroom, 8. American Television, 9. Curves of Morality, 9a. Like Light, 10. Carnival, 11. Fortress, 12. Lily, 13. Dreams of Waking, Secret track: Ultraviolence.

2001-08-00       EE537 

KjD – Method One

1. Landslide (piano), 2. High School Honneyz (JS), 3. Dependence, 4. Isis (cello) (JS), 5. Lily (trombone), 6. Terrorist attack, 7. Chauvinist Waltz, 8. Needles of Light, 9. Fortress, 10. Carnival song (horns) (Hammond Gammond), 11. Zie Punk Volk, 12. Dead Men (piano), 13. Dreams of Waking (clarinet)

2001-08-00       EE607 

Brittany ferry times

2001-08-00       EE539 

Songs to be recorded – in order of importance



Punk Volk


The Chauvinist Waltz

High School Honneyz

Dreams of Waking

The Deadman

Needles of Light


American Television

Curves of Morality

I am the May King


Like Light

Nero's New Bathroom

2001-08-00       EE611/13 

Phone numbers

2001-08-00       EE535 

KjD album:

Man Versus the Space:

Landslide, Lily, High School Honneyz, Chauvinist Waltz, Punk Volk, Curves of Meat, Nero's New Bathroom, Dead Men, American Television, Dreams of Waking, May King, Dependence, Needles of Light, Love's Exit, Fortress, Circles of Faith. + list of equipment to sell.

2001-08-00       EE580 

ID Magazine: Breaking into Heaven

2001-08-00       EE773 

KkD designs

2001-08-00       EE624 

Bee fax to Anno re directions to Rhoisin

2001-08-00       X19A 

CD mailing list: The Dove, Star & Garter &c

2001-08-00       X02 

CD notes: Ultraviolence, Punk Volk, Foetal Position, Buzzard Meat, Cancel, American Television – etc

2001-08-00       X20 

Photo list ???

2001-08-09       EE571 

Anno’s pledge to the RLSB (blind)

2001-08-12       EE575 

KjD individual achievements for website

2001-08-12       EE576 

Recording costs for Method One

2001-08-12       EE577/79 

KjD individual achievements for website

2001-08-12       EE615 

Phillippe’s fax about Serge’s lyrics

2001-08-12*     EE572/74 

KjD CVs ...

2001-08-14       EE618 

Fax from Isa re bank transfer

2001-08-17       EE617 

BB: Bank s/order for the Blind

2001-08-21       EE619/21 

BB: Van papers

2001-08-22?     EE468 

BB: Eurostar ticket, Paris/London – Bee???

2001-08-23       EE622 

BB: leter to Lee re income support

2001-08-24       EE623 

Costs so far

2001-08-26       EE625/26 

Bee faxes to Anno & Ned re what to bring down from Wales

2001-08-28       EE628 

BB: equipment repairs

2001-08-30       EE635 

BB: Bank transfer

2001-08-30       EE637 

Stena bookings/tickets for Anno & Ned, Harwich/Hook of Holland

2001-08-30       EE627 

Unsent letter to Honeysuckle:


Chow (though it’s a bit early for that as I’m still in London). I remember calling you the other day from the carnival, but I don’t remember much more than that. No doubt I dribbled some absurd mutterings.

There are just 2 things I’ve got to say. Firstly I want to say thank you for not letting things become mundane between us. Looking back (and love being a dance blah blah) I can see very clearly that I didn’t lead, ever, only stepped to you each time. How boring it must have been. And though your methods were at times heartless (or perhaps just thoughtless) it has been a long overdue education.

The other thing now (and I run a great risk of sounding desperate ... but it is genuine) – I suppose it’s to do w/ the proximity but everything has fallen into place around my skull thanks to this opportunity. For the first time in my life I feel like I know what I'm doing, and I'm doing what I know. The fear & anxiety & excitement I'm feeling at the moment is bursting me. What I'm trying to say, then, is that I've fallen in love again – w/ myself!

What makes me sad is that I can’t talk to you about such nonsense. You shared all my miserable, aimless, apathetic orgies of self pity ... I wish you could share in my happiness.

I don’t mean as a lover, I just mean as a companion (yuck.) You are a dear dear dear friend, Honeysuckle. You have to play on the song, and you have to know that it has nothing to do with trying to get you back. I don’t want that anyway as it feels like it is only possible to do what I want to over the next few years by doing it myself (& loving none but myself?!)

I want you to play on the song for the same reason I want Lee & Billy to. Though I must say, if my suspicions are right, then you also will have contributed to the great monolith of modern rock'n'roll music. You'll be blushing from the corners of streets, & festering in the minds of spotty teenagers long after you have shuffled off. Anyway – you said how nice it would be to work on something together. It ain’t too late.

All my (platonic) love, Anno. x x (←platonic pecks)


[Written on the back of an Orange phone bill envelope and never sent.]

2001-08-30       EE636 

Anno’s timetable before leaving (Andy, 1pm, Gus 1.20pm, Andrew 2pm, Nao 6pm etc)

2001-08-31       EE647 

BB: Anno’s payslip

2001-08-31       EE638 

BB: Amsterdam restaurant receipt 

2001-09-00       EE629/34 

Phone numbers, notes etc

2001-09-00       W05 

Website: "review for "is this it?" = "Is that it?"

[page splashed with candlewax]

2001-09-00       X25 

Phone numbers: London (Barfly etc)

2001-09-01       EE639 

Amsterdam hotel receipt

2001-09-03       EE640 

Lee’s ticket to Amsterdam

2001-09-11       EE641 

French garage bill for van (Amilly)

2001-09-11       X19-2 

One must oppose problems in terms of

ideas, not actions or ideals.

2001-09-12       EE642 

BB: Bank credit for $3,000 from Milla

2001-09-13       EE643 

Allira’s air booking, Sydney/Milan/London

2001-09-18       EE644 

Italian restaurant receipt

2001-09-20       EE543 

Method One: song notes (Anno's hand???) – Landslide, High School Honneyz OK, Dependence (middle part), Isis ? → end bit, Lyly OK, Terrorist Attack – middle part. Fortress: middle6end part, Punk Volk OK → solo, Dead Men OK, Killing Flies? Needles of Light? (Billy???)

2001-09-21       EE645 

KjD website printout

2001-10-00       *CD053-02       03:28       {Milla/Anno ???} 

October Sessions with Milla

2001-10-00       *CD053-01       03:23       {Milla/Anno ???} 

October Sessions with Milla

2001-10-00       EE649 

KjD logo for Method One

2001-10-00       EE541 

1. Light or Heat (2 min)

2. Landslide (7min)

3. High School Honneyz (3 min)

4. Dependence (5 min)

5. Chauvinist Waltz (5min)

6. Punk Folk (5 min)

7. Deadman (4 min)

8. Curves of Meat Needles of Light (6 min)

9. Terrorist Attack (4 min)

10. Fortress (4min)

11. Carnival song (5 min)

12. Lily (6 min)

13. Dreams of Waking (8 min)

              74 min

2001-10-00       Y02 

"A modern man with senses sharpened

& quivering, his painfully sensitive

awareness, his brawn soaked in

tobacco, his blood burning w/ alcohol.”

                                          – Baudelaire

2001-10-00       Y01 

"Anal Satay is the name of my band"

2001-10-00       Y15 

Drawing: Face w/ "SHITBOX" mouth

2001-10-00       W17 

Italian phone numbers. “Dec 15th” “I like you”

2001-10-00       W16 

Method One: Running order/approx timings:

1 Landslide                               8

2 High shool Honneyz                3

3 Dependence                             6

4 Isis                                           

5 Terrorist Attack                       4 ½

6 Chauvinst Waltz                      5

7 Needles of Light                      6

8 Dead Men                       5

9 Zie Punk Volk                  5

10 Fortress                       4

11 Carnival Song                        6

12 Lily                                        6

13 Dreams of Waking                 9

                          72 min

Ghost: Light or Heat

                          80 min

B’s: I am the May King.

       Curves of Meat.

2001-10-00       W15 

Italy: recording timetable

Thursday 12pm – 4pm; 6pm-9pm

Friday 12pm – 4pm; 6pm-9pm

Saturday 2pm – 8pm

Sunday 6pm – 10pm

Monday as Thurs.

2001-10-00       W13 

Method One recording schedule for November 2001:

8th H.S.H

9th Punk V, Dead Men

10th Fortress, Lily

11th Landslide, Chavanist.

12th T.A, Dependence.


15th Carnival Song, Needles

16th Dreams, Murder.

17th )

18th ) OVERDUB

19th )



    Curves of Meat

2001-10-00       W09 

Method One Credit:

KjD are indebted to the following:

To Andrew Birkin, Ned Birkin, Judy Birkin,

Allira Cornell, Norma Heyman & Milla Jovovich

for their direct financial aid, without which this would all still be an idea.

To Mr & Mrs Mangili for the house & unimaginable Hospitality.

To Bee Gilbert for coming to rescue us in France, in the midst of Armageddon.

To Dan Pamenter for his assistance in almost everything.

To Nao Yoshino – Web chairman extraordinaire, from whom all things are born.

To Fayne, for being so black & so good to us.

To Gertrude for their mailing list.

& finally to Steven Tyler for being so crap.

We love you Steven!

2001-10-00       W11A| 

Italian phone numbers

2001-10-00       W18 

Method One: Running order:

1 Murder Light or Heat (Murder)

2 Landslide

3 High School Honneyz

4 Dependence

5 Terrorist Attack

6 Chavinist waltz

7 Needles of Light

                           –– Isis

8 Dead men

9 Zie punk volk

10 Fortress

11 Carnival song

12 Why

13 Dreams of waking

   Ghost: Light or Heat.

            I am the May King


           Curves of Meat.

2001-10-00       W11 

Method One:

1 Landslide / 2 High School H / 3 Dependence / 4 Isis / 5 Terrorist Attack Lily / 6 Chauvinist Waltz / 7 Terrorist Attack / 8 Needles of Light. / 9 Punk Volk / 10 Fortress / 11 Carnival Song / 12 Dead Men / 13 Dreams of Waking. / (Light or Heat)

2001-10-00       ZZZ04                                                                                                    

Oh, the noise the

skeletons MAKE

trying on NEW


2001-10-01       $DVN236

*Lee and Billy duet on acoustic guitar        21:48

2001-10-01       $DVN234 

*Lee and Billy duet on acoustic guitar        21:47

2001-10-01       $DVN235 

*Lee and Billy duet on acoustic guitar – CS on Billy                                                      21:48

2001-10-01       $DVN232 

Anno talking about a really trendy Jamaican bar where there's lots of punani               21:43

2001-10-01       EE663A 

BB: KJD cheque book: Cave Studios = £1650 = Fuck

2001-10-01       EE648 

BB: Phone bill for 937-0281

2001-10-02       $DVN374 

*Alberto, Lee, Anno and Billy – midnight band rehearsal                                              00:20

2001-10-02       $DVN375 

*Alberto, Lee, Anno and Billy – midnight band rehearsal                                              00:20

2001-10-02       $DVN376 

*Alberto – midnight band rehearsal. Lee, Anno and Billy holding it together with Alberto. Really tight and really loose 00:20

2001-10-02       $DVN377 

*Anno – midnight band rehearsal, moment of realisation, "YEAAAAAAAH! That was... fucking hell, that was such an improvement..."               00:21

2001-10-02       $DVN373 

*Anno and Billy – midnight band rehearsal, incredible melody, Anno really getting into it                          00:19

2001-10-02       $DVN301 

*Anno – band rehearsal               13:47

2001-10-02       $DVN341         14:04       {Zie Punk Volk} 

*Billy – band rehearsal, Zie Punk Volk with added funk from Anno on the WAH

2001-10-02       $DVN342         14:04       {Zie Punk Volk} 

*Lee – band rehearsal, getting down with Zie Punk Volk

2001-10-02       $DVN343 

*Alberto – band rehearsal, teasing the microphone with syncopation                            14:07

2001-10-02       $DVN346 

*Billy – band rehearsal, fast and tight         14:08

2001-10-02       $DVN347 

*Lee – band rehearsal, steady     14:08

2001-10-02       $DVN348 

*Lee – band rehearsal with Anno sending electricity up my spine with an invincible volume pedal overture            14:09

2001-10-02       $DVN349 

*Anno – band rehearsal, pedal muddle in the middle                                                      14:16

2001-10-02       $DVN368 

*Anno, Billy, Alberto and Lee – cameraman tripping on music                                     16:22

2001-10-02       $DVN367 

*Anno, Alberto and Billy – band rehearsal, Alberto punishing the snare                       16:18

2001-10-02       $DVN350 

*Alberto – band rehearsal, first to the beat  14:17

2001-10-02       $DVN351 

*Alberto – band rehearsal           14:18

2001-10-02       $DVN298 

*Anno and Billy – band rehearsal               13:46

2001-10-02       $DVN297 

*Anno and Billy – band rehearsal               13:45

2001-10-02       $DVN295 

*Billy – band rehearsal               13:44

2001-10-02       $DVN294 

*Lee – band rehearsal                 13:44

2001-10-02       $DVN293 

*Lee – band rehearsal                 13:43

2001-10-02       $DVN360 

Nao returning to practice room after replacing camera battery                                       16:16

2001-10-02       $DVN291 

*Anno – band rehearsal, the almighty WAH!                                                                 13:42

2001-10-02       $DVN290 

*Billy – band rehearsal               13:42

2001-10-02       $DVN286 

*Alberto – band rehearsal           13:41

2001-10-02       $DVN285 

*Lee – band rehearsal                 13:40

2001-10-02       $DVN284 

*Lee – band rehearsal                 13:40

2001-10-02       $DVN281 

*Billy, Anno, Lee and Alberto – band rehearsal 180-degree pan, RIGHT to LEFT       13:39

2001-10-02       $DVN280 

*Billy, Anno, Lee and Alberto – band rehearsal 180-degree pan, LEFT to RIGHT       13:39

2001-10-02       $DVN303 

*Lee, Anno and Billy – band rehearsal       13:48

2001-10-02       $DVN278 

*Billy, Anno, Lee and Alberto – more shots from behind drums                                    13:34

2001-10-02       $DVN277 

*Billy, Anno and Lee – band rehearsal shot from behind drums                                    13:33

2001-10-02       $DVN275 

*Billy – band rehearsal               13:27

2001-10-02       $DVN274 

*Billy – band rehearsal               13:27

2001-10-02       $DVN273 

*Anno – band rehearsal, Solo     13:25

2001-10-02       $DVN269 

*Anno – band rehearsal               13:24 

2001-10-02       $DVN268 

*Anno – band rehearsal               13:21

2001-10-02       $DVN262 

*Alberto – band rehearsal           13:21

2001-10-02       $DVN254 

*Alberto – band rehearsal           13:20

2001-10-02       $DVN253 

*Alberto – band rehearsal           13:09

2001-10-02       $DVN252 

Anno – "Stillborn"                       11:30

2001-10-02       $DVN251 

Anno & Billy discussing the day ahead over a cigarette.                                                11:18

2001-10-02       $DVN250 

Anno and Nao – "This is my breakfast... Mmmmmmmmmmm..." Morning cappuccino routine                          10:25

2001-10-02       $DVN354 

*Alberto, Lee, Anno and Billy – band rehearsal, pan from LEFT to RIGHT and back  15:45

2001-10-02       $DVN249 

Ext. Behind Mangili residence   10:16

2001-10-02       $DVN248 

Anno in bed – rubbing eyes        00:59

2001-10-02       $DVN244 

Anno in bed – writing "nonsense"               00:58

2001-10-02       $DVN243 

Anno in bed – reading                 00:57

2001-10-02       $DVN353 

*Alberto – band rehearsal, shot from underneath the drums                                           14:18

2001-10-02       $DVN292 

*Anno – band rehearsal               13:43

2001-10-02       $DVN355 

*Billy, Anno and Alberto – band rehearsal, discussing the best approach, open high-hat or closed?                          16:12

2001-10-02       $DVN304 

*Lee, Anno and Billy – band rehearsal       13:48

2001-10-02       $DVN352 

*Alberto – band rehearsal, shot from underneath the drums                                           14:17

2001-10-02       $DVN305 

*Lee, Anno and Billy – band rehearsal       13:50

2001-10-02       $DVN318 

*Alberto – band rehearsal           13:53

2001-10-02       $DVN340         14:04       {Zie Punk Volk} 

*Alberto – band rehearsal, Zie Punk Volk

2001-10-02       $DVN339         14:03       {Zie Punk Volk} 

*Anno – band rehearsal, Zie Punk Volk

2001-10-02       $DVN338 

*Alberto – band rehearsal, shot from underneath the drums, Anno going crazy on guitar in the background       14:00

2001-10-02       $DVN337 

*Alberto – band rehearsal, shot from underneath the drums                                           14:00

2001-10-02       $DVN326 

*Lee – band rehearsal, x-ray NEGATIVE shot, dark tone                                              13:57

2001-10-02       $DVN325 

*Alberto – band rehearsal, jazz-cool NEGATIVE shot, incredible rhythm                    13:56

2001-10-02       $DVN324 

*Anno – band rehearsal, super-cool NEGATIVE shot, reflective guitar body with blue core                          13:56  

2001-10-02       $DVN323 

*Billy – band rehearsal, ultra- cool NEGATIVE shot, reflective guitar body                 13:55

2001-10-02       $DVN322 

*Anno and Alberto – band rehearsal, camera initially @ 90-degrees then tilt back, with SOLARIZE effect                 13:55

2001-10-02       $DVN319 

*Billy, Anno, Lee and Alberto – band rehearsal shot from the middle of the room        13:53

2001-10-02       $DVN321 

*Anno – band rehearsal, camera @ 90-degrees with SOLARIZE effect                        13:55

2001-10-02       $DVN320 

*Billy, Anno, Lee and Alberto – Band rehearsal shot in NEGATIVE, sweep from LEFT to RIGHT                          13:54

2001-10-02       $DVN302 

*Anno – band rehearsal               13:47

2001-10-03       $DVN447 

*Anno and Billy – L/room, working on a piece, Part V                                                  20:00

2001-10-03       $DVN446 

*Anno and Billy – L/room, working on a piece, Part IV                                                 20:00

2001-10-03       $DVN445 

*Anno and Billy – L/room, working on a piece, Part III                                                 19:59

2001-10-03       $DVN444 

*Anno and Billy – L/room, working on a piece, Part II                                                  19:59

2001-10-03       $DVN443 

*Anno and Billy – L/room, working on a piece, Part I                                                   19:58

2001-10-03       $DVN439 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part... doing an impression of Jay Kay, with wooden shaft on camera lens                          18:49

2001-10-03       $DVN438 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part... doing an impression of Jay Kay (Jamiroquai)        18:49

2001-10-03       $DVN437 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part XVII, Billy likes Primus                                            18:49

2001-10-03       $DVN436 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part XVI, Billy gets Spanked!                                          18:48

2001-10-03       $DVN435 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part XV, "Judge [, Jury] and executioner"                        18:48

2001-10-03       $DVN433 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part XII         18:47

2001-10-03       $DVN432 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part XII, "Crescendo."                                                      18:47

2001-10-03       $DVN431 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part X, "...who flicks off like that?"                                  18:46

2001-10-03       $DVN430 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part IX, "There it is, look, Kid Rock is on the carpet..."   18:45

2001-10-03       $DVN429 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part VIII, "missed."                                                          18:45

2001-10-03       $DVN428 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part VII, "flat."                                                                  18:44

2001-10-03       $DVN427 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part VI, "I'm really bad at [killing Italian flies]"               18:44

2001-10-03       $DVN426 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part V, "FUCK YOU KID ROCK!!!!!!"                          18:44

2001-10-03       $DVN425 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part IV          18:43

2001-10-03       $DVN424 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part III, "You know what this is... this is insubordination."                          17:31

2001-10-03       $DVN423 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part II            17:31

2001-10-03       $DVN422 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part I, "I am Hitler."                                                          17:31

2001-10-03       $DVN421 

Nao goes to buy beer Part IX      16:51

2001-10-03       $DVN420 

Nao goes to buy beer Part VIII   16:51

2001-10-03       $DVN419 

Nao goes to buy beer Part VII    16:50

2001-10-03       $DVN418 

Nao goes to buy beer Part VI      16:50

2001-10-03       $DVN417 

Nao goes to buy beer Part V       16:50

2001-10-03       $DVN416 

Nao goes to buy beer Part IV      16:49

2001-10-03       $DVN415 

Nao goes to buy beer Part III      16:49

2001-10-03       $DVN414 

Nao goes to buy beer Part II       16:48

2001-10-03       $DVN413 

Nao goes to buy beer Part I        16:48

2001-10-03       $DVN412 

Nao – Drunk     14:00

2001-10-03       $DVN409 

Anno & Billy – Cafe, "Alejandro is going to destroy your world... if George doesn't do it for you."                          13:39

2001-10-03       $DVN408 

Anno & Billy – Cafe, "Why are they called Limies?"                                                     13:39

2001-10-03       $DVN407 

Anno & Billy – L/room, "Aaaa... there's gonna be no stopping us boys!"                      13:08

2001-10-03       $DVN406 

Billy – L/room, "You have to make sure [Anno] appears incredibly intellegilent... intellegialy... INTELLGILENT!"                     13:07

2001-10-03       $DVN405 

Billy – L/room, "Methodologically"            13:07

2001-10-03       $DVN404 

Anno & Billy – L/room, "Does your willy shrink at the sight of a shrunken willy? Does... ...oh god, you can't put this one the Internet!"   13:07

2001-10-03       $DVN403 

Anno & Billy – L/room. Conversation about MRS. Mangili, Part II, followed by Billys lungs trying to hint at something... we never figured out what                                                               13:05

2001-10-03       $DVN402 

Anno & Billy – L/room. Conversation about MRS. Mangili, Part I                               13:05

2001-10-03       $DVN401 

Anno & Billy – L/room, "[Bus shelters are designed] to resist fascist attacks."             13:05

2001-10-03       $DVN400 

Anno & Billy – L/room, CORN HORES Part II, "Don't get me started."                       13:04

2001-10-03       $DVN399 

Anno & Billy – L/room, CORN HORES Part I                                                              13:04

2001-10-03       $DVN398 

Anno & Billy – L/room, "Alright mate, Guinness is SHIT! BAAM!... fucking Ozzy..." (Anno then went on to say that I shouldn't put this particular clip on the web.)                                         13:04

2001-10-03       $DVN397 

Anno & Billy – L/room, "Paul fucking Jones bit the fucking dust."                               13:03

2001-10-03       $DVN396 

Nao – walking into the Mangili residence, PHASE II (final). Anno & Billy chilling inside                          13:03

2001-10-03       $DVN395

Nao – walking into the Mangili residence, PHASE II                                                     13:03

2001-10-03       $DVN394 

Nao – walking into the Mangili residence, PHASE I                                                      13:02

2001-10-03       $DVN389 

Nao – walking around the hood  12:56

2001-10-03       $DVN388 

Nao – walking around the hood  12:54

2001-10-03       $DVN434 

Anno – L/room, killing flies, Part XIV       18:47

2001-10-04       $DVN472 

Carlo, Lee and Billy at Carlo's place          18:00

2001-10-04       $DVN473 

Billy and Lee – an hour and a half of boredom at Carlo's                                               19:27


2001-10-04       $DVN474 

Lee exploratory camera work or just killing time?                                                         19:28

2001-10-04       $DVN471 

Ext. Approach to Carlo's house  18:00

2001-10-04       $DVN470 

Ext. Walking in the car park, en route to Carlo's house on the lake. Part II                    17:59

2001-10-04       $DVN469 

Ext. Walking in the car park, en route to Carlo's house on the lake. Part I                     17:59

2001-10-04       $DVN468 

Ext. Pan (270-degrees?) of lakeside house periphery                                                     17:57

2001-10-04       $DVN467 

Billy trying to get into lakeside house, scenery of lakeside surroundings                      17:54

2001-10-04       $DVN465 

Anno, Billy and Mario leaving hospital      17:33

2001-10-04       $DVN464 

Anno, Billy and Mario – "Nao, you behave"                                                                   17:11

2001-10-04       $DVN463 

Alberto presents "Hairy Ass"      17:03

2001-10-04       $DVN462 

Alberto prepares for a cavity search by *DC                                                                  17:02

2001-10-04       $DVN461 

Nao shows Anno what a real man is made of. (Ladies and Gentle men, it is a thumb, I assure you.)                          16:59

2001-10-04       $DVN460 

Alberto filming, Anno and Nao prating around                                                              16:58

2001-10-04       $DVN457 

Alberto – first glimpse of our wounded soldier                                                               16:52


2001-10-04       $DVN459 

Anno talking to Alberto about the appendix problems he had had for five years but which he never had had an operation                         16:53

2001-10-04       $DVN454 

Ext. Bergamo Hospital shot of pylon and large white cross                                           16:47

2001-10-04       $DVN452 

Int. Bergamo Hospital, orderly is collecting some sheets                                               16:45

2001-10-04       $DVN466 

Anno, Mario, Billy and Nao driving to lakeside house                                                   17:50

2001-10-06       $DVN540 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. Anno trying to get at the drugs!                                    19:35

2001-10-06       $DVN539 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. Lee, "Oi, Mangili, you awwite mate?"                         19:34

2001-10-06       $DVN538 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:34

2001-10-06       $DVN537 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. "Hey, Alberto, you're in PAIN! You're in pain that's gonna get worse. Tomorrow you won't even be able to get out of bed, so make good of your last walk!"                          19:34

2001-10-06       $DVN536 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. "Look how happy Billy looks at Alberto's pain!"         19:33

2001-10-06       $DVN535 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:33

2001-10-06       $DVN533 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:32

2001-10-06       $DVN532 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:32

2001-10-06       $DVN531 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming, "Say a few words for people who want to know where our album is..."                          19:31

2001-10-06       $DVN530 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:31

2001-10-06       $DVN529 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:30

2001-10-06       $DVN528 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:30

2001-10-06       $DVN527 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:30

2001-10-06       $DVN526 

Alberto – Hospital. Getting up from bed for a walkabout! Anno FILMING                  19:29

2001-10-06       $DVN525 

Alberto – Hospital. A display of shorn genital area                                                        19:23

2001-10-06       $DVN525 

Alberto – Hospital. A display of shorn genital area                                                        19:23

2001-10-06       $DVN524 

Alberto – Hospital, "Say Hello to all your fans!"                                                            19:23

2001-10-06       $DVN523 

Experimental camera work         19:02

2001-10-06       $DVN522 

En route to the hospital where Alberto is at. Cruising through the night                        19:02

2001-10-06       $DVN519 

Cont'd ...                           18:48

2001-10-06       $DVN518 

Leaving Verona. Billy talking to Anno about how crap Italy is! Anno agrees               18:47

2001-10-06       $DVN475 

Anno – L/room, "Oh yeaaaaaaaaahhh... we're going to Verona today, and I'm gonna meet Juliet and I'm gonna..."           14:21

2001-10-06       $DVN476 

Anno – L/room, "So what's the situation."  14:21

2001-10-06       $DVN477 

Anno – L/room, "The Cheese."   14:22

2001-10-06       $DVN478 

Anno – L/room, "And there is no way out, except sleep, which perpetually calls."        14:22

2001-10-06       $DVN481 

Anno – L/room, "This is my new slide..."   14:24

2001-10-06       $DVN482 

Anno and Carlo – L/room           14:25

2001-10-06       $DVN517 

Peruvian musicians in Verona, Part 3 feat. Cute little girl                                              18:18

2001-10-06       $DVN516 

Peruvian musicians in Verona Part 2          18:18

2001-10-06       $DVN483 

Anno- L/room, on the carpet putting things in his ear                                                    14:26

2001-10-06       $DVN484 

Billy being fed by Anno – L/room... is an understatement                                              14:30

2001-10-06       $DVN485 

Anno – driving to Verona, "So Anno, where are we going?"                                          15:27

2001-10-06       $DVN486 


Anno: "Ahh... you missed it."

Lee: "You missed the fucking WHORE."  15:27

2001-10-06       $DVN487 

Corn whore spotting en route to Verona – "Anno's big, fat head was in the way..."       15:31

2001-10-06       $DVN541 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. *DC and Lee in the foreground                                    19:35

2001-10-06       $DVN542 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. Focus on BILLIE. Lee: "This is the bit where you get sectioned, init... in the batty. This is where you battad in the night and you don't even realise it...."       19:36

2001-10-06       $DVN543 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:36

2001-10-06       $DVN543 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:36

2001-10-06       $DVN544 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming   19:36

2001-10-06       $DVN545 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. "You have to ask them for a colostomy bag... ...it's a removable anus!"                          19:37

2001-10-06       $DVN546 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. Playing with Alberto's shorn parts                                19:37

2001-10-06       $DVN547 

Alberto – cont'd, Alberto filming                19:38

2001-10-06       $DVN548 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. Anno playing with the Virgin Mary                             19:39

2001-10-06       $DVN549 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. "Oey!"      19:39

2001-10-06       $DVN550 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. Anno: "Can you tell us where it hurts so tonight we can have a more informed comedy?"                    19:40

2001-10-06       $DVN551 

Alberto – cont'd, Anno filming. Alberto: "Do you want to see real pain?" Anno: "Yeah." Alberto: "... This is very painful."                  19:42 

2001-10-06       $DVN488 

Nao does Italian opera. Billy and Lee reciprocate                                                          15:47

2001-10-06       $DVN489 

En route to Verona – two hours into the journey                                                             17:01

2001-10-06       $DVN496 

Lee – "The horse has genitals."   17:42

2001-10-06       $DVN492 

Anno – Intro to Verona. Watched closely by Italian police                                            17:34

2001-10-06       $DVN493 

We are being watched                17:34

2001-10-06       $DVN494 

Verona              17:41

2001-10-06       $DVN495 

Lee – Walking around. "Are you impressed?"                                                                17:42

2001-10-06       $DVN497 

Lee and Nao – "You can tell the Italians are a bit lazy cause they haven't bothered knocking it down yet."                  17:43

2001-10-06       $DVN498 

Billy's buttocks, constant fear or constant pleasure?                                                       17:45

2001-10-06       $DVN499 

Anno & Billy walking through the streets of Verona                                                     17:48

2001-10-06       $DVN500 

Lee and Nao walking in Verona, Part I       17:56

2001-10-06       $DVN502 

Lee and Nao walking in Verona, Part III    17:58

2001-10-06       $DVN503 

Anno – Introduces us to Romeo and Juliet, more love than he can, like, handle            18:00

2001-10-06       $DVN504 

Romeo & Juliet, "Oh Gosh."      18:01

2001-10-06       $DVN507 

Romeo & Juliet, scenery             18:04

2001-10-06       $DVN515 

Peruvian musicians in Verona, Part 1         18:17

2001-10-06       $DVN514 

Anno copying the way the man in front of the camera is walking                                  18:15

2001-10-06       $DVN513 

Nao, Cheeky, Verona                 18:14

2001-10-06       $DVN510 

Romeo & Juliet, scenery             18:06 

2001-10-06       $DVN507 

Romeo & Juliet, scenery             18:04

2001-10-07       $DVN598 

Funny policemen 16:37

2001-10-07       $DVN598 

Dude with huge ass at burger king! Wow! Nearly got caught 15:59

2001-10-07       $DVN597 

Ext. Outside Milan cathedral. Protest cont'd 15:34

2001-10-07       $DVN596 

Ext. Outside Milan cathedral. Protest cont'd 15:33

2001-10-07       $DVN595 

Ext. Outside Milan cathedral. Protest 15:32

2001-10-07       $DVN592 

Int. Milan cathedral, cont'd 15:22

2001-10-07       $DVN591 

Int. Milan cathedral, cont'd. Anno in foreground 15:22

2001-10-07       $DVN590 

Int. Milan cathedral, cont'd 15:21

2001-10-07       $DVN586 

Int. Milan cathedral 15:19

2001-10-07       $DVN560 

Milan. Walking towards the cathedral 14:52

2001-10-07       $DVN557 

Cruising into Milan, cont'd 14:30

2001-10-07       $DVN556 

Cruising into Milan, cont'd 14:30

2001-10-07       $DVN554 

Cruising into Milan 14:26

2001-10-07       $DVN552 

Anno and Nao – driving to MILAN. Anno: "CORN WHORES!" Anno: "DID YOU GET THEM?"

"I HOPE SO."   13:49

2001-10-07       $DVN555 

Cruising into Milan, cont'd. Anno lighting cigarette 14:27

2001-10-08       EE650 

Newspaper (USA TODAY) re Bin Laden

2001-10-10       EE655 

BB: RAC re van breakdown recovery

2001-10-13       =PP3-11 

USA (LA) arrive

2001-10-13       EE651 

Ticket: Milan/LAX/Milan

2001-10-15       EE652 

BB: Bank tranfer

2001-10-19       EE657 

Anno’s receipts with notes

2001-10-19       EE656 

Envelope to AB + note on back (receipts)

2001-10-21       EE653 

Ticket: Anno return to Milan from LAX.

2001-10-23       EE658/60 

Amex statement for Anno for October

2001-10-24       ZZZ04 

Milla’s pix of Anno, Milla & Chris in Venice

2001-10-31       EE654 

Anno’s salary

2001-11-00       EE662 

BB: Bank statements for Anno personal etc

2001-11-00       EE663 

BB: Bank statements for KJD

2001-11-00       Y17 

Method One: Running Order [add]

2001-11-00       Y18 

Method One: Running Order [add]

2001-11-00       Y28 

Influences?: Fugazi, Jesus Lizard &c

Alberto’s address in Spirano

2001-11-00       Y29 

Method One: studio needs (1 x delay pedal ... Osama Bin Laden) [add]

2001-11-00       Y30 

Method One: Running Order [add]

2001-11-01       EE660A 

BB: Orange phone bill for October

2001-11-04       EE664 

Bee’s birthday card for Anno’s 21st ...

2001-11-06       *AC21-00 

Anno's message on AB's mobile

2001-11-07       *CD054-10       04:42       {Zie Punk Volk} 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-09       05:42       {Carnival Song}=B 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-08       03:19       {Fortress}©R 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-06       03:58       {Terrorist Attack}©R 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-05       07:30       {Lily}=B 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-04       07:32       {Isis}©R 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-11       05:44       {Deadmen}=B 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-12       04:55       {Killing Flies}©R 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-03       03:58       {Dependence}=B 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-02       02:54       {High School Honneyz} 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-07       *CD054-01       07:32       {Landslide} 

Method One (recorded 07.11.01)

2001-11-08       ZZZ05 


alas, here


[Graffiti written by Anno on the wall of the

 Gasthaus restaurant, Bergamo, Italy

2001-11-09       EE665 

Newspaper accounts of accident.

2001-11-20       EE666 

Anno’s death certificate.


2002-01-00       EE784

Poppy: My Uncl Anno.

Anno is my favorite person in the world. I love it when he plas with me and my sister and tells us jocs. He also plas his music to us but now it is all memres.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Killing Flies+} 

Killing Flies was originally called Shooting Guns after Anno had fun with Milla at a shooting range in Los Angeles. The title was changed because of the endless task of killing the flies in Alberto's room. Anno became quite a master. He had always gone head first into relationships, but this song shows his new view towards them. This time he planned on giving what he got. This is the last song that Anno wrote. It is one of the best songs I've ever heard. I'm honoured to have had the chance to play on it. In my opinion, it is the best song he ever wrote.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Absurd Bird+} 

The Absurd Bird was written about Milla and recorded in Wales. Originally it was called Low but after a conversation with J.S. he decided not to take himself too seriously and re-named it. It was probably the first song where he used discordance to evoke a feeling. Honeysuckle recorded back-up vocals which gave the song a different feel. When Flying Mango Attack recorded it for the album it went through changes because Lee's style conflicted with the original. It was impossible for me to sing with a woman's voice so it never recaptured the atmosphere that the original had. When Kicks Joy Darkness played it to an even darker atmosphere, which was liked by all but everyone felt that it wasn't the way it was meant to be played. The vocals were also another problem at live shows. Anno found it hard to keep in tune when another voice was filling the room (listen to the West One Four show). At this point I always wondered if the subject of the song had changed and if that affected Anno's taste. He suggested scrapping it for Kicks Joy Darkness so we did.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Trust+} 

Trust was written about Acky (a spelling guess) a large Egyptian drug dealer that Anno used to buy dope from. Anno made the mistake of spreading word that the dope he was buying was shit and Acky asked him for a donation to his business that had financially suffered from Anno's slander. This is when Anno began recording telephone conversations to collect evidence in case Acky's threat became too great. In one of these conversations Acky said to Anno, "Trust Me", hence the title.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Curves of Morality} 

Curves of Morality was originally written for Bee, but Anno's love life took over and the lyrics were rewritten – apart from "There's something in my eye". He began composing it in Los Angeles and finished it when we got back to London. We attempted it as a band with Erwin on the bass but it never really worked. When Lee returned to the band, we worked out a part and we tried it again. It later became my favourite song until Anno felt that it was dated.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {He Felt+} 

He Felt was largely worked out in the motel across the road from Milla's apartment. He and I fucked around with it and he later recorded it in his studio in Wales.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Sasnooine+} 

Sasnooine was written after Anno had a dream about an odd old man shouting "sasnooine" at him. He could never explain to me what it meant. The song went through many changes but it always remained basically the same. The final version ended up being recorded in Andy Cooper's studio in Muswell Hill.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Landslide+} 

Landslide was a song composed by Lee and I which Lee asked Anno to write lyrics to. It was in my opinion the musical trademark of Kicks Joy Darkness.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Terrorist Attack+} 

Terrorist Attack was a song I wrote in Australia before I went to Italy. Lee and I worked out the song and I asked Anno to write lyrics to it because I couldn't have possibly sung while playing the riffs that I'd written. He asked us to leave him alone for a couple of hours and came in to show me the lyrics while the rest of the band were working out the music in the "Sala de la Musica". I can't explain how perfectly the words fit the song. I must say that I will take the credit for the catchy chorus that is "ETA 8:58 EST". The recording of that song is crap. It's crap because Anno isn't singing on it.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Lay Low+} 

Lay Low was written for Dan Heath when he was going through a drug problem. Anno recorded it in Andy Cooper's studio.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Friends+} 

Friends was written after Anno met Milla. He couldn't feel anything but Milla and the line "I lost my friends when I found my God" speaks for itself.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {My Green Day+} 

My Green Day was written before I knew Anno but we made it into a new song with the help of Harry Holm. We played a gig with him at the Rock Garden and the bass line that he wrote later became the main riff of the song.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Nero's New Bathroom+} 

Nero's New Bathroom was inspired by an e-mail that Allira wrote and sent to a group of people. She wrote about Nostradamus' predictions and Anno wrote about the current political situation using Nostradamus' images of Eagles, Dragons, Lions and bears, signifying the countries involved (America, China, Britain, Russia). He recorded it in Wales by himself because he knew that it could never be a Kicks Joy Darkness song.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Acid Rain+} 

Acid Rain came about after an acid trip at Alex Proner's house. He first recorded it in his room at Iverna Court on an 8-track. I never remembered him writing it. I just came over and he had recorded it and first played it to a group of people. The 8-track got wiped over and I don't know what he would have downloaded it on. The line "The speaker stands out from a corner" came from a visual hallucination that he had while tripping. He said he just saw a speaker in the corner, but if you don't know that and listen to the lyrics they sound rather profound. The line "I've gone insane", in terms of an acid trip speaks, for itself.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Isis+} 

Isis is about Anno's difficult break up with Honeysuckle. Her flat in Oxford was called Isis House and the Isis river ran right beside it. This is the first sign in his music that showed his new found cynicism towards relationships. He wanted it to be reminiscent of a Velvet Underground song. "Make it jangley," he told me. I couldn't ever figure out how to do that with "Isis" but it's still an incredibly beautiful song.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Metaphor+} 

Metaphor is a song that Anno composed the music for rather quickly as a vessel for the lyrics. I refused to play it song at a gig because he had pinched the melody from an old song which I can't remember. It was verse/chorus etc. and the chorus was just the verse backwards. He and I joked about this song in Italy when we were remembering how terrible our music used to be.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Zie Punk Volk+} 

Zie Punk Volk was inspired by a car crash that Anno and I saw in front of Holland Park. There was actually blue light beating on blood on the pavement. He first debuted it to an audience at Allira's 21st birthday party in Australia on an acoustic guitar. I think Anno was probably the only one there who got it. Its name came from playing punk music on an acoustic guitar, but later it almost became a symbol of Kicks Joy Darkness. It was recorded (minus me, but not for much longer) in Wales. This was sort of the true beginning of Kicks Joy Darkness and I'm sad that I wasn't there to witness it.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {American TV+} 

American Television was inspired by a program that Anno and I watched while spaced out on opium at the Asher's house in Malibu. We were smoking dope and opium when the police knocked on the door. Anno got very paranoid and decided we should halve the opium and eat it so the police could only catch us with pot. It turned out that the police came because the alarm on the house had gone off and nobody else was home. So we finished watching the program in a stupor. It was about American prisons and the death penalty. Anno was particularly struck by the story of one man's execution. The man's last word was "wow" and that ended up being the line in the song "Wow was all he said". Kicks Joy Darkness (minus me because I was in Australia) recorded it along with Zie Punk Volk in Wales. It ended up not making the final cut on Method One.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Blazing Nero+} 

Blazing Nero was one of the last Durango 95 songs. He and J.S. wrote it and I never had a chance to add a part.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Butterflies+} 

Butterflies was written before I knew Anno. The song later became Flutter By. We played it at a few gigs and it was forgotten when Durango 95 split up. Anno must have felt the need to have it down on record. The final version was recorded in Andy Cooper's studio.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Cancel+} 

Cancel came from a couple of riffs that Lee showed to Anno. Anno worked out a part to that and decided to write the second half. Christian and I later added parts and it went on the Flying Mango Attack album.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Fortress+} 

Fortress was originally called Love's Exit after a cassette tape that Honeysuckle had. Obviously it's about Honeysuckle but I don't have anything of value to add about the writing process. The song just fell together because Kicks Joy Darkness was finally attuned to one another. When we recorded the demo he asked me not to do a certain noise at the beginning of the song which I reluctantly did on the next take. After that take he agreed that I should play it.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Red River+} 

Red River was written in June. The influence of The Doors is obvious in both the music and lyrics. We recorded it with Andy Cooper in 1997 with Durango 95. Later on, I think, Anno discovered that "Jim Morrison: American Poet" wasn't much of a poet at all and promptly changed bits of the music and lyrics. Even though he rewrote much of it the song was later abandoned.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {West of Wednesday+} 

West of Wednesday was written after Anno discovered the guitar slide. It was his most complicated song at that point in his musical life. That's all I can remember about it.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Fearless+} 

Fearless was written around the same time as West of Wednesday and became one of the better Durango 95 songs.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Real Time Blues+} 

Real Time Blues was written while Flying Mango Attack album was being written, after having listened to Lou Reed's "Last Great American Whale". Anno originally recorded it by himself to figure out what was wrong with it. Then we worked it out as a band and recorded it. The line "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" (meaning roughly – it is sweet and fitting die for one's country) was found in an index of Latin phrases. When Kicks Joy Darkness was formed Alberto refused to play the song because it contained a line about the Spice Girls. Anno tried in vain to convince him of the lines merit but was never able to do so. Thus Real Time Blues was never heard live.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {High School Honneyz+} 

High School Honneyz evolved from a conversation Anno had with J.S. about how they were pissed off that they never got any girls in school. If only Anno knew how many girls fancied him. It's very short and bitter but the line "It's alright. It's meant to be that way" is a calming consolation. Kicks Joy Darkness knew this song by rote. We rarely fucked it up so we began every rehearsal with it to get us in the mood.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Collapse of the Ψ} 

Collapse of the Wave Function is a song about the band Flying Mango Attack. He wrote the music while we recorded Ultra-violence. The lyrics came later after he played with the band for a bit. He saw that music was his love and wanted to dedicate a song to it. It was accepted that it would close nearly every show that we played and always drove the onlookers to the exit. [AB: Anno considered this to be his best song. It was motivated by an exploration into quantum mechanics. Anno had read Fritjof Capra's Tao of Physics, in which eastern mysticism is equated with quantum theory. The song was conceived as a metaphor for the (mathematical) act known as collapsing the wave function, in which all the possibilities of a particle's speed/position is collapsed down to one probability. In trying to figure out the song, it's worth remembering Schrödinger's own conforting words: "Any one who says they understand quantum theory hasn't understood it, because it is – by definition – incomprehensible to the human (i.e. Newtonian) mind ...]

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Chauvinist Waltz+} 

Chauvinist Waltz was written after attending a Sonic Youth concert. Anno didn't particularly like the concert and could be heard heckling them with a rather sarcastic "O, you're so avant garde!". He did however like meeting Beck after the concert. I spotted him in the lobby of the venue and alerted Anno as I quickly followed him. Anno caught up and got to shake his hand. The next morning we were talking and he said something like "I'm bored of just writing punk music." And quickly left, guitar in hand. He came back about an hour later with a country song. I put a banjo part to it and about an hour later he had a finished song. I asked him what it was called and he said he didn't know. I was pissed off at my girlfriend at the time and told him to call it The Chauvinist Waltz. Later in the day he wrote the lyrics and we played it at the Sanctuary gig two days later. His cynicism towards love was at its peak at this point but it gave him some of the best lyrics he'd ever written.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Like Light+} 

Like Light was written in December '99 while we were recording Flying Mango Attack in Wales. I had heard it before it was finished and he played me the final version of it to me on Christmas Day, presenting it as a Christmas gift. It's written about Allira and I before we were together. I put a part to it in Los Angeles and we recorded it in Milla's Mount Olympus home studio in a day. He wanted me to put a vocal part on it but didn't have any lyrics, so five minutes before I recorded the vocals I asked him to write some. Without knowing what I was singing , I did the vocal in one take because we needed to catch a plane in an hour and still needed to mix it. I only realised what I was singing when I listened back to the recording.

2002-03-10       BILLY                              {Ultraviolence+} 

Ultraviolence was a song that I came to Anno with and he asked if he could write different lyrics to it. Some of my lyrics stayed in his final version. "The lady of the law has called my name". My original was "The Lady of the Lake" after the poem. "Busted rails inhibit love" is also one of them. It was going to be a soppy love song but turned out much better. Some of the lines came from the sales tag of the tent he slept in when we stayed in Barney's back garden in LA. When I came back to London, he and I recorded it in Wales in a couple of days.

2003-06-09       AB-NOTE 


Like a poor archaeologist, I made a note of where I found Anno’s loose sheets of paper before bagging them up in plastic, but was sometimes too eager to be less than vague. All the notebooks (A-T, plus AA-FF) were found in Wales, apart from the ones he had with him in Italy (U-Y). The loose Z sheets were found in various places:


Z1-2                  Iverna Court: Bee

Z3-108              Iverna Court: Train room

Z109-138          Wales: “Milla - Do Not Open” (sorry)

Z139-152          Wales: Various/not sure

Z153-154          Wales: “Anno: Do not open” (even sorrier ...)

Z155-166          Iverna Court: Found by AB on Anno’s high shelf

Z167-168          Iverna Court: Train room

Z169-171          Iverna Court: Found by AB on Anno’s high shelf

Z172-179          Wales: Black loose-leaf folder

Z180-198          Wales: “Anno: Do not open”

Z199                 Wales: Cover to Falling

Z200-213          Wales: “Anno: Do not open”

Z214-298          Wales: Anno’s studio, in a pile

Z299                 Wales: Folder marked “Milla”

Z300-310          Iverna Court: California folder (June 1999)

Z311-313          Iverna Court: Train room

Z314-315          Wales: lying around

Z316-319A       Italy: Alberto’s flat

Z320                 Wales: AB

Z321-331          Italy: Alberto’s flat

Z332                 Milla has original

Z333                 Wales: among Neverwhere notes

Z334-335          Honeysuckle has originals

Z336                 Italy: Venice

Z337-344          Italy: Napoleon scripts

Z345-347          Wales: various, scattered around

Z348-356          Italy: loose inside “V” notebook

Z357-384          Wales: lyrics on yellow/Boecklin paper inside V2

Z385                 Billy’s original

Z388-400          Wales: various, scattered about

Z401-499          [An initial attempt to file in alphabetical order by song title, hence apparent muddle of sources. They were mostly found in Wales or London among the main hauls]

Z401-402          Iverna Court

Z403-404          Wales: in Anno’s studio

Z405-408          Iverna Court

Z409                 Wales: in Anno’s studio

Z410-411          Wales: “Do Not Open”

Z412-414          Iverna Court

Z415-419          Wales: in Anno’s studio

Z420-434          Iverna Court

Z435-509          Various (haven’t had time yet)

Z510-521          Wales: 2nd haul, found by Ken

Z522-533          Wales: inside Durango 95 folder

Z534-540          Wales: inside pink school music folder

Z541-554          Wales: inside yellow school “lyrics” folder

Z555-563          Wales: Super Conquerant notebook, May/July 1998

Z564-577          Wales: Yellow “Macbeth” notebook

Z578-589          Iverna Court

Z590-651          Wales: AB’s filing cabinet/various places

Z652-653          Wales: Hawksmoor/Perfume

Z654-689          Wales/London: mostly song lists, phone numbers &c

Z690-691          Wales: Tao of Physics

Z694-697          Wales: various places

Z698                 Dan P has original

Z699-705          Lyrics on Anno’s Time computer

Z706                 Tom Lumley has original

Z707-708          Kamikaze original from JS

Z709-711          Wales: various places

Z712-713          Tom Lumley’s original

Z714                 Wales: old Napoleon script

Z715                 Wales: inside the LOU ...

2000-00-00?     Z029                                                                                                      `AB472


She hangs on perfect pitch.

She moves like liquid music with

the soft assuredness of swallows flying East.

The beast in all things bows, and falls,

and crawls beneath your feet,

and rolls in sweet defeat and speaks...

“I love you”

And all things proud and cruel across the

universe fall silent and subside.

I hide my sorrow from your love

because you chase it from me.

In your depth I’m free from all

the horrid vestiges of man.

I am. I am for you and I ask

no more question of a god

who gives me this.

Who gives me but one kiss

upon the lips of His most

perfect incarnation.



1997-09-00       $DVT501          54:27                                                                           {Pink}

                          Wales: Nefyn gig with Billy, Dan Durnin & Alex (ends @ 56:32) - Apollo blastoff @56:37, Ned’s Pengu @ 58:09 ...


1998-06–13       $DVT502          00:00

Laitiers: Anno guitar thru window - teddybear, Anno playing Pearl Jam’s Black, Milla picking; joint - “I wanna be black” – Anno jamming Pearl Jam’s Even Flow - Besson’s car @ 3:40 - Galina - Anno @ 4:51 (briefly), then @ 5:19 with Warm December (pan onto Milla mouthing words) - pan up and over to window, ends @ 7:00. Anno on sofa, Milla on phone @ 7:09 (ends @ 7:13).

1989-03-25       EE147                                                                                                   AB001                           

My Papa is so tall and thin

He does not have a double chin.

His hair is black and getting grey

He does not see a lot of day.

He sits and writes all through the night

And does not like the sight of light.

He likes to play like a child

And really is very wild.

We have adventures all the time

I'm really very glad he's mine.


(aged 8)



1989-03-24       PXL118                                                                                                 AB001-1-2


My Papa is so

tall and thin

he dose not hav a

dubble chin. His hear

is black and

getting gray

he dose not

see a lot

of day.

He sits and rits

all through the night

and dose not

like the

site of lite.

He likes to

play like a

child and he

rilly is verey

wild. We have


all the time

I'm really

very glad heas




1989-03-25       EE146                                                                                                   AB001-2-2                           

My Papa is so tall and thin

He dose not have a double chin

His hair is black and getting grey

He dose not see a lot of day

He sits and writes all through all night

and dose not like the site of lite

He likes to play like a child

And really is very wild

We have adventures all the time

I'm really very glad he's mine.


        Alexander Birkin

               age 8



1990-09-27*     EE177                                                                                                   AB002


It crawls towards the sun like it’s being

beckoned towards the great heat.


It brings its head forward and snaps at a

piece of banana.                          

then as summer lessens its grip and the cold

winter breeze comes in, it crawls away

to hibernation and will not return till

spring comes once again.


(aged 9)



1990-09-27*     EE177                                                                                                   AB002-1-1


It crawls towards the sun like its being

beckond towords the great heat.


It brings its head forward and snaps at a

piece of banana.


then as summer lessens its grip and the cold

winter breze comes in it crawls away

to hibernation and will not return till

spring comes once again.


[with drawing of Betty the tortoise + banana]



1989-12-09       EE161B                                                                                                 AB002A-1-1                           

Happy Birthday Andrew!



you are

ageing on

but remember

that Death

will alwis

be by your


ready to

take you away!


from anno ♣ ♣


[with drawing of the Grim Reaper]



1992-06-23*     Z396                                  {My Little Lover}                                      AB003


Why d'ya walk out on me,

Don't you want me anymore?

I can’t take the pressure,

So tell me now!


Where's my little lover,

Where's my little hey hey hey?

Who’s my little lover,

Who’s my little hey hey hey?


I can’t understand you sometimes,

What’s gone through your brain,

Please will you stop this now,

Cos I'm in pain!


Feels like I got a knife in my heart,

And it sure ain’t nice,

I know what your doing to me,

Your passing me by!


I'm getting sick of this,

Yeah, your arrogance,

But what pisses me off

Is that you’re so tense!


But inside I know

You’re mine!

I'm out of time but I'd like to say

I love you once more...


(Aged 11)



1992-06-23*     Z396                                  {My Little Lover}                                      AB003-1-1








































[Typed by Anno on AB's old Toshiba laptop & transferred as written.]



1993-00-00?     Z466/7                               {Nicotine Tongue}                                     AB004


Baby I tell you I can't let go,

For so many years I've been telling you so.

Every time I stop I wanna shout –

Now I know what they mean by down and out.


I got a nicotine tongue that kills like a gun.

I got a nicotine tongue that kills like a...


The bitch is hard to throw away,

It just comes back and fights to stay.

When finally it's out of my mind

The seeds of addiction sow back in the ground.

                           Help me

Help me, I say Help me, Help me!

I say, Help me

Help me, I say Help me, Help me!


The addiction's back and it just won't go away –

The addiction's back and I think it's here to stay.


Baby, Baby I'm starting to wither –

All I can do is wait for it to pull my trigger.


It's not much longer now.

It's not so far away.


 (Aged 12)

1993-00-00?     Z466/7                               {Nicotine Tongue}                                     AB004-1-1


Nicotine tounge (written entirely by: A. Birkin)


Baby I tell you I cann't let go

For so many years I'v been telling you so.

Every time I stop I wanna shout.

Now I know what they mean by down & out.


I got a nicotine tounge that kills like a gun.

I got a nicotine tounge that kills like a....


The bitch is hard to throw away,

It just comes back and fights to stay.

When finally it's out of my mind

The seeds of adiction sow back in the ground.


Help me

Help me, I say Help me, Help me

I say

Help me

Help me, I say Help me, Help me.


The addiction's back and it just won't go away

The addiction's back and I think it's here to stay.


Baby Baby I'm starting to wither

All I can do is wait for it to pull my triger.




It's not much longer now.

It's not so far away.


C. x 3


It's not much longer now.

It's not so far away.





David Birkin: Vocals, Piano, Rythem guitar.

Alex Birkin: Lead & Rythem guitar, backing vocals.

Chris Owen: Drums, backing vocals.

Michael Freedman: Keyboards/Special Effects, vocals.



1993-12-21*     Z397                                  {Do You Still Love Me?}                          AB005                          

Oh that Saturday night, I can't forget.

Oh that Saturday night, I so regret.


Even when the wind blows,

and the moon glows,

you won’t love me any more.

Even when the wind slows,

and the moon don't show,

you won’t love me any more.


So I drunk too much booze,

so I was in a mood,

so I started to snooze,

so I was just being rude.


Called me a shit,

said my heart was black,

you walked out the door,

never to come back.


What is wrong, I'm only human?

What is wrong, I'm only man?

Do you realise what you've done to me?

To get you back I’ll do whatever I can.


Please darling won’t you take me back,

give me another chance,

hold me in your arms again, yeah.

I'll never do it again,

always do what you say,

please just this once, accept me, yeah.


(Aged 13)



1993-12-21*     Z397                                  {Do You Still Love Me?}                          AB005-1-1


 Oh that Saturday night, I can't forget.

 Oh that Saturday night, I so regret.



 Even when the wind blows,

 and the moon glows,

 you wont love me any more.

 Even when the wind slows,

 and the moon don't show,

 you wont love me any more.


 So I drunk to much booze,

 so I was In a mood,

 so I started to snooze,

 so I was just being rude.


 What is wrong I'm only human,

 what is wrong I'm only man,

 do you realise what you've done to me?

 to get you back, Il do whatever I can.




 Called me a shit,

 said my heart was black,

 you walked out the door,

 never to come back.


 What is wrong I'm only human,

 What is wrong I'm only man,

 do you realise what you've done to me?

 to get you back, Il do whatever I can.


 chorus: *4.




 Please darling wont you take me back,

 give me another chance,

 hold me in your arms, again, yeah.

 I'l Never do it again,

 always do what you say,

 please just this once, acept me, yeah.


 Alex Birkin: Guitars, Drums, accostic, vocals.


 [Titled: Typed up by Anno on AB’s old laptop]



1995-04-23*     Z505                                  {Rain and Blood}                                       AB006                          

Oh please, let the monsoon come today.

This island's so filthy, like my mind in ways.

Why did it have to be this way?

All that I really wanted was to live through this day.


               Wash my blood!


Oh please, help me ease the pain.

I’m feelin’ so estranged, I cannot find a way.

I’m running night and day.

I doubt that I’m even gonna’ make the day..... today.


                Wash my blood!


        I keep cryin’

        Yet keep tryin’,

         I can hear them,

        And I fear them.


I’m still tryin’ to grasp their game.

I’m so afraid, I just shake and shake the day...away.

If I’m caught I’ll be killed at least,

And maybe, just maybe, they’ll feed me to the beast –

(whispered) that would be nice!


             Wash my blood!


This is getting so insane.

Just like a nightmare I’m having, again and again.

No need to justify their game.

Because now I’m the main prey anyway.


(Aged 14)



1995-04-23*     Z505                                  {Rain & Blood}                                         AB006-1-1


                         RAIN & BLOOD

                     Song written by Alexander Birkin and is

                          a redgestered trademark of “Erosure”.


A♭ D

Oh please, let the monsoon come today.

A♭ D

This island's so filthy, like my mind in ways.

A♭ D

Why did it have to be this way?

A♭ D

All that I, really wanted, was to live through this day.



                     “Wash my blood.”


                     “Wash my blood.”


Oh please, help me ease the pain.

I’m feelin’ so estranged, I cannot find a way.

I’m running night and day.

I doubt that, I’m even gunna’ make the day......today.


                          “Wash my blood.”

                          “Wash my blood.”


                          I keep cryin’ <E, G, A.......

                          Yet keep tryin’,

                          I can hear them,

                          And I fear them.



D, F, C, E. (X”)


I’m still tryin’ to grasp their game.

I’m so afraid, I just shake and shake the day....away.

If, I’m caught I’ll be killed at least,

And maybe, just maybe, they’ll feed me to the beast, (whispered) that would be nice!


                          “Wash my blood.”

                          “Wash my blood.”


This, is getting so insane.

Just like a nightmare I’m, having again and again.

No need, to justify their game.

Because now I’m, the main prey anyway.


[Typed up by Anno and sent as a fax to AB. At top of page: Revised 2nd draft.]



1996-00-00       Z016/17                                                                                                 AB007


A flight to a place

where the sun is blue,

and I see your reflection

in the rim of the moon.

The stars start to fall,

and the night grows bright,

and I'll fly you up

to an incomprehensible light.

Maybe we’ll fly,

Maybe we'll fall –

Some people say

that I want it all.

But I need hope

to fly me to you,

knowing me I'll slip

on the morning dew,

and I'll lie in the grass

and time will pass.

Then I see you fly by,

but you're moving too fast.

So I follow you up

to the brim of a precipice

and holding on

to the young eucalyptus

I call your name –

it echoes through my brain –

and you keep going

on your fast moving train.

Then the branch breaks,

and my foot starts to scrape –

I lose my hold,

and the world seems to fold...

Now I'm falling through space,

Death I can taste,

and the one thing I see

is the look on your face.

Then I cry your name,

Oh but in vain –

there is no reply,

Oh my god I start to cry.

Then again to you I cry,

with death by my side –

Again no reply,

and I wonder why.

As I near the dirt,

my mind starts to hurt,

and the wind is rushing

up through my shirt.

I see your smile,

I hear you sing,

and as I fall,

I wonder one thing –

Will she catch me?

Will she hold me?

Will she run?

Will she scold me?

Then my wings unfold,

they run through the air,

but it's no use

because you're not here.

I'm falling for ever,

I'm falling for years,

and weighing me down

are my salt-ridden tears.

Then I hit the rocks,

and every bone shatters,

and in front of me –

I see the Mad Hatter.

The grin on his face

makes my mind ache,

and I think of you –

Can this be fate?

As I lay my head back

in the sour septic sand,

I hold my life

in the grip of my hand,

And as peace strokes my hair,

and death starts to grow,

I open my hand

and let it all go.


(Aged 15)



1996-00-00?     Z016/Z017                                                                                            AB007-1-1


A flight to a place

where the sun is blue,

& I see your reflection

in the rim of the moon.

The stars start to fall,

& the night grows bright,

& I'll fly you up

to an incomprehensible light.

Maybe you’ll we’ll fly,

Maybe you’ll we'll fall –

Some people say

that I want it all.

But I need hope

to fly me to you,

knowing me I'll slip

on the morning dew,

& I'll lie in the grass

& time will pass.

Then I see you fly by,

but you're moving too fast.

So I follow you up

to the brim of a precipice

& holding on

to the young eucalyptus

I call your name –

it echoes through my brain –

& you keep going

on your fast moving train.

Then the branch breaks,

& my foot starts to scrape –

I lose my hold,

& the world seems to fold ...

Now I'm falling through space,

Death I can taste,

& the one thing I see

is the look on your face.

Then I cry your name,

Oh but in vain –

there is no reply,

Oh my god I wish I could fly I start to cry.

Then again to you I cry,

with death by my side –

Again no reply,

& I wonder why.

As I near the dirt,

my mind starts to hurt,

& the wind is rushing

up through my shirt.

I see your smile,

I hear you sing,

& as I fall,

I wonder one thing –

Will she catch me?

Will she hold me?

Will she run?

Will she scold me?

Then my wings unfold,

they run through the air,

but it's no use

because you're not here.

I'm falling for ever,

I'm falling for years,

& weighing me down

are my salt-ridden tears.

Then I hit the rocks,

& every bone shatters,

& in front of me –

I see the Mad Hatter.

The grin on his face

makes my mind ache,

& I think of you –

Can this be fate?

As I lay my head back

in the sour septic sand,

I hold my life

in the grip of my hand.

And as peace strokes my hair,

And death starts to grow,

I open my hand

& let it all go.



1996-00-00?     Z023                                  {Rupture}                                                   AB008

Glide me towards...

you know it is...

truer word was never...

spoken one too many times.


Rupture in my...

mind you’re remaining...

Time leave it all...

Behind for me to find.


Don’t speak your words out of time,

Don’t move yourself out of line,

Don’t love what’s not divine, divine, div–ine–



1997-00-00?     Z023                                  {Rupture}                                                   AB008-1-1


Glide me towards ...

you know it is ...

true-r word was never ...

spoken one too many times.


Rupture in my ...

mind you’re [=your??] remaining ...

Time leave it all ...

Behind for me to find.


Don’t speak, your word’s out of time,

Don’t move, yourself out of line,

Don’t love what’s not divine, divine, div-ine–



1996-01-00       BB10                                 {Wake Up in a Daze}                                 AB009


Wake up in a daze ,

alone – writhing in his cage,

Like a lion, so hard to tame.


Laughing all the time,

playing tricks in his mind.

The images remain the same...


Searching for the fool inside him,

he knows it’s there, but where?

What he can’t find, he can’t hide...


All alone at sea,

underwater and he’s trying to breathe.

But he keeps on, sinking deeper.


Climbing up the track,

with his confessions on his back.

But it’s only getting steeper.




In a hurricane,

tossed around and feeling strange,

like a book no one wants to read.


In his mother’s womb,

No one seems to have a clue.

So he lies back, and tries to sleep...



1996-01-00       BB10                                 {Wake Up in a Daze}                                 AB009-1-1


Wake up in a daze,

alone – writhing in his cage,

Like a lion, so hard to tame.


Laughing all the time,

playing tricks in his mind.

The images remain the same...


Searching for the fool inside him,

he knows it’s there, but where...

what he can’t find, he can’t hide...


All alone at sea,

underwater & he’s trying to breathe.

But he keeps on, sinking deeper.


Climbing up the track.

With his confessions on his back.

But it’s only, getting steeper.




In a hurricane,

tossed around & feeling strange.

Like a book no one wants to read,


In his mother’s womb,

No one seems to have a clue.

So he lies back, & tries to sleep...



1996-01-00       BB12                                 {Trust Me}                                                 AB010


Skin glow, skin shine,

little boy, lost his mind.


Which way? No way,

little boy knows not which way.


A mind is there to find,

Alone, he holds it deep inside,

A refuge in his sighs,

Alone, he’s telling little lies.


Up high, blue sky,

a decent soul is hard to find.


Sting me, red meat,

Fallen through and in too deep,


A mind...


Trust me, the pain is clean,

Trust me, the fear obscene...


Trust me... . . . . . . .



1996-01-00       BB12                                 {Trust Me}                                                 AB010-1-1


Skin glow, skin shine,

little boy, lost his mind.


Which way, no way,

little boy knows not which way.


A mind is there to find,

Alone, he holds it deep inside,

A refuge in his sighs,

Alone, he’s telling little lies.


Up high, blue sky,

a decent soul is hard to find,


Sting me, red meat,

Fallen through & in too deep,


A mind...


Trust me, the pain is clean,

Trust me, the fear obscene...


Trust me... . . . . . . .



1996-01-00       BB13                                 {Shed It... }                                                AB011


It's a new me, jump a few feet,

be a new you, take a fresh view,

hello, goodbye, sweet lullaby,

don’t cry, we’re all divine,

in our minds, if not on the out side...


If things aren’t how they used to be,

then look again, for I have shed my skin my friend.

If things you thought you knew were proven wrong,

don’t despair, just shed it to the wind.


Swallow hard, see it go far,

don’t lie through your eyes, we’ll realize

in our minds, if not on the outside...



1996-01-00       BB13                                 {Shed It...}                                                 AB011-1-1


It's a new me, jump a few feet,

be a new you, take a fresh view,

hello, goodbye, sweet, lullabye,

don’t, cry, we’re, all divine,

In, our minds, if not, on the out side...


If things aren’t how they used to be,

Then look again for I have shed my skin my friend.

If things you thought you knew were proven wrong,

don’t despair, just shed it to the wind.


(same as top 2 lines)


Swallow, hard, see it, go far,

Don’t, lie, through your eyes, we’ll realize,

In, our minds, if not, on the outside...



1996-02-00?     BB14                                 {Radio}                                                      AB012


Blue green heaven falling down,

Upside down, towards the ground.

In this lie I think I've found

Enough madness to bring me down.


Inclination, inspiration,

Feeling ever indignation,

Poetry of declaration,

Never knowing imitation.


Matches burning, the rivers are a turning,

Incense fuming, my radio needs tuning,

Devil’s crying, the angels are a lying,

Large white houses, everyone is buying.


Condescending, consequending,

tobacco products, more for vending

Coke can shed, the lightning bled,

Got to my head – my moon is dead.



1997-02-21       OLD                                                                                                      AB012-1-2


Blue green heaven falling down,

Upside down towards the ground,

In this lie I think I've found,

Enough madness to bring me down.


Inclination, Inspiration,

Feeling ever, Indignation,

Poetry of declaration,

Never knowing, Imitation,



Matches burning, the rivers are 'a turning,

Incense fuming, my radio needs tuning,

Devils crying, the angels are a lying,

Large white houses, everyone is buying,

Incense fuming, my radio needs tuning,


Condescending, Consequending,

Tobacco products, more for vending,

Coke can shed, the lighting bled,

Got to my head, my moon is dead.





1996-02-00?     BB14                                 {Radio}                                                      AB012-2-2


Blue green heaven falling down,

Upside down, towards the ground,

In this lie I think I've found

Enough madness to bring me down.


Inclination, inspiration,

Feeling ever, amputation,

Poetry of declaration,

Never knowing, imitation.


Matches burning, the rivers are a turning,

Incense fuming, my radio needs tuning,

Devil’s crying, the angels are a lying,

Large white houses, everyone is buying.


Condescending, consequending,

tobacco products, more for vending

Coke can shed, the lightning bled,

Got to my head – my moon is dead.


[Titled: Radio]



1996-03-00?     Z589-1                                                                                                  AB013


Alice woz ere

but now she's gone,

she left her name

to carry on.

Those who knew her

knew her well

those who didn’t

can go to hell.


Looking inside you,

my world is complete.

I struggled to find you,

now I'm free...


I've been a token woman

all my life,

a token daughter and a token wife,

and I've collected tokens,

one by one,

till I’ve saved enough to buy a gun.


I ♣ ? Leave it all behind.



1996-03-00?       Z589-1                                                                                                   AB013-1-2


Alice woz ere

but now she's gone,

she left her name

to carry on.

Those who knew her

knew her well

those who didn’t

can go to hell.


Looking inside U,

My world is complete

I struggled 2 find U,

Now I'm free ...



1996-03-00?       Z589-2                                                                                                   AB013-2-2


I've been a token woman,

all my life,

a token daughter & a token wife,

and I've collected tokens,

one by one,

till I’ve saved enough 2 buy a gun.



I ♣ ? Leave it all behind.

I ♣ ?

I ♣ ?

I ♣ U? Alice Coulthard ...


[Titled: DREAMSCAPE, with drawings]



1996-08-16*       Z602/3                                                                                                  AB014


Darkness fell at the break of dawn,

silence at the blow of your horn,

little woman mowing her lawn,

a contradictory breed is born.


And now I’m lying bleeding,

lost all sense of empathetic feeling,

looking upwards, blistered ceiling,

wondering if ever chance of healing.


And you look at me with eyes of hell,

swimming in your ocean, feel the swell –

for some reason, not feeling too well.

Watch the clock, wait for the bell.



1996-08-16*       Z602/3                                                                                                  AB014-1-1


Darkness fell at the break of dawn,

silence at the blow of your horn,

Little woman mowing her lawn,

a contradictory breed is born.


And now, I’m lying bleeding,

lost all sense of empathetic feeling,

looking upwards, blistered ceiling,

wondering if, ever chance of healing.


And you look at me, with eyes of hell,

swimming in your ocean, feel the swell,

for some reason, not feeling too well.

Watch the clock, wait for the bell.


[Faxed to AB in Wales]



1996-09-00        Z511                                  {Cabbage Queen #1}                                  AB015


Oh Cabbage Queen,

help me pick my greens,

I can't do it by myself,

All hail the mighty Queen.


Oh cabbage Queen

I’m starting to bleed,

My orifices gush with death,

Oh hail the Cabbage Queen,


Oh – the pain,

Oh – insane,

Oh – the scream,

Save me, my Cabbage Queen.


Oh – Cabbage Queen,

Save me – I’m beginning to scream,

Save me from myself,

Oh hail the Cabbage Queen!



1996-03-00?       Z511                                  {Cabbage Queen}                                       AB015-1-2


Oh Cabbage Queen,

Oh all hail the Cabbage Queen,

help me pick my greens,

I can't do it by myself,

All hail the mighty Queen.


It’s been a long long time

Since I had a bath,

Oh & now I begin

to feel the aftermath


Oh cabbage Queen

I’m starting to bleed,

My orifices gush with death,

Oh hail the Cabbage Queen,


x 4:


Oh – the pain,

Oh – Insane,

Oh – the scream,

Save me, my Cabbage Queen.


Oh – Cabbage Queen,

Save me – I’m beginning to scream,

Save me from myself,

Oh hail the Cabbage Queen! (x 5)



1996-09-00        Z645                                  {Cabbage Queen}                                       AB015-2-2


Oh hail! My cabbage Queen